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Data Sheet FUJITSU ServicePack/Contract Hardware
Data Sheet
FUJITSU ServicePack/Contract
Maintenance Services for IT Hardware
Fujitsu offers - with its Fujitsu
ServicePack/Contract Hardware - support
services for hardware which cover diagnostics
and the elimination of hardware errors via
repair or replacement. Depending on the type
of IT hardware und corresponding
manufacturer warranty Fujitsu offers on-site
support services at the customer's or at a
Fujitsu service point (off-site services). Various
service level options can be selected for
on-site services.
This data sheet describes the contractually
relevant support services; product-specific
supplements, if necessary, are defined in a
Technical Appendix.
The specific contracted support services are
delivered according to the service scope
defined in the service schedule or ServicePack
certificate for the correspondingly listed
hardware products.
The use of remote access methods is decisive
for efficient service delivery as well as a
prerequisite for a Fujitsu ServicePack/Contract
with defined recovery times (see
Fujitsu ServicePack Hardware
ServicePack hardware is a product-related
service contract for a fixed period and with
once-only remuneration which supplements
the manufacturer warranty. The contract
period (service period) begins on the exact
date when the corresponding hardware
product was initially purchased. The service is
provided based on a once-only payment to be
paid in advance when the ServicePack is
purchased and when the service is activated
according to the "Supplemental terms for
Fujitsu ServicePacks“.
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Fujitsu ServicePacks can be purchased within
90 days of the product purchase for a contract
period of 36, 48 or 60 months. Before expiry,
the service period can be extended (until the
declared end-of-service for the respective
product) by purchasing a corresponding
follow-on ServicePack for 12 months.
Fujitsu ServiceContract Hardware
ServiceContract Hardware is a product-related
service contract supplementing the warranty
for the contracted hardware product. The
contract period begins on the contractually
agreed date and is automatically extended
when the minimum service period expires
unless the contract is terminated.
Remuneration for the service delivery is on a
regular flat-rate basis.
A ServiceContract Hardware can, unless
otherwise explicitly regulated, be purchased at
any time during the product's lifecycle until 12
months before the end-of-service for that
product. Fujitsu reserves the right to check the
serviceability for that product before the start
of the contract and, if necessary, will establish
such serviceability in agreement with the
customer and at the latter's costs.
The minimum contract period is 12 months.
Data Sheet FUJITSU ServicePack/Contract Hardware
Services in detail
Various services can be provided depending on the type of hardware:
 Bring-In Service
The customer issues a call to the Fujitsu Help Desk. If a remote fix is
not possible and the hardware must be repaired, the customer brings
the faulty device to a qualified service point (service partner or repair
center). The Bring-In Service includes the provision of all spare parts as
well as the labour costs but not the transport to and from the service
point. The repair work is carried out in the repair center. When the
repair work has been completed, the customer is notified that the
device is ready for collection.
 Send-In & Return Service
The customer issues a call to the Fujitsu Help Desk. If a remote fix is
not possible and the hardware must be repaired, the customer brings
the faulty device to a qualified service point (service partner or repair
center). The transport and insurance costs are borne by the customer.
The Send-In Service includes the provision of all spare parts, the labour
costs and the return-to-sender postage costs for the device.
 Collect & Return Service
The customer issues a call to the Fujitsu Help Desk. If the fault cannot
be solved by the Help Desk engineer on the phone, the customer is
given a repair order number. One of our transport partners then
organizes the collection. The faulty unit is collected at the customer's
address (if not otherwise agreed, at the main entrance). The faulty
unit must be packed by the customer using suitable packaging and
before collection. When the repair has been completed in a Fujitsu
repair center, the product is returned to the customer.
authorized Fujitsu service point, Fujitsu reserves the right to change
the response/recovery times and/or charge the additional costs.
Special service levels must be agreed for those installation locations
that are difficult to reach (e.g. islands, mountains).
The contractually agreed support services do not include the backup or
installation of the operating system, the application software nor the
system and user data.
Exception: When replacing hard disks in workplace systems (desktops,
notebooks), the pre-installed operating system must be re-installed, if
made available by the user.
The regular and full data backup, including application and operating
system software, is the responsibility of the customer.
The defined response and recovery times apply for on-site services.
They start within the agreed service time with the initial call
acceptance; time measurement is stopped outside the agreed service
time. In other words, response and recovery times can last until the
next day which is covered by the service time.
The agreed response/recovery times depend on the selected service
 Call acceptance
Call acceptance is 24 hours a day including Sundays and public
holidays. Calls can also be sent via fax, e-mail or the Internet. When
the call entitlement and pre-clarification phase has been successfully
concluded, the fault is accepted, a reference number is assigned and
 Door-to-Door or Desk-to-Desk Service
the fault is then processed according to the defined service level. The
The customer issues a call to the Fujitsu Help Desk. If the fault cannot
measurement of the contracted response or recovery times starts with
be solved by the Help Desk engineer on the phone, the faulty product
the confirmation of an incident by the help desk.
is replaced with a comparable product. The faulty unit is collected from
The customer must specify the serial or ID number for the device
the customer's address (if not otherwise agreed, at the main entrance);
a new one is delivered to the same address. Door-to-Door Service
includes, on request, an upgrade to Desk-to-Desk Service; i.e. the
Call acceptance
To get in contact with Fujitsu support please
replacement device is delivered direct to the user's desk.
 On-site Services
The relevant contact details are available by
The reported fault is analyzed. If necessary, the diagnosed technical
choosing the respective product line and
problem is solved, if possible via remote access or otherwise by an
on-site service engineer. If a hardware component fails, the
operational readiness is ensured by replacing or repairing the faulty
 Service time
The service time is the contractually agreed time period within which
The spare parts used are new or as-new. The replaced parts become
the service is provided via remote access or on-site. The standard
the property of Fujitsu or of the commissioned authorized service
service time is Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 17:00 hrs with the
exception of legal public holidays.
Various service level options can be selected for on-site services
including response time and/or recovery time (see "Options"). The
service levels
Response time 4 hrs and
Recovery time 4/8 hrs
are available under the terms described for installation locations which
are within a maximum 100 km from an authorized Fujitsu service
point. For those installation locations more than 100 km from an
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 Response time
The response time is the period between call acceptance and the time
when an engineer normally arrives at the customer location with the
diagnosed spare part (where applicable). The measurement of
response time is interrupted outside agreed service times. The
response time does not apply in those situations where a fault can be
eliminated remotely.
Troubleshooting continues until the IT infrastructure is operational
Data Sheet FUJITSU ServicePack/Contract Hardware
 System changes
The Fujitsu ServicePack/Contract Services can only be provided if the
customer provides Fujitsu immediately and in writing details of all the
modifications to the service-authorized hardware product (e. g.
configuration changes, such as additive components, changing the IP,
 Recovery time
The recovery time is the period between call acceptance and the time
LAN, SAN, NAS configuration, etc.). In the event of any extension, the
when a service engineer normally recovers the operational readiness of same service option must be agreed as the one in the existing
the hardware that has been identified as faulty. The measurement of
the recovery time is interrupted outside the agreed service time.
The recovery time does not include the time required to recover data
and/or install the software, operating system or corresponding updates The product, delivery and service features described above include a
and/or the recovery of customer-specific configuration.
final list of the features of the subject of the contract and do not
represent a guaranteed quality or declaration thereof in the eyes of the
This option of the Fujitsu ServicePack/Contract Hardware is designed for In addition to this data sheet, the following general business terms
customers who - in a service situation - do not wish to hand over data
and conditions of Fujitsu Technology Solutions apply:
media (hard disk drives) with confidential data to Fujitsu or the
"General terms and conditions for hardware and software
commissioned authorized service partner. Customers, who purchase
support services of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH"
this Fujitsu ServicePack/Contract Hardware option, are allowed to retain
"Supplemental terms for Fujitsu ServicePacks“
faulty hard disk drives that are authorized for service: In this situation,
Fujitsu, in contrast to other specifications in this document, does not
insist on it ownership right for faulty hard disk drives when supplying a
replacement drive.
The customer retains sole responsibility for protecting confidential data
saved on faulty hard disk drive.
again or until suitable progress has been made in solving the problem.
Work can be stopped for a time if additional parts or resources are
required, but is restarted as soon as they are available.
As part of the Support Services Fujitsu provides reliable remote access
functions which support fast and efficient fault diagnosis and, if
necessary, eliminate errors. Remote access to a customer system is
only carried out with the customer's approval which can be granted
generally or on a case-by-case basis; it usually requires Internet access.
The following prerequisites apply for the service contract. Should one or
more of the prerequisites not be met, the services described can only
be provided in a restricted manner or possibly not at all.
 Remote access
It is assumed with Fujitsu ServicePack/Contract Services with a defined
recovery time that remote access is available for Fujitsu. If the
customers does not wish to provide any remote access or this cannot
be configured for some other reason, the contractually agreed service
levels cannot always be met in all situations.
 Feasibility check
A feasibility check is carried out by Fujitsu before a Fujitsu
ServicePack/Contract with defined recovery times is signed. As a result
of this check Fujitsu is - where applicable - to make proposals for
changes to the user’s environment, unless all prerequisites for
adhering to the recovery times are met. These proposals are made in
The Fujitsu service obligation only exists when the feasibility check has
been successfully completed and when all of the above prerequisites
have been met.
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Data Sheet FUJITSU ServicePack/Contract Hardware
The following table provides an overview of standard service level options . The availability of a specific service level for a specific product
depends on the type of product and the associated manufacturer warranty.
Offsite Service
Onsite Service
Onsite Response Time
Workplace Systems
Onsite Service
24 h
Onsite Response Time
Servers & Storage
Recovery Time3)
● Availability depending on product and country, valid for CEMEA/I
Explanation of service times:
9x5 Local business days and local business hours except legal public holidays
24x7 Monday to Sunday including legal public holidays, 24 hours
NBD refers to the next Fujitsu business day, e.g. Monday to Friday except legal holidays.
SBD denotes the next but one Fujitsu business day (SBD).
Availability subject to a feasibility check
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Data Sheet FUJITSU ServicePack/Contract Hardware
More information
Fujitsu platform solutions
More information
In addition to Fujitsu ServicePack/Contract
Hardware Fujitsu provides a range of
platform solutions. They combine reliable
Fujitsu products with the best in services,
know-how and worldwide partnerships.
Learn more about Fujitsu Maintenance and
Support Services, please contact your Fujitsu
sales representative, Fujitsu business
partner, or visit our website.
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