nLight Relay Panel

nLight Relay Panel
nLight Relay Panel
What size panels are available?
The panels are available in 8-relay and 16-relay panels. A 4-relay
panel and 12-relay panel are available, but these come in the
same size enclosure as the 8 and 16 relay (respectively).
Is the panel available without 0-10V dimming?
No, dimming comes standard. For switching only applications,
the dimming outputs can be left unwired.
Can each relay/dimming output support a full circuit?
YES! Each relay is rated for an industry-leading 40A, and
each dimming output is rated for an industry-leading 100mA
of sink current.
Does the panel support 2-pole or 3-pole applications?
Yes, and without swapping relays! Each panel ships with the
hardware to create 2x 2-pole relays and 1x 3-pole relay in
the field. The process takes less than 1 minute and doesn’t
require an electrician.
Does SensorView support programming of the nLight
relay panel?
Yes. Update to SensorView 13.4 to support the panel.
Is time-based control available for the nLight relay panel?
The nLight relay panel does not have a real time clock (RTC)
built in, but time-based control can be accomplished using a
Gateway V2, nLight ECLYPSE or Fresco™.
Did you say Fresco supports the nLight relay panel?
Yes, the nLight relay panel is supported by Fresco.
Does the nLight panel support a connection to BACnet™?
Yes, through the nLight ECLYPSE. BACnet/IP and BACnet MS/
TP are both supported.
Is the panel rated for UL924 circuit control?
Of course. Loss of power to the panel forces all relays closed
and dimming to full bright. And for mixed normal/emergency
circuits in the same panel, we have optional voltage barriers
that can be ordered and field installed.
Does the nLight panel show up as a “multi-pole” device,
similar to the current nPANEL 4?
No. For the new relay panels, each relay/dimming combination
shows as an individual nLight device. This provides individually
programmable and controllable outputs. NOTE: This also
means every 8 relays uses 9 nLight addresses. Each local
nLight daisy chain supports up to 128 addresses, so max 14x
8-relay panels (9*14 = 126 addresses) or 7x 16-relay panels
(7*18 = 126 addresses) before a bridge is required.
Does the panel work out of the box?
Yes. All outputs are programmed to switch/photocell/
occupancy channel 1, so when connected to nLight digital
devices will provide out-of-the-box operation.
What is the additional nLight address for a panel (i.e.: 9
addresses for every 8 relays)?
This extra address is for a fully programmable input that can be
used for photosensors, 3rd party contact closures, etc.
Does the panel supply nLight bus power?
Yes, 40mA per RJ45 port.
Have there been any other nLight changes made (e.g.
change in the number of local/global channels, change in
the length of CAT5 per daisy chain, etc.)?
No. nLight remains exactly the same.
Do both the Gateway V2 and the nLight ECLYPSE™
support the nLight relay panel?
Yes, both Gateway V2 (model nGWY2) and the nLight ECLYPSE
(model nECY) support the nLight relay panel.
nLight Relay Panel FAQs
Does the panel support dimming and switching photocells?
Yes. We have recommended photocells for outdoor switching
only and outdoor/indoor switching/dimming applications.
There is an input directly on the panel control card that
supports these photocells. And of course, nLight digital sensors
connected via CAT5 are also supported (e.g. nCM ADCX RJB).
Does the panel support “inverse” daylight harvesting (e.g.
for a parking garage application)?
Yes. The photocell programming allows for completing
inverse dimming daylight harvesting when using one of the
recommended dimming photocells.
Can I use a single photocell to control multiple panels?
Yes. Our recommended direct-wired dimming photocells can
be used to control panels on a local or global nLight photocell
channel. Our recommended on/off photocell can be used to
control panels on a local channel, on a global channel, and
even across Gateways/nLight ECLYPSE™ controllers connected
via a LAN.
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Can the relays be used to control existing momentary
contactor panels?
Yes. The relays can be programmed for “momentary” modes,
so that receiving an “on” or “off” command provides a
momentary contact.
The panels ship with a bus terminating device.
Is this necessary?
We have found that in some extreme environments (e.g.
industrial environments), there is a lot of electrical noise that,
on rare occasion, can affect bus communication. To negate any
risk of this, we recommend adding this end-of-line terminating
device anytime a panel is installed. We do not recommend nor
require this in nLight zones that don’t include panels.
Is the current nPANEL 4 still available?
Yes. We will continue to build and ship the nPANEL 4.
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