Specifications – Xerox® EX 180 Print Server Powered by Fiery

Specifications – Xerox® EX 180 Print Server Powered by Fiery
Xerox EX 180 Print Server
Powered by Fiery
Get more from your Xerox® Versant® 180 Press
with an easy-to-use, powerful, scalable digital
front end that delivers outstanding quality
and best-in-class performance.
More High-Value Jobs, Faster
The powerful EFI™ Fiery® server enables you to handle heavy
workloads and provide faster turnaround times. It enables you to
produce short-run jobs profitably by automating manual tasks and
increases your workflow flexibility by supporting industry-leading
variable data printing (VDP) formats.
Get outstanding color every time.
The Fiery server helps you produce consistent color out of the box.
Fiery Ultra Smooth Gradients combines 10-bit architecture and
special processing to deliver smooth vector gradients that
will delight your customers by printing with the true appearance
designers intended.
Automate with seamless integration.
Fiery JDF technology connects EFI MIS and Web-to-Print solutions
to your Fiery Driven™ Xerox® Versant 180 Press so you can move job
information through your system faster and more efficiently. The Fiery
server also integrates with the Xerox® FreeFlow® Core for workflow
automation as well as other leading prepress workflows.
Print perfect PDFs.
By supporting the Adobe® PDF Print Engine®, Fiery servers offer a native
end-to-end PDF workflow, allowing you to improve the consistency of
your printed output from design to print.
More Performance and Productivity
The Performance Package option from Xerox delivers higher ROI with
powerful tools for professional production environments to achieve
the highest color consistency and precision at all times, streamline job
preparation and ensure maximum productivity.
Speed up makeready, reduce waste.
Fiery Impose simplifies layout work with intuitive, visual document
imposition. Speed up production with imposition templates to automate
common layouts.
Streamline your operation.
Fiery technology allows you to centralize job management by
connecting to all Fiery servers on the network. The intuitive interface of
Fiery Command WorkStation® makes complex jobs simple to set up and
print, regardless of the operator’s experience. The flexible software runs
on a Windows® or Mac® client for productive remote job management.
Powered by
Xerox® EX 180 Print Server Powered by Fiery®
• Fiery ® FS200 Pro software
• Intel® Core™ i5-4570S Processor 2.9 up to 3.60 GHz
with Turbo, Quad Core
• Performance optimized by proprietary EFI hardware
and software technology, including VX600 ASIC and
Fiery system software
• Hard drive: 1 TB
• RAM: 4 GB DDR memory
• Internal DVD-RW drive
• Server touchscreen interface for easy device
management and status information with Fiery
QuickTouch™ software
• Seven USB 3.0 ports (four on rear, three on side
of touchscreen display), two USB 2.0 ports
• Windows® 8.1 Professional FES, 64-bit
Fiery Color Technology
1200 x 1200 dpi, 10-bit rendering resolution
Fiery Ultra Smooth Gradients
Ultra High Definition Resolution
Automated calibration and destination profiling
with Xerox Automated Color Quality Suite (ACQS) and
Inline Spectrophotometer technology***
Job-based calibration integration
Fiery Spot-On™ enables management of spot color
libraries and custom spot color creation
PANTONE Approved
Auto-detect Composite Overprint of grayscale, spot
and CMYK colors for accurate representation of the
designer’s intent
Fiery Image Enhance Visual Editor
Maximum print density of the printer
Fiery Color Profiler Suite*** creates, verifies and edits
color profiles
Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition,
(option) provides expert tools for preflighting and
troubleshooting jobs before printing
–– Intuitive curve editing and soft proofing with Fiery
–– Control Bar Builder enables custom control bar
creation in a visual interface
Productivity and Workflow
Standard support for 13 x 26"/330 x 660 mm media
Spool-RIP-Print simultaneously
Adobe ® PDF Print Engine ® (APPE) version 3****
Fiery Command WorkStation®
Advanced Job Management features include Schedule
Print, Suspend on Mismatch, Job Reorder, Force Print,
Process Next, Quick Doc Merge, Sequential Print and
Rush Print
Set Page Device mapping
Pad printing
Fiery Hot Folders for PC and Mac ®
Virtual Printers automates job preparation
Support of PDF XObjects on a per-job basis
Support for Xerox® Standard Accounting
Fiery Driver 5.0
Fiery Remote Scan
Document Preparation
• Booklet Maker allows flawless booklet imposition from
the Fiery Driver
• Fiery Impose fully visual imposition software
• Fiery Compose*** for visual document preparation
• Fiery Go to manage your printer from a mobile device
• Mixed Subset Finishing**
• Enhanced support for offline finishing with slip sheet,
job cover page and offset by sheets, copies or sets
• User-Defined Finish Size for increased control over
imposition settings
• Xerox® FreeFlow ® Core
• Build unique apps and tools for your business with
Fiery API
• Native Fiery JDF integrates creative, production and
management information solutions, making digital
production faster and more efficient
–– AGFA® :APOGEE™ Prepress, Kodak® Prinergy ®
Workflow, Heidelberg® Prinect®
–– EFI MIS and Web-to-Print solutions, including EFI
Digital StoreFront®
Variable Data Printing (VDP)
VDP Record and Set Level Finishing
Fiery VDP imposition
Define Record Length
VDP Resource Manager
Supports the following formats:
–– VI Compose, Xerox® VIPP ®
–– PPML 2.0/2.2/3.0
–– Fiery FreeForm™
–– Creo® VPS
–– PDF/VT-1 and PDF/VT-2
• VDP Multi-Up Booklet
• Print Server
–– Height: 20.75" (527.05 mm)
–– Width: 9.25" (234.95 mm)
–– Depth: 18.25" (463.55 mm)
–– Weight: 36.5 lb (16.5 kg)
• NX Station GL
–– Height: 65.6" (1,665 mm)
–– Width: 31.5" (800 mm)
–– Depth: 34.9" (866 mm)
–– Weight: 99.3 lb (45 kg)
File Format Support
Adobe PostScript® Level 1, 2, 3
PDF/X-1a, 3 and 4
Adobe Acrobat® XI: Native PDF 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7
Network Environments/Protocols
JMF (JDF job messaging format)
Port 9100
IPP support
1 GB Ethernet
SMB print sharing (over TCP/IP)
FTP printing
Print via email
Apple ® Bonjour ®
Point and Print (PnP)
Direct Mobile Printing
EFI™ PrintMe ® Cloud Printing
Client Environments
• Windows Server ® 2012 64-bit only
• Windows Server 2008 32- and 64-bit and
R2 64-bit
• Windows 10 all versions
• Windows 8 all versions
• Windows 7 32- and 64-bit
• Macintosh® OS X® 10.7 or higher
Security Features
IP Filtering for IPv4/IPv6
Secure Erase
Backup and Restore
Fiery System Restore recovers the Fiery in minutes
User Authentication via LDAP
IP Sec Support
SSL/TLS support
Certificate Management
Encryption of critical information
For more information on the Xerox® EX 180 Print Server Powered by Fiery®
for the Xerox® Versant® 180 Press, please contact your Xerox representative,
call 1-800-ASK-XEROX or visit us online at www.xerox.com.
©2017 Xerox Corporation. All rights reserved. Xerox®, Xerox and Design®, FreeFlow®, Versant® and VIPP® are trademarks of
Xerox Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 02/17 SEGBR-140 BR21072 V18DS-03UA
Auto-switching: 100–240 VAC
50/60 Hz, 6 Amps @100 VAC, 3 Amps @240 VAC
Maximum power usage: 350 W
Typical power usage: 125 W
Regulatory Agency Approvals
• Meets or exceeds the following requirements:
–– Safety: CB-scheme, UL (TUV/CU mark),
CAN/CSA (TUV/CU mark), TUV/GS mark
–– Emissions/Immunity: FCC, ICES, EN55022, RCM,
EN55024, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
–– Emissions: Class A
–– WEEE compliance
Xerox® Performance Package Option
• Fiery Color Profiler Suite with EFI ES-2000
• Fiery Compose
• Fiery NX Station GL: Fiery work stand, Fiery Ticker, 22"
monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse
• Inline Spectrophotometer
• Increases print speed on all stocks to 80 ppm on
350 gsm media
• Integrates ACQS for automated color quality
and repeatability
Other Fiery Options
Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition
Fiery JobFlow™
Fiery JobMaster™
Fiery Navigator™
Removable Hard Disk
Network Switch (HUB)
Additional Fiery Impose licenses
Additional Fiery Compose licenses
*Only available with Fiery Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition
**Requires Fiery Compose
***Included with Performance Package option from Xerox
****U pdated with enhancements and service releases on an
ongoing basis
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