ulv05 low v ultra flash pot

ulv05 low v ultra flash pot
Read these directions very carefully. This product uses flammable material and is for professional use
only. The manufacturer is not responsible for any injury or liability that is the result of the user's failure
to follow the specific instructions stated below.
When you first take the Flash Pot out of the box, you will note two thin wires coming out of the side of the pit,
running to a red and black pair of terminals. This is the Surefire Electric Match. Look into the pit, and note the
electric match tip sticking into the center. When you replace the electric match (a new one is needed for each
shot), you’ll want to install it so that it’s positioned in the same manner. (It doesn’t matter which lead from the
match goes to the red terminal and which lead goes to the black terminal.)
Connect the Flash Pot to a LeMaitre or other approved controller with a 3 pin XLR pyro cable. Use the tester
circuit built into your controller to ensure continuity. If you would fire the pot now, the electric match would
create a spark.
Lock your controller in the “off” position. Place a teaspoonful of Flash Powder into the pit. This Pot is designed
for Theatre Effects White, Red, Green and Photo Flash Powders. (Some Smoke Powders and Flame Powders can
also be used - consult the manufacturer.)
It is preferable, though not always necessary, for the electric match tip to touch the Powder. The Pot is now ready
to fire. Be sure that there are no flammable objects or people within 10 feet. Arm your controller and press the
fire switch to instantly create a flash and a puff of smoke.
Do not reload until the Pot has cooled.
Always conduct a preliminary test in a safe location, especially when using a new brand or type of Powder.
Always keep your face away from the Pot. Wear safety glasses.
Never smoke while loading.
Do not load the Pot directly from the bottle. Pour the Powder into a plastic teaspoon, and then empty the the
spoon into the Pot.
Overloading the Pot with Powder may result in an exploding Pot.
Never fire the Pot near curtains on on carpet.
Observe the correct safety distance for your particular effect (generally 10 ft.).
Never use more than one teaspoon of any type of Flash Powder.
(Larger loads of some Non-Flash Powders may be acceptable.)
For best results, use only Theatre Effects brand Surefire Electric Matches.
To ensure the safest operation, use a Theatre Effects or LeMaitre brand pyro controller.
Read these directions carefully and follow them exactly. Misuse is dangerous. The manufacturer
is not responsible for any injury or liability that is the result of the user's failure to follow the
specific instructions stated above. This product is manufactured without any warranties, express
or implied. It is for professional use only. It is not sold to minors. For more information, consult
the technical manual "Special Effects with Fire and Smoke" available from us or your dealer.
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