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Smart battery backup and highperformance surge suppression
for Windows 95 and NT PCs
Back-UPS Pro
Computer users fall into two groups: those who have lost data due to power problems and those
who are going to. The more you use your computer, the sooner you’ll have to pay for that loss.
Power problems wreak havoc on today’s multitasking networked or stand-alone PCs. The more you
do with your PC, the more you stand to lose.
An APC Back-UPS Pro instantly switches your computer to emergency battery backup power and allows you
to work through brief power outages without data loss or downtime. The APC Back-UPS Pro uses PowerChute
plus software with WorkSafe™ to save files and shut down your computer safely in the event of an extended
power failure. High-performance surge suppression protects your computer from electrical noise and damaging power surges - even lightning.
Complete System Protection and
Enterprise-wide manageability for
Network Clients
APC Back-UPS Pro 280 offers premium power
protection for network nodes and home PCs at a
very affordable cost. You’ll get 7 to 10 minutes
of runtime for your CPU and monitor, and the
network/dataline protection you need to guard all
paths to your system. Plus you’ll enjoy advanced
data saving and power management software tools
offered by APC Back-UPS Pro.
Performance Workstation/System
If you use Windows NT or Windows 95 on a high
performance workstation, you need an APC BackUPS Pro 420 or APC Back-UPS Pro 650. Because
advanced operating sytems multitask, APC gives
you both the runtime you need and the ability to
have your computer shutdown safely if you’re
away from your desk. You’ll also have the peace of
mind knowing that every path to your system and
your peripherals is protected.
Multiple Workstation Protection
If you need to protect more than one workstation
or PC with a single UPS, APC Back-UPS Pro 1000
or APC Back-UPS Pro 1400 will meet your needs.
Six battery power outlets let you protect up to
three workstations or PCs.
“Best in Class” Longest Runtime and
Guaranteed Lightning Protection
Although many measurements are used to determine UPS power and output, the best and clearest
way to size a UPS is with runtime. If you don’t
have enough power, your computer will crash
before safe shutdown, and crashes mean lost data.
The only way to eliminate that worry without
doing hours of research is to depend on APC’s
“Best in Class” Longest Runtime guarantee.
APC’s Lifetime Equipment Protection guarantees
your equipment will be safe from all power surges,
including lightning (see policy for details). This
premium protection starts as soon as you plug in
your UPS.
“2112% growth over last 5 years demanded an
integral use of APC UPS devices as part of our
strategic vision to stabilize network services,
regardless of volatile environmental conditions.”
says Michael Mullicane, CIO for America II
Group, one of the fastest growing companies in
America according to Inc. Magazine’s list.
“We’ve installed nearly 500 Back-UPS Pro plug and
play units to shield the workstations in our global
network. In our environment, we may add 20 salespeople in a week. APC UPSs are key to providing
reliable information access to our employees.
Michael Mullicane, Chief Information Officer
America II Group, Inc., St. Petersburg, Florida
“Worth the money? The year before we installed
APC products, our average downtime across all
revenue generating workstations was 17 hours.
At $1000 per minute (network wide), it doesn’t
take a heck of a lot of math to figure out that we
made a good call in choosing APC.”
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“Must Have” Safety and Reliability Features
In order for a UPS to give you the peace of
mind and security you need, it must provide
certain fundamental features. Without these
the performance of your connected equipment could be seriously compromised. If you
depend on your computer, don’t go without
the following:
Site Wiring Fault Indicator
Your unit must be able to tell you if it is
going to provide the protection you need
based on existing building wiring. That’s
why every APC Back-UPS Pro includes a
Site Wiring Fault Indicator which automatically and immediately warns you of wiring
problems like improper grounds that could
cause shocks or prevent the UPS from adequately suppressing surges.
Easy Overload Recovery
UPS units are by definition designed to take
punishment. Like your fuse box at home, all
APC Back-UPS Pro have a quick, easy pushbutton recovery circuit breaker instead of a
standard fuse, so there is no need to return
the unit to the factory for service! Whether
you’re hit by an overload or a short circuit,
with APC you’re quickly back in business.
Audible Alarms
Your UPS must actively let you know whenever there’s a problem. Because a UPS won’t
run forever on battery power, you need to
know when to save files and shut down. If
the unit is on battery, or if the battery is
low, or even if there is an overload condition, APC Back-UPS Pro will let you know
with an audible alarm. If a UPS doesn’t tell
you what it’s doing, you may as well not
have a UPS at all.
“On Battery” Alarm
An intermittent alarm signals when connected
equipment is running on battery power, alerting you to save data and close valuable files.
“Low Battery” Alarm
A continuous tone alarm signals low battery,
reminding you to save data prior to impending shutdown.
Overload Alarm
An overloaded UPS may not provide adequate runtime for you to save your files and
data in the event of a power failure. This
feature allows you to correct the overload to
ensure you receive the runtime you need.
User-renewable UPS System
Your UPS must be
renewable. With
normal use, a UPS
battery will last three
to six years. At the
end of the battery’s life, the APC Back-UPS
Pro renewable UPS system eliminates the
need for factory service and loss of protection by letting you replace batteries for a
fraction of the cost of a whole new UPS.
Battery Replacement Cartridges (available
at www.apcc.com or see your local dealer/
distributor) provide eco-friendly recycling
of your battery, meet all state and federal
regulations for battery disposal and provide
a postage-paid container for you to ship the
used battery to APC.
Additional Safety and Reliability Features
Multipath Protection
APC Back-UPS Pro has enough outlets to
protect your entire computer system. With
dedicated outlets for computer, monitor and
all peripherals such as laser printers, Zip
drives, scanners, fax machines, and with
fax/modem protection, everything is safe
from the threat of bad power. Surge-only
outlets are always on for convenience.
BlockSafe™ cord extensions accommodate
even the largest transformer blocks without
covering other outlets. Eliminate the threat
of power problems by plugging your entire
system into APC Back-UPS Pro.
Internet Ready: Protection for
Fax/Modem/Network Connection
Universal Hardware
Connecting to the Internet
and on-line services via
modem or to the local area
network (LAN) doubles your computer’s
exposure to damage. The Internet/LAN ready
APC Back-UPS Pro protects internal and
external modems, your motherboard and
other system components with fax, modem
or network line surge protection.
APC Back-UPS Pro provides complete protection for Apple, IBM compatible or Unix
computers, using any operating system.
Replace Battery Indicator
This indicator lights when a battery is worn
and needs replacement–long before actual
battery failure. You have ample time to contact APC for a Battery Replacement Cartridge
(available at www.apcc.com, or see your local
“On Battery” Indicator
This LED indicates when connected
equipment is running on battery
power, alerting you to save data and
close valuable files.
Overload Indicator
An overloaded UPS may not provide
adequate runtime for you to save your
files and data in the event of a power failure. This indicator alerts you to correct the
overload to ensure you receive the runtime
you need.
For more information, visit APC’s Web site at www.apcc.com or call 800-800-4APC
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Performance Guarantee
desktop PC applications or your money
back (for details, visit www.apcc.com).
APC “Best in
Class” Longest
APC BackUPS Pro will provide
runtime which meets or
exceeds that of any same VA UPS for
$25,000 Lifetime Equipment
Protection - Even Covers
properly connected equipment from lightning strikes for life. Should surge damage
occur, APC will
repair or replace
up to $25,000 of
your equipment
(see policy for
25 000
APC is the only manufacturer that guarantees it’s products will protect your
Warranty and Approvals
APC Has Won More Awards for
Reliability than All Other UPS
Vendors Combined
“Providing protection against power
line surges... does not guarantee that
surges occurring in the power line environment will not cause damage... A
comprehensive protection scheme, coordinating both the power line and data
line is required to ensure protection.”
— F.D. Martzloff,
National Bureau of Standards
Two-Year Comprehensive
Product Warranty
All APC UPS products come with a comprehensive two-year warranty which covers all parts and labor, even those we
don’t make ourselves, like the battery.
(See warranty for details.)
Industry Approvals
UL, CSA and NOM approvals mean a safe,
reliable solution to power problems.
Front of Unit (650 model shown)
a On line indicator
b On battery indicator
c Overload indicator
d Replace battery indicator
e On/Off switch
Back of Unit (420/650 model shown)
f Site wiring fault indicator
g Communication interface port
h Circuit Breaker
i Modem/10Base-T/100Base-Tx
j Surge protection and battery backup outlets
k Full-time surge protected outlets
l UL/CSA/NOM Approvals
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Performance Features
With a few keystrokes you can utilize the
power of APC’s PowerChute plus power
management software. This award-winning
software enhances the reliability and manageability of your system and it’s data by
automatically responding to power crisis situations. PowerChute plus conveys critical
information in easy to read graphical displays. PowerChute plus for Windows,
Windows 95 and Windows NT is shipped
free with APC Back-UPS Pro.
PowerChute plus provides a
real-time graphical display of
UPS status (shown below left)
IBM Netfinity Manager, delivering ease of
use and simplicity of installation to the
network manager. (For Windows NT only)
Scheduled System Shutdown
Safe automatic shutdown with operating
system integrity intact
Automatic Voltage Regulation
and CellGuard™ Intelligent
Battery Management
Computer without UPS Protection
Emergency File-saving
Software Included
Power Event Logging
Protects your valuable data by saving
open applications and files automatically.
Incoming Power
APC PowerChute plus with WorkSafe™
actually saves data in open files, closes
open applications and gracefully shuts
down the operating system with no user
intervention needed.
Automatic Diagnostic Testing
Automatic, biweekly testing of all internal
components, including the battery, ensures
your APC Back-UPS Pro is ready when you
need it. If a fault is found, PowerChute plus
alerts you with words, not confusing codes.
UPS status changes and power disturbances
can be time-stamped and documented. This
allows you to diagnose power problems and
perform corrective action.
UPS Self Test
Scheduled self tests warn of faulty UPS or
weak battery
Remote network control of UPSs/
workstations saves support costs.
Compliant With Most Server
Management Systems
Designed for
Windows 95
PowerChute plus sophisticated power
management that allows the nextwork
manager to customize the UPS's response
to various power events. APC Back-UPS
Pro and PowerChute plus integrate seamlessly with most asset and server management systems like Intel LanDesk Server
Manager, Compaq Insight Manager, and
Normal AC
Brownout: Causes frozen
keyboards and system
crashes resulting in loss
or corruption of data
Incoming Power
Power Event
UPS goes on battery
Battery Power
Normal AC
Basic UPS
Limited UPS
power user
must shut down
Computer with APC Back-UPS Pro featuring AVR
Incoming Power
Windows 95 Plug & Play Compatibility
Remote UPS Management
Overvoltage: Possible
hardware damage
during outage
Computer with basic UPS Protection
Windows 95 recognizes hardware
configuration prompting simple
software installation
Power Event
Power Event
AVR corrects incoming
power to normal AC
Normal AC
AVR Normal AC
Runs indefinitely
without going to battery
DoubleBoost™ and SmartTrim™ correct
over- and under-voltages, without draining the battery, to handle even the deepest brownouts. This preserves battery
resources and ensures your APC BackUPS Pro will provide the optimum runtime during a complete blackout.
CellGuard™ intelligent battery management actively increases battery life and
system reliability using FastCharge™ technology, automatic battery and circuitry
self-tests, and advanced diagnostics.
Cord management
The APC Back-UPS Pro includes two velcro straps to organize your equipment’s
cords, eliminating cabling “rat’s nests.”
For more information, visit APC’s Web site at www.apcc.com or call 800-800-4APC
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APC Back-UPS Pro 280
APC Back-UPS Pro 420
APC Back-UPS Pro 650
Input voltage window for utility operation
78 Vac - 152 Vac
Nominal input
120 Vac single phase, 50 or 60 Hz ± 5% (auto sensing)
Voltage (on battery)
Stepped approximation to sine wave output at 115 Vac ± 8%
Frequency (on battery)
50/60 Hz ± 0.1 Hz
Automatic DoubleBoost™ Operation
Factory Default: (on line) Increases output up to 30% when input between 81Vac and 106Vac
User Selectable transfer point as low as 75Vac
Automatic SmartTrim™ Operation
Factory Default: (on line) Decreases output up to 15% when input between 127Vac and 143Vac
User Selectable transfer point as high as 154Vac
Transfer time
2ms (typical), 4ms (maximum)
Overload protection
On battery-internal current limiting, On line circuit breaker
Complete system protection by
additional surge-only outlets
Normal mode clamping response time
0 ns, instantaneous
Normal mode surge voltage let through
when subjected to IEEE 587 Cat. A 6kVA test
<5% of test peak voltage
Normal mode noise suppression
Full time EMI/RFI filtering
Modem/10Base-T/100Base-Tx network cable port
single line (2 wire, RJ11) or network (UTP, RJ45) compatible jacks
Ambient operation
10,000ft.(3,000 meters) max. elevation, 0-95% humidity, non-condensing, 32-104 deg. F(0-40 deg. C)
Audible noise
<45 dBA (3 feet from surface)
On line/on battery thermal dissipation (BTU/hr)
<50 dBA (3 feet from surface)
Input line
6 foot line input cord, NEMA 5-15 male plug
Total # of UPS Receptacles
2 battery + surge, 1 surge only
3 battery + surge, 3 surge only
3 battery + surge, 3 surge only
5.9x3.4x13.3 (150x86x338)
6.6x4.7x14.5 (168x119x368)
6.6x4.7x14.5 (168x119x368)
16.6 (7.9)
20.4 (9.3)
21.6 (9.8)
22.0 (10.0)
26.0 (11.8)
27.0 (12.3)
Maximum dimensions inches (mm)
Net weight lb (kg)
Shipping weight lb (kg)
Hot swappable, sealed, maintenance-free lead acid
Typical recharge time
2-4 hours, depending upon model
14 Day Automatic self-test, replace battery indicator & alarm
Automatic discharge protection
Front panel LEDs
On line, on battery, UPS overload, replace battery
Audible alarms
On battery, low battery, UPS overload
PowerChute plus software
Data saving, unattended shutdown, advanced power management and diagnostic software included. DB-9 serial interface port.
© 1998 APC. All Rights Reserved. All APC trademarks are property of American Power Conversion. Other trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. * See policy for details on Lifetime Equipment Protection.
UL, CSA, FCC, NOM & Novell
2 year comprehensive, including battery
Equipment Protection Policy
$25,000 lifetime protection, including lightning (see policy for details)
TYPICAL RUNTIME IN MINUTES (for most recent sizing information go to sizing.apcc.com)
APC Back-UPS Pro 280
APC Back-UPS Pro 420
APC Back-UPS Pro 650
Desktop/Mini Tower Pentium with 14" or 15" Monitor
Desktop/Mini Tower Pentium II / Pentium Pro with 14" or 15" Monitor
Tower Pentium with 17" Monitor
Desktop/Mini Tower Pentium with 21” Monitor
Desktop/Mini Tower Pentium II / Pentium Pro with 21" Monitor
Tower Pentium II / Pentium Pro with 21" Monitor
APC’s quality
system is
certified by
ISO 9002
Software and Accessories
Back-UPS Office®
Back-UPS Pro®
PowerChute® plus
UPS Accessories
For more information call:
Tel: (800)800-4APC - US & Canada
Tel: (401)789-0204 - Worldwide
APC Corporate
132 Fairgrounds Road
West Kingston, RI 02892
Tel: (401)789-0204
Fax: (401)789-3710
APC Europe
Ballybrit Industrial Estate
Galway, Ireland
Tel: (+353) 91 702000
Fax: (+353) 91 755275
APC Asia/Pacific
Level 27 Northpoint
100 Miller Street
North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia
Tel: (+612) 9955-9366
Fax: (+612) 9955-2844
Internet: apcinfo@apcc.com
PowerFax™: (800)347-FAXX
APC Web site: www.apcc.com
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Back-UPS Pro
Smart battery backup and highperformance surge suppression
for Windows 95 and NT PCs
10-45 minutes runtime
120 V
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