SD Advanced HD Analogue Capable Hybrid DVR/NVR

SD Advanced HD Analogue Capable Hybrid DVR/NVR
SD Advanced HD
Analogue Capable
Hybrid DVR/NVR
A powerful hybrid DVR/NVR, the enhanced SD Advanced
offers top of the line performance with easy of installation.
Combining all the benefits of a DVR with the feature set of a
high performance embedded NVR, it offers multiple
channels of IP, Analogue and now 720p HD Analogue video,
HDMI main monitor support and Digital Spot, on-board
analytics and EPOS integration.
The enhanced SD Advanced offers flexibility and choice to
suit challenging security applications, with its intuitive user
interface and self configuring IP capabilities, it's out of the
box ready eases demands on installers and operators.
HD Analogue Benefits
>Up to 32 inputs in a combination of analogue IP, or HD Analogue
& Benefits
>Achieve Features
playback, recording
& live viewing simultaneously
>Up to 12TB of local storage, expandable using esata ports
>Low Cost, Simple Installation
HD Analogue is as simple to install as standard analogue
CCTV, with no networking or licensing requirements. Existing
cabling can be utilised.
>Recoding of 3rd party IP cameras and devices enables VMD and
>On-screen camera positioning telemetry control with Point&Go
and Absolute Positioning
>Text support - capture, text and embed till, ATM or analytics
data with the video. (EPoS)
>Coaxial Serial and IP Telemetry Control
>TransCoding - High quality recording and simultaneous video
transmission using MPEG4 or JPEG for playback
>Per camera
streams change resolution, bit rate and
compression mid stream.
Part (UTC)
>Up The Coax
menu control
>Longer Transmission
Transmit HD video up to 500m over standard coaxial cable
without signal boost and five times the distance of IP systems
run on standard network cabling.
>Transition Friendly
There is a choice of HD Analogue, IP or both. Enhanced SD
Advanced supports up to 32 IP cameras and 16 3rd party
analogue cameras (with additional licences).
HD Analogue technology is competitively priced vs. lesspowerful traditional Analogue, while being a fraction of the
cost of a comparable megapixel IP solution.
UK & EMEA: NetVu Limited.
No 1. Thellow Heath Park, Northwich Road, Antrobus Cheshire, CW96JB
USA: Dedicated Micros Inc.
3855 Centerview Dr. – Suite 400 B, Chantilly, VA 20151 USA.
Benefits Overview
Powerful Hybrid DVR/NVR
The SD Advanced is a true hybrid DVR/NVR. Offering up to 32
camera connections in a combination of analogue or IP (including
3rd party IP cameras). Models in the series offer 8 or16 HD
Analogue camera connections, with the balance of the 32
camera connections being made up by IP camera streams.
MultiMode Recording And Streaming
Allows an event trigger from VMD, analytics and alarms to effect
an instantaneous change in bit rate and resolution. Full HD
streams are generated when needed, e.g. for identification
purposes, otherwise a standard definition stream saves up to
50% storage capacity.
Closed IPTV
Dual IP camera addressing, ensuring segregation between the
users’ corporate network and IP cameras, reducing hacking risk.
Firewalls automatically created in IP camera and/or server for
enhanced network security purposes. Endpoint to endpoint
isolation through port to port lock down feature on closed IP
switch, preventing one camera being used as a host to attack
other cameras to gain entry to network (Closed IP switch sold
TransCode Streaming
TransCode streaming allows multiple remote viewers to
playback high quality recorded images at a streaming rate
and compression format they require without affecting or
degrading the original recording. Also, activity detection can
switch the selected camera from normal profile to alarm record
Up The Coax (UTC) OSD Menu Control
Control of camera on screen menu including brightness, contrast,
day/night changes and general camera configuration from the
unit saving time with camera adjustments at the camera head.
IP Streaming & Recording
The DVR is capable of the seamless recording & display of IP
video streams from IP Cameras, IP domes, encoders and other
NetVu Connected Video Servers offering the ability to view and
record IP Sources, irrespective of the devices’ location.
Connection of up to 16 3rd party IP cameras will incur a nominal
license charge – Licenses for NetVu Connected cameras are
AnalyticsCapable products can be upgraded to run a range of
Dedicated Micros analytics components including; ANPR, Object
Left/Removed, Detection Tripwire and Counting Tripwire. Only a
software licence upgrade is required to deploy analytics. Please
contact our Customer Services team for more information.
Remote Configuration Of Cameras
With complete integration between the Oracle Dome,
Infiniti/SmartVu cameras and the unit, users are able to configure
the devices directly from the DVR. Removing the need for
unnecessary site visits.
Extends the functionality of NetVu connected products by
allowing installers, system integrators and users to develop
powerful bespoke applications. Using the interpreted C
programming language PowerScript supports new levels of
integration between the DVR or Video Server and building
management systems or other security solutions.
Desktop or Rack mountable
The units can operate as standalone DVR/NVR as a desktop unit
or can be rack mounted using a dedicated fixing kit available with
every unit
Hybrid HD Analogue & IP DVR/NVR Connectivity
Up to 16 HD 720P Analogue Ice2 or
standard definition analogue camera's
connected directly to the unit
UK & EMEA: NetVu Limited.
No 1. Thellow Heath Park, Northwich Road, Antrobus Cheshire, CW96JB
USA: Dedicated Micros Inc.
3855 Centerview Dr. – Suite 400 B, Chantilly, VA 20151 USA.
Connect Up to 32 IP SmartVu
camera's via external Layer 3
enhanced Closed IPTV switch
Technical Specification
8/16 Analogue or HD Analogue input models. Auto detection on power up.
Alarm on Camera Fail. 32 IP camera streams supported on all models of
which 8/16 can be analogue (model dependant) with the remainder being
made up of IPstreams* / ***.
720p Analogue
High: 720p 1/2RT
Medium W576p 1/2RT
Low: W228p 1/2RT
Very Low: W144 1/4 RT
720p IP
High: 720p RT
Medium W576p 1/2RT
Low: W228p 1/2RT
Very Low: W144 1/4 RT
1080p IP
High: 1080p 1/2RT
Medium W576p 1/2RT
Low: W228p 1/2RT
Very Low: W144 1/4 RT
Standard Resolution
High: 4CIF RT
Medium 2CIF RT
Very Low: QCIF RT
20 normally open/closed tamper proof alarm inputs. One global keyswitch can
be assigned to operate from any of these inputs and is configurable with
entry/exit route timers. 2 relay outputs are configurable to trigger in response
to events.
Built-in RS485/Twisted pair and Coax protocols including but not limited to the
following: Dedicated Micros 2040, 2060, Oracle, Pelco P/D/C, Honeywell /
VCL Orbiter & Jupiter Microspheres™, GE CyberDome™, BBV RS485
StarCard, Bosch/Philips G3, American Dynamics, Panasonic. Also supports
Point&Go and Absolute Positioning when connected to an Oracle Dome over
Alarm zones combine multiple alarm inputs to generate alarm events. This can
help to minimise false triggers. e.g. you can set an alarm to be triggered by a
combination of a PIR and Camera VMD to remove miss-triggers from either
Line in: 1 x 1V pk-pk, 3.5mm jack
Line out: 1 x 1V pk-pk, 3.5mm jack
Local and network audio record and playback
Demonstrating the power of the NetVu Connected architecture, the SD
Advanced includes powerful Recoding capabilities that can decode, in realtime up to 16 supported 3rd party IP camera streams and re-compress to an
alternative format/resolution/pps/data rate configuration. This enables
functions such as MultiMode, Analytics, Activity Detection, VMD and switching
on alarm to be performed on any connected IP stream and introduces the
ability to provide multiple streams from the same IP camera via the DVR.
All NetVu connected devices use an embedded Real Time Operating System
(RTOS), being more efficient as designed for the purpose of video processing.
DM achieves a greater number of video profiles than competitors. It is also
more secure, as common attacks and viruses won't affect the RTOS. The
RTOS isn't subject to inconvenient “Windows updates” suffered by other
windows server based systems.
Up to 12TB of on-board storage, additional storage available via
2 x eSATA ports
Main Monitor: Composite or HDMI Output
Spot monitor: 1x Composite Output or HDMI
Integrated into the configuration web pages, the remote viewing client reflects
the local on-screen user interface.
Configure Oracle Domes, Infiniti cameras, CamVu and SmartVu devices
through the units configuration pages
Programmable VMD grid with individually definable zones per camera. User
definable sensitivity for each zone and pre and post activity recording,
definable by user.
Front panel keypad, the supplied IR remote, USB mouse or USB QWERTY
JPEG or MPEG-4 format files.
Serial Ports: Two serial ports via 9 way D-Type stacked one Modem port, the
other multi-protocol RS232, RS485 and RS422.
Ethernet: 3x Ethernet RJ-45 10/100/1000 Ethernet connection.
USB: 3 x USB 2.0 Connector (1 x high power front, 2 x rear)
eSATA: 2 x eSATA ports
IR Remote: 1x IR sensor at front of unit, IR Jack at rear
UPP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP, ARP, RTP, Telnet, FTP, AoE, SNMP, ZeroConf.
External DVD writer via high power USB port.
Event Copying or Selective Archiving of video.
Dimensions: 89mm (H) x 440mm (W) x 445mm (D)
Weight: 11.4 kg (25.1 lbs) with built-in PSU
Activity detection will switch the selected camera from normal record profile
to alarm record profile on events such as video motion detection.
250W Internal Power Supply
The unit can search captured transaction data for specific goods purchased,
transaction numbers, credit card references, keywords etc. and jump straight
to the associated video sequence.
Relative humidity: 10% - 85% Non-condensing
1 years warranty plus additional 2 years upon registration
UK & EMEA: NetVu Limited.
No 1. Thellow Heath Park, Northwich Road, Antrobus Cheshire, CW96JB
USA: Dedicated Micros Inc.
3855 Centerview Dr. – Suite 400 B, Chantilly, VA 20151 USA.
Ordering Information
Part Number
SD Advanced HD Analogue Hybrid Closed IP 8Ch 6TB
SD Advanced HD Analogue Hybrid Closed IP 16Ch 6TB
SD Advanced HD Analogue Hybrid Closed IP 16Ch 12TB
Joystick Keyboard for SD Advanced
* Above the stated ‘analogue’ camera connections per model (8/16/32). Connected IP cameras must be NetVu Connected utilising Remote Codec.
** See website for full performance parameters. To fully realise the benefits of the SD Advanced please ensure it is operating the latest software release. Available from the Dedicated Micros
*** 8 channel SD Advanced will support up to 32 IP cameras, albeit with a performance limitation with regard to the display of real time images. 16 channel SD Advanced supports 32 IP
cameras without a limitation to the display.
v1.4-20.06.17 © Copyright NetVu Ltd
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice E&O.E
UK & EMEA: NetVu Limited.
No 1. Thellow Heath Park, Northwich Road, Antrobus Cheshire, CW96JB
USA: Dedicated Micros Inc.
3855 Centerview Dr. – Suite 400 B, Chantilly, VA 20151 USA.
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