Rabbit - Gram Precision
industrial scales
220 V
RS 232-C
With our Rabbit,
move in your company and weigh where
you need it, wherever it is...
• Resistant rudder with cloverleaf handle-bar.
• K3 Indicator placed on the rudder is protected against shocks.
• Epoxy painted structure of high resistance.
• Weighing pan of stainless steel AISI 304.
• 4 big-sized wheels, two of them are revolving and with breaks.
• Robust platform with four load cells certificated OIML.
• Two capacities : 300 and 600 kg.
• Rechargeable inner battery (up to 60 hours of maximal autonomy).
• Memory of 20 digital tares.
• Weight limits.
• Last weighing result memorisation.
• Memory of 100 items for the piece counting function.
• LCD display with bright backlight.
• Optional wireless printer, at the distance.
• Optional wireless wall remote display (with digitals as high as 75 mm).
industrial scales
Take it wherever you want
By steering it with its rudder and rubber wheels you can
move it comfortably.
Easy to move
The Rabbit series is designed to be moved easily. It is equipped with a resistant rudder with
cloverleaf handle-bar and with 4 big-sized wheels, two of them are revolving and with breaks.
Wireless connection:
we offer you the latest technology.
Connecting without cables
With optional data output RS 232-C compatible with our PR3-W (wireless)
printer you can print even without cable. You can have your printer in the
office and the scale in the warehouse.
The remote display RD3-W works wireless and can be
freely placed without cables, up to 50 meters away. Its
digits size is 75mm.
Ticket printing
Weighing data (net weight, gross weight, tare, pieces,
etc.) in 5 print formats and in 4 languages: Spanish,
English, French and German. Cumulates weights and
prints the weights and accumulated total.
industrial scales
Clear and easy-to-read display
The RABBIT series is equipped with a
brightly backlighted LCD screen. As well,
they have an auto-power off function of the
backlight to prolong the battery’s life.
Intuitive utilization keyboard
A cross-shaped keyboard simplifies
navigating through the menus and scale
Classification viewer
Its indication bar is very useful in products
classifying. Sound indicator cooperates
with visual indicator.
Principal functions
Our Rabbit is designed to support intense daily use. It is perfectly adequate
for the most intensive applications like production, packaging, reception of
goods or quality control.
Engineers equipped the series Rabbit with the best indicator: our brand-new
K3. In this way, we are sure to put at your disposal all the functions you may
need at present, and those you might need in the future like wireless connection
with your printer, or wireless connection with a wall remote display.
This advanced indicator is equipped with a cross-shaped cursor to facilitate
the setting up of its numerous functions in no time. Its easy use is simply
exceptional. Within a few seconds it will memorize a manual tare or selection
of weight limits to classify products.
With our RABBIT everything is simple, from piece counting with the memory
up to 100 weight units to classifying the products with the memory up to 20
items and 20 tare memories.
Its powerful software allows advanced functions including automatic tare, very
useful in product packaging, memorization of the last weighing with an auto-off
while performing the following operation, and many more useful functions.
The scale has an optional connection to wireless printer or PC. When connected
to our PR3-W, it allows receiving the weighing data (net weight, weight gross,
tare, pieces, etc..) in Spanish, English, French and German, and in 5 different
print formats.
Its accumulation function combined with our printer PR3-W allows adding up all
weighing results and printing the total.
With our optional output tare, you can work without touching the keyboard.
With a pedal or button, you can tare containers or ingredients with no need to
press the tare key. Get faster in preparing orders or in product packaging chain.
Its Epoxy painted steel structure gives to the scale hardness and guarantees
intensive daily use. Consequently, Epoxy painting allows using Rabbit series in
both, wet and dry environment.
The most important part of our Rabbit is its heart. We have equipped it with
our RX3 load cell, made of highly resistant aluminum, of high precision and
extreme durability.
Its stainless steel pan is perfect for its intensive use and allows easy cleaning.
You can easily block the keyboard so that your staff will not have the access
to advanced functions. Only the functions tare and on/off will be accessible.
Its stainless steel pan is perfect
for an intensive use and easy
Function modes
Standard weighing
It weights in grams, pounds or ounces.
Piece counting
It counts easily the parts of similar weight and
memorizes unit weights of 100 different references.
Classification by weight
It classifies the parts by preselected minimal and
maximal weight values. It works by blocks, with a
direct display on the classification bar.
industrial scales
Designed to support intense daily use
Adequate for the most intensive applications like production, packaging, reception of goods or quality control.
Auto Hold function
You can weigh large objects first and then
read its weight from the display.
Technical features
Available options
300 kg
600 kg
50 g
100 g
Painted steel
Total size (mm)
1270 x 800 x 600
Useful size (mm)
Pan size (mm)
800 x 600
Wheels diameter (mm)
front wheels 100 / back wheels 75
Total net weight (kg)
• Relay output
• External tare output
• Double data output, printer and RS 232-C
• PR3/PR3-W printers
• Remote displays RD3/RD3-W
• Virtual Key Software for a PC, data capture
• Tare pedal
Technical specifications
Power: 230 V / 50 Hz (Euro) 11 V AC
Battery: Operation time 30/60 hours
Operation temperature: +5°C /+35°C
External dimensions (mm)
Rabbit Series
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