model information - Measurements International

model information - Measurements International
AccuBridge® MODEL 6020T
Automated Thermometry Bridge
Self Calibrating Ratio Bridge
Accuracy Whole Range (SPRT Ro ≥ 2.5Ω) 15ppb
NEW Quick Measure Mode under 20 Seconds to
First Reading
NEW Reversal Rate of 2 Seconds
0.01 Ω to 100 kΩ range
Front and rear panel inputs
Linearity < 0.005ppm
IEEE488 and manual operation
Accu-T-Cal™ Software for calibrating PRTs
The AccuBridge® 6020T Thermometry Bridge (Furthermore 6020T) is the metrologist’s choice for primary lab level
thermometry measurements. With its innovative technology, the 6020T’s speed, measurement accuracy, and data handling
capabilities, make it the preferred primary thermometry measurement system in National Measurement Institutes (NMIs)
and other primary labs worldwide.
The 6020T is designed for flexibility and ease o f use. T he 6020T features increased ampere t urn (AT) sensitivity with
more turns on both the master and slave windings, and a new voltage feedback circuit to improve on the linearity error of
the nano-volt amplifier. Also improved is the ratio from previous 1.5:1 ratios to the NEW Ratio range covering from
0.1 up to a maximum ratio of 4.05 allowing customers to meet all of there requirements.
Quick Measure Mode Provides Customers with the ability to have first reading within 20 seconds from pressing Start,
Reversal Rates have been improved for 2 second’s. Only MI offers a DC Bridge with these improvements that can meet
NEW Features
For years customers have been asked for MI to extend on the measurement features of the DC Comparator Bridge to
replace existing AC Technology. MI has finally answered the requests with the release of the 6020T. The 6020T features
a new QUICK MEASURE mode which allows the bridge to balance faster thus improving the first measurement reading to
be displayed within less than 20 seconds from pressing START!
Next we focused on current reversal time. Customers have been requesting that a DC Current Comparator Bridge meet
that again of AC Bridges. This again, has been accomplished with the improved reversal rate function of 2 seconds! MI
is the only DC Current Comparator Bridge that has improved with these features and still meets stated specification!
Ratio Range and Accuracy
The AccuBridge® Direct Current Comparator (DCC) with its binary wound current comparator technology balances
current with effective resolution of 25 bits. It provides ratio measurements with an accuracy to better than 15 ppb at ratios
It covers a ratio range of 0.1 to a maximum ratio of 4.05, with a linearity of better than 5 ppb. The 6020T can perform ratio
measurements with resistances valued from 0.01 Ω to 100 kΩ. Optional 10—, 16—or 20—channel scanners can be used
individually or together to connect to up to 40 channels of ratio measurement for up to 40 different test resistors/PRT’s to
be calibrated. The 6020T is perfectly suited for front panel operation or you can team it with MI’s Acc-T-CalTM Operating
Software for fully automated measurements, history logging, graphing, and regression analysis. Stand–alone operation
with the touch sensitive display panel provides full bridge capabilities to the operator. Ratio or direct resistance
measurements can be made. Multiple measurements over time can be numerically displayed or graphically displayed to
best fit your needs.
The 6020T measures both ratio and absolute values. You select functions using the menu on the large touch screen
display. For absolute measurements, you enter the value and related uncertainty of the standard resistor using the
display’s keypad. You enter the measurement functions such as current through the unknown resistor, settle time, number
of measurements, and number of statistics the same way. The 6020T’s low-noise, touch screen display is interactive with
the measurements. When a reading is complete, the average value and uncertainty (based on the number for statistics)
are displayed. All uncertainty calculations are 2 sigma level.
At MI, it’s not only about the equipment and science, it’s about what you can do and the ease with which you can do it.
The Summary screen displays data for both ratio or resistance
The Measurement Info screen displays the measuremen
Automated Temperature Operation
Measurements International’s Accu-T-Cal™ SW is a software package for the automation of measurements and
calibrations of platinum resistance thermometers at primary and secondary level. Accu-T-Cal™ SW is based on over 15 years
of experience and research of metrologists from Laboratory of Metrology and Quality, Faculty of Electrical Engineering,
University of Ljubljana (ULFE/LMK). UL-FE/LMK is the holder of the National Standard for Thermodynamic Temperature in
Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) are calibrated at the highest level in fixed points, as specified in the International
temperature scale ITS90. In this method the PRT is calibrated by making measurements at the fixed temperature maintained
by the fixed point cell. This method gives the best achievable calibration uncertainties, usually down to about 1 mK.
In order to reduce cost and time, platinum resistance thermometers can also be calibrated by comparison. In this
method the PRT is calibrated by comparing its reading with the reading of a reference thermometer, placed at the
same temperature inside the temperature controlled calibration medium. The reference thermometer and the UUT are
measured with the same resistance bridge. The resistance bridge uses a switching matrix (scanner) to switch between both
thermometers and alternately take resistance readings. Measurement method allows appropriate handling of readings
from both thermometers to minimize possible sources of errors resulting from short term stability of the calibration
medium temperature and measurement speed of the bridge. In the temperature range from -50 °C to 300 °C it is possible
to achieve uncertainties down to 5 mK, which is 3 to 5 times larger compared to calibration in fixed points.
Accu-T-Cal™ SW has built drivers for all Measurements International Temperature and Resistance bridges as well as the
MIL scanners, allowing to configure multiple PRT’s to be calibrated. Communication with all equipment uses the IEEE-488
bus that comes standard with all MIL equipment. Configuration of hardware, standard PRT’s as well as DUT’s is easily
entered into SW and is stored for future use or for later measurement data analysis.
For More Information Please Visit and access the Accu-T-Cal™ SW data sheet
Accu-T-CalTM Software for the 6020T Automated Resistance Thermometry Bridge
SW includes a list of the ITS90 fixed point cells
parameters for use when configuring new
measurements. Accu-T-Cal™ SW has built in
automatically saved for detailed analysis and
calibration report generation. Users can select
evaluation of deviation function as per the
procedure for evaluation and correction of the
PRT’s self heating, with user selectable steps at
the measurement current. All measured data are
available as graphical and tabular format and are
ITS90, or polynomial representation of the PRT’s
characteristics from the data obtained during calibration.
Accu-T-Cal™ SW gives the user full freedom of selection or
rejection of particular results from the analysis.
The Model 9300 Series Air Baths are designed as a convenient and inexpensive way to maintain the
temperature of air resistors in your calibration laboratory. It is large enough to house several standard
air resistors and features an adjustable shelf to permit easy access to the standards. The shelves are
easily removable in order to place a single ESI type SR104 standard in the bath. The bath is small and
rugged and may be moved about easily. For our complete range of Air Baths, see the 9300 Data Sheet.
Model 9300A Temperature Controlled Chamber with IEEE 488
Temperature Controlled Chamber with IEEE 488 The 6020T is also ideal for verifying the
temperature and power coefficient of resistors or shunts using the MI 9300A Air Bath. Up to four
SR104’s or combination thereof can be installed in the bath, two shelves are provided. The IEEE
Drivers for this bath are built into the software for automated measurements and calculations of
alpha, beta coefficients and resistor values. A Hi/Lo temperature protection circuit is built into the
bath to protect your resistors. For our complete range of Air Baths, see the 9300A Data Sheet.
Model 9400 Oil Bath with IEEE 488
We designed our Model 9400 Standard Resistor Oil Bath based on years of customer feedback
on existing resistor o il baths. You control t his bath through a touch screen interface. D ue to its
low electrical noise, the quiet 9400 can be used with the Cryogenic Current Comparator (CCC) and
Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR) Standard. Depending on the quantity of resistors in the bath, the
stirrer motor speed can be changed. The IEEE drivers for this bath are built into the 6020SW software
for automated measurements and calculations of alpha and beta coefficients and resistor values. For
more information, see our 9400 Series Model 9400 Standard Resistor Oil Bath data sheet.
Model 9331 & 9331R Series Air Resistors
Our high-accuracy working standard air resistors are used for precision on-site resistance calibrations
for values from 1 mΩ to 100 MΩ. Our series of air resistors are small, light, and rugged resistance
standards. The stability and temperature coefficients of the resistors make them ideal for easy
transport and for operation in any working environment within the range of 18 °C to 28 °C.
The Model 9331R series ranges from 1mΩ to 10MΩ. Connections to the 9331R Reference
resistors are made with tellurium copper 5-way binding posts for values to 10 MΩ. A separate
ground terminal is included for guarding and the case is hermetically sealed to keep moisture out.
For more information, see
our Model 9331R Reference Series Standard Air Resistors and Model 9331 Standard Air Resistor data sheets.
Model 9210 Series Standard Oil Resistors
Standard Oil Resistors provide better stability and temperature coefficients over air resistors and
provide the highest precision and stability in resistance measurements. Our standard oil resistors
include the 9210A Primary 1 Ω, 9210A Primary 0.1 Ω, and 9210B series from 10 Ω to 100 kΩ. The
9210A 1 Ω and 9210A 0.1 Ω resistors have a negligible pressure coefficient. For more information, see
our Model 9210A MI-Type Standard and Model 9210B Reference Series Standard Oil Resistors data sheets.
0.01 Ω to 100 kΩ
Either Rs or Rx can be selected
as the standard for values >= 0.1Ω.
Uncertainties specified at 2 sigma
level (95%) includes all secondary
specifications such as linearity and
noise with a ± 2 °C temperature
variance. Optimal performance
stated at Rx >= Rs. Accuracy for
values < 0.1Ω and > 10kΩ is
Resistance Ratio Accuracy,
95% Confidence Level
Ratio: 0.1 to 0.5
< 0.015ppm
Ratio: 0.5 to 0.95
< 0.015ppm
Ratio: 0.95 to 1.05
Ratio: 1.05 to 4.05
< 0.015ppm
< 0.015ppm
General Specifications
Measurement Mode
<0.005 ppm of full scale
Operating Conditions
10 °C to 35 °C, 10% to 90% RH non-condensing
Test Current Range
10 μA to 150 mA
Test Current Accuracy
<100 ppm +10 μA (Full-Range)
Test Current resolution
Touch Screen Display (No external keyboard), Resolution 0.001 ppm
Dimensions (W x D x H):
438 x 406 x 267 (mm)
17.2 x 16.0 x 10.5 (inch)
Main Power:
19 (kg)
42 (lb)
Shipping Weight:
23 (kg)
51 (lb)
100 V, 120 V, 220 V, 240 VAC – 50/60Hz
200 VA Max.
Resistance Bridge with Software
10 Channel Matrix Scanner, terminal inputs
10 Channel Matrix Scanner, wire inputs
16 Channel Matrix Scanner, terminal inputs
16 Channel Matrix Scanner, wire inputs
20 Channel Matrix Scanner, terminal inputs
20 Channel Matrix Scanner, wire inputs
Air Bath
Oil Bath
Evanohm Resistor (1 Ω and 0.1 Ω)
Oil Resistors 10 Ω, 100 Ω, 1 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 100 kΩ Air
Resistors 0.1Ω to 100kΩ Values Available
4—conductor teflon cable, 30m or 100m
Form MI 66, Rev. 8, Dated 2012-03-28 (QAP19, App. “N”)
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