Elementary Rack PDU
Vertiv™ MPE™ Rack Power Distribution Unit
The Vertiv MPE Elementary Rack PDU is a Power Distribution Unit
for data center applications, providing all the necessary functions
of a rack- based power distribution unit to guarantee reliable
power supply.
System Description
The Elementary Rack PDU is a solution
for every data center looking for robust,
economical and flexible rack concepts.
The Vertiv MPE Rack PDU is part of the
“Elementary Rack PDU” group, part of
Vertiv rack PDU range, is designed to
reliably supply power to IT devices in the
server rack. Easily integrated into racks,
the Vertiv MPE Rack PDU offers high
The Vertiv MPE Rack PDU consists of a
compact aluminum profile that is fully
compatible with Vertiv Knurr Racks,
along with other housing systems using
corre­sponding slots without the need for
tools - all specifically made to save
Multiple versions are available within the
Vertiv MPE Rack PDU product line to
suit customers’ needs. As a standard
C13, C19 and SCHUKO sockets are
available. The product’s input cable is
either hardwired or equipped with an IEC
60309 plug or, alternativelly, a C20
socket, which can be used as a power
input. Furthermore, one or three phase
models with amperages of up to 32 A
can be selected.
Vertiv MPE Elementary Rack PDU
For models with > 20 A input current,
individual groups are protected with a 20
A circuit breaker (hydraulic-magnetic).
Cables with locking mechanisms can be
further connected to the outputs.
The PDU can be integrated into Vertiv
racks or other housing systems with
corresponding slots without the use of
tools. Material: Closed housing, aluminum
Surface: Finely textured, powder-coated
(top cover)
Color: RAL 7021 (black-grey), Vampamid
6 (UL94) recyclable plastic parts, finely
textured and colored (RAL 9005).
The Vertiv™ MPE™ Rack PDU Features
yyFlexible power cable input, simplifying installation within the rack
yyCable and hardwired options (input cable can be connected locally)
yyOutput cable with locking mechanism, prevents IT cables from being accidentally disconnected
yySpeedMount option for Vertiv Knürr DCM® rack lowers installation costs and provides extra space in rack for cables and other
yyHigh variablitiy within the Vertiv MPE Rack PDU line (various plug, socket, and power level combinations)
yyLow unit profile with ultra-flat circuit breakers guarantees the most efficient space utilization
yyHigh ambient temperature of up to 60 °C
yyHighly durable aluminum profile for outstanding mechanical resistance
Ambient temperature
During operation: 5 °C – 60 °C
Storage temperature: -20 °C – 85 °C
Relative humidity
10 – 90 % non-condensing
Operating altitude
Max. 3000 m
The MPE™ is designed in accordance with the relevant sections of the following documents. If the information in the documents does not correspond with this specification, the
information in the below specification shall apply.
CB certification: IEC 60950-1 (2nd)
CE compliance: LVD incl. harmonized standards hereunder
BV-BG certification (factory inspected)
Width x Depth
56 mm x 50 mm
826.5 mm and 1736.5 mm
Items supplied
yyVertiv MPE Rack PDU
yyTool-less mounting buttons
yySafety notes
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