Sew and Stuff Bear Kit
Sewing a Bear, continued
Ages 8+
Stuffing the Bear
10 Decorate the flower.
Sew a sequin onto each
felt petal using the sequin
stitch. Tie a finish knot on
the underside of the felt.
Keeping Your Friendship Fun
Try these ideas for fun with a friend!
Make a time capsule to open together in five or ten
years. Write down your dreams and predictions for
the future. Include a description of life as you know it.
Put in letters from parents or friends, ticket stubs, and
anything else that’s important to you today. Seal it up
and store it in a safe place!
11 Match up the button
7 Make the pocket.
Continue with the
pink floss, and use
the running stitch to
attach the patterned
felt teardrop shapes
to the ears as shown.
12 Thread the needle
with 16 inches of yellow
floss, and tie a start
into the bear’s body.
Make sure to save
enough stuffing for
your other bear.
leave top
for stuffing
Write, direct, and produce your own show. Invite
people you know to attend. Try to make a video of
your production!
stitching along the
top of the head with
the whip stitch. Tie
a finish knot on the
underside of the felt.
Sign up for a charity race. Train for it together, and
collect donations. Whether you’re helping to find a
cure for a disease or raising awareness of a problem in
your area, you’ll be making a difference!
Start a business. It could be weeding gardens or walking
dogs. Create fun flyers, and ask your neighbors or others
you know to be customers. Do something special with
the money you earn!
9 Thread the needle
with 16 inches of pink floss.
Using the whip stitch,
start at the inside part of
one of the ears, and stitch
around to the inside of
the other ear, leaving the
part between the ears
open. You will need more
than one length of floss to
complete this step.
1 Gently insert stuffing 2 Complete the
Using the running
stitch, sew the
patterned felt shape
onto the front of the
bear’s body as shown.
Use the holes to guide
your stitches. Tie a
finish knot on the
underside of the felt.
to the holes in the felt
flower. Sew the button
and the felt flower onto
the front of the bears’
head as shown.
8 Make the ears.
Sew and Stuff Bear Kit
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So cuddly and so much fun! Each felt piece
includes perforated stitch guides, making it
simple to sew these friendly stuffed bears. Sew
one for you and a mini stuffed bear for your doll.
Before You Start
Lay out all the
pieces in your
kit so that
you can reach
them easily as
you follow the
Note: the supplies in this
kit have been tested to
work with your American
Girl® doll. Other nontested supplies are not
recommended for use
with your doll.
Check your contents!
Your kit includes:
• project & idea booklet
• 20 felt pieces
• 16 yards (14.63 m) of
embroidery floss in
4 colors
• 2 buttons
• 15 sequins
• 1 needle
• 1 needle threader
• 100% polyester stuffing
You will need scissors, a
ruler or tape measure, and
an adult to help.
Product contains a functional sharp
point. Adult supervision required.
Stitches to Use
Threading the Needle
Tying Start & Finish Knots
Sewing needles are sharp, so have an adult
supervise all sewing activities. There are 5 stitches in
this project. When the instructions call for a certain
stitch, refer to this picture to see how to do it.
No matter which stitch you’re sewing, you’ll need to
thread the needle first. Here’s how:
Start Knot
side view
top view
Button Stitch
top view
unfold & read before you start
X Stitch
side view
small bear
1 Cut a piece of
colored embroidery
floss. Poke the wire end
of the needle threader
through the needle
3 Pull the threader
1 Hold the end of the
through the needle eye.
Remove the threader.
floss close to the eye
of the needle with your
thumb and finger.
2 Wrap the floss around
Tip: About 16 inches of
floss is a good amount
to begin with.
the needle 2 or 3 times by
holding the loop.
3 Grasp the wrapped
thread through the wire
opening in the threader.
side view
Sequin Stitch
floss. Pull it toward the
eye of the needle, and
then slide it to the end of
your floss. Pull tight.
large bear
1 Locate and group all the felt pieces for the small 3 Make the nose.
bear. Do the same for the large bear. Instructions are
2 Poke one end of the
Running Stitch
Whip Stitch
Finish Knot
back of project
top view
Sewing a Bear
the same for both bears.
1 On the back side
of your project, thread
your needle underneath
your last stitch (1) and
then again through the
loop (2) you have made.
Pull the thread tight (3)
to create the knot.
Repeat for a double
knot. Cut the floss.
2 Thread the needle with 16 inches of black
embroidery floss, and tie a start knot. Sew black felt
eyes onto the bear using the X stitch. The holes in
the felt will guide you on where to put the stitches.
Tie a finish knot on the underside of the felt.
Continue using the
black floss. Make
another start knot,
and sew the black nose
shape onto the purple
nose shape using the
running stitch. Tie
a finish knot on the
underside of the felt.
5 Using a running
stitch, sew the purple
nose shape onto the
front of the bear’s body.
Again, use the holes
as your guide for the
stitches. Tie a finish
knot on the underside
of the felt.
Thread the needle
4 Thread the needle 6
with 16 inches of pink
with 16 inches of lilac
floss, and tie a start
floss, and tie a start
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