Operator Manual Model BP500M Tape Dispenser

Operator Manual Model BP500M Tape Dispenser
Operator Manual
Model BP500M
Tape Dispenser
Meets UL, CE AND CSA Electrical and Safety Standards
255 Canal Street, Shelton, CT 06484
Web-site: www.betterpackages.com
File Name:BP500M Operator Manual
This manual is a non-controlled document.
Information in this manual does not constitute a warranty of performance.
Furthermore, Better Packages reserves the right to revise this publication and
make changes from time to time, in its content.
Better Packages assumes no liability whatsoever for any losses or
damages incurred as a result of information contained in this manual.
Proprietary Notice
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Better Packages, Inc.
255 Canal Street
Shelton, CT 06484
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Safety Precautions ………………………………………………
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Technical Data ……………………………………………………
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Unpacking Notice ………………………………………………..
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Preparing for Operation ………………………………………….
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Operating Instructions ……………………………………………
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Recommended Maintenance …………………………………...
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Warranty Information ………………………………………………
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Must read before operating or servicing equipment.
Always unplug the machine before performing any maintenance
or repair. Line voltage may be present even with the power
switch in the OFF position.
This machine is designed for sealing cartons with water activated paper
tape. Any other use will void all warranties and any responsibilities or
liability of Better Packages, Inc.
Read all Safety Precautions and Operating Instructions before powering
on and using the machine.
Any operation, repair or servicing of this machine must be performed by
properly trained personnel.
In the event of malfunction or breakdown, grounding provides a low
resistance path for electric current to reduce the risk of electrical shock.
This machine is equipped with an electric cord having an equippedgrounding conductor and grounding plug. The plug must be plugged into
a matching outlet that is properly installed and grounded in accordance
with local codes and ordinances.
Before connecting the machine to the power mains, verify that the
electrical ratings of the machine match the electrical supply intended for
connection, otherwise do not connect. If the correct power is not
available, contact the reseller.
The electrical safety of this machine is guaranteed only when it is correctly
connected to a grounded electrical system as prescribed by the present
electrical safety rules.
Before maintenance or repair, disconnect the power cords from the
electrical supply and protect the cables from any possible accidental
connection carried out by unauthorized personnel.
Keep the machine away from children and personnel who are not
authorized or adequately instructed in the use of the machine.
45.7 cm L x 30.5cm W x 31.75 cm H
Dispensing Speed:
Up to 114 cm per second
Water Bottle Capacity:
1 Liter
Tape Width:
3.8 cm to 7.62 cm
Maximum Roll Size:
17.78 cm diameter roll
Tape Length Dispensed:
10 cm to 228 cm
Shipping Weight:
13.6 Kg
Power Requirements:
BP500M: 220 VAC, 50 Hz, 2.0 Amps
All specifications subject to change without notice.
When unpacking your new Better Packages electric machine, check to make
sure you have the following items before discarding the packing material:
Water Bottle
Water Tank and Brush
Upper Tape Plate
Power Cord
Note: The upper tape plate is held in position by tape. The tape must be
removed prior to the operation of the machine.
If the upper tape plate has been dislodged in shipping, it must be
replaced. It will fit directly under the feedwheel mechanism as shown
Upper Tape Plate
Remove tank and brushes. Wash brushes thoroughly in warm water
and soap, or mild detergent. Replace brushes in water tank. Note the
brushes are beveled. Replace them in tank, being sure each brush is
positioned with the high side toward the front of the tank. Replace tank
and brushes in the machine.
Fill bottle with water and place bottle on brackets on the side of
machine. The spout of the tank will fit into tank reservoir.
Water Bottle
Water Level Adj.
The amount of water required for proper moistening of different grades
and types of tape will differ. Heavier adhesives or reinforced tapes will
normally require a high water level. Lighter tapes require less water and a
lower level.
The water level is controlled by an adjusting knob on the water tank.
Loosen or tighten the knob depending on the level of water you desire.
Adjust roll guides inside rear of machine to proper width of tape
Tape Guides
The tape roll guides should be properly set for the width of the tape being
dispensed. The roll of tape should be center in the basket area and the
roll guides adjusted loosely by lifting them and setting them on the desired
pre-cut areas.
Loading Tape: (wound adhesive side in) Lift the rear cover and place the
roll of tape in the basket area so that the strip unwinds off the rear of the
roll as the leading end is brought up toward the front of the machine. Be
sure the tape is brought over the upper roller and fed toward the front of
the machine. Close the rear cover and open the front cover and proceed
to feed the tape under the tape guide. When the tape can go no further,
you have properly loaded the tape.
Insert roll in basket
Feed tape over roller
Feed tape under upper plate
Electrical Connection
a. Plug machine into 220 volt 50 Hz current only.
FOR YOUR SAFETY all the metal parts of this machine are electrically
grounded through a 3-wire power supply cord and a 3-prong grounding
type plug which must be plugged into a 3-wire grounded type
If you are not sure the electrical system in your building is properly
grounded, call a licensed electrician.
b. When all connections have been made, turn on the power switch at
the left side of the machine. The pilot light will light, indicating the
machine is ready for operation.
7. Adjustable Moistening
To give the most efficient moistening for all kinds of tapes, your machine is
equipped with an adjustable water level and adjustable weights on the
thermostatically controlled heater and pressure plate assembly.
Increasing the height of the water level increases the amount of water
applied to the tape.
Increasing the weight on the top heater and pressure plate assembly
spreads the water evenly on the tape. The weights (3 in number) are
attached to the front end of the top heater and pressure plate assembly
and held in place by 2 screws. To remove, loosen the screws slightly and
lift out the weights as required. Lightest pressure is with all weights
removed. Maximum pressure is with all weights in place.
For example, certain paper tapes have adhesives which normally require
somewhat less water for best moistening results. With such tapes very
little weight is required and all weights at front of pressure plate and top
heater assembly are generally removed. Other tapes requiring slightly
more water usually work best with medium weight pressure. Only one or
two weights should be at the front of the top heater and pressure plate
Other tapes may have as much as two or three times the amount of
adhesive to be moistened.
8. Top Heater Settings
Finding the correct setting for the tape you are using is a matter of simple
testing. Turn the adjustment knob (clockwise) to the highest setting, then
back off slightly to the lowest temperature setting that best meets your
Heater Knob
Screws to
Be sure the power cord is properly inserted into the back of the machine and it is
plugged into the proper electrical outlet
Turn the machine on with the on/off button on the left front of the machine. A
pilot light will come on when unit is powered up.
The machine will not operate if the front cover is open. There is a safety interlock
switch that will only engage when the front cover is closed.
Cord Connection
On/Off Switch
Interlock Switch
1. After following the setting-up instructions and adjusting the machine for
correct water level, pressure plate weight and top heater temperature,
load machine with tape (as noted on page 10) and you will be ready to
operate the machine.
2. To feed the tape, just lightly touch the “button” for the length of tape you
wish to dispense. Only light momentary pressure is needed on the
dispensing “button”. The “button” controls an individual switch which
resets when the proper length of tape is dispensed.
3. This machine has the ability to dispense lengths of tape from 10 cm to 228
cm long. Just lightly touch the keypad for your desired length.
4. To double the length of your desired tape length, simply press the 2X on
the keypad and then the number on the keypad you wish to double. For
example, if you desire a 90 cm piece of tape, press the 2X keypad number
and the 45 keypad number and a 90 cm piece of tape will be dispensed.
5. To “Repeat” your previous length of tape, simply lightly press the “Repeat”
on the keypad and the same length of tape will be dispensed. This can be
performed continuously until a new number is pressed on the keypad.
6. To dispense a “Random” length of tape, press the “Random” keypad with
the “arrow” and hold your finger with slight pressure and a length of tape
will be dispensed as long as you are pressing the “arrow” keypad. The
maximum length of tape in the “random” feature is 304 cm. This key is at
the right front of the keypad
2X Key
Repeat Key
Random Key
Clean Brushes
Clean the brushes on a weekly basis or when adhesive build-up effects proper
moistening of the tape. The adhesive can prevent sufficient and even water flow
to the tape causing poor moistening of the tape. Regular cleaning will extend the
life of the brushes and ensure that adhesive build-up will not cause performance
to deteriorate.
Unplug power from the machine! Remove the water bottle and water
tank. Caution: Heater may stay hot for a period of time after
machine is off.
Remove the brushes from the tank and remove any dried adhesive
from the tank and brush. Note how brushes are set into the tank as
they must be reset properly.
Wash the brushes with warm water and soap.
Place the brushes back into the water tank. It is extremely important
that they are positioned correctly. Brushes must be sloped toward the
front of the dispenser in order to work properly. The top of the brushes
are cut on an angle. Shorter brushes go in the back. The longer
length bristles must be toward the front of the machine (tank).
Notice: Installing the brushes in backwards will cause
excessive tape jams. Never cut the brushes tips to remove
adhesive as they are cut at a specific angle and flagged to
facilitate proper moistening and cutting will most likely cause
poor performance.
Cleaning the Shear Blades
When using reinforced tapes laminated with adhesive or resin, this material can
accumulate on the blades and interfere with the cutting of the tape. Even paper
tape with no reinforcement can cause an accumulation of dust and adhesive on
the blades. Use a small brush and a suitable solvent to remove accumulation.
Never scrap the cutting edge with a hard object because the blade may become
dull and need replacement.
Warning: Be sure the dispenser is unplugged before performing and
cleaning procedures.
General Machine Cleaning
The feed wheel pushes tape through the machine. Obstructions such as dirt or
dried adhesive can divert the tape and cause it to jam. Periodical cleaning of the
tape path will reduce tape jams.
Remove the upper tape plate that sets on the tape. Pull tape off from
the lower tape plate if it hasn’t already been removed. Clean any dirt
and adhesive from the upper and lower tape plates.
Lift the heater up and clean the bottom of it. Under the heater is a
plate that the tape rides over. Lift the heater and clean between the
With fingers, lift blade to clear any tape jam that may have obstructed
the cutting area. As you lift the blade, simply remove any tape that
was jammed in the tape path. Caution: blade is very sharp, keep
finger clear of blade edge.
Lift blade and remove
any tape jam
All vital moving parts of this machine have oil retaining porous
bushings and should NOT require additional oil for the average life of
the machine.
FEED WHEEL SHAFT: Do NOT oil this shaft! Oil can creep in through
the bearings and effect internal parts.
Warranty Information
Limited Warranty
The manufacturer warrants each new Better Packages machine and accessory
to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal and proper
use, its obligation under this warranty being limited to making good any defective
parts within one year and labor for 90 days after delivery to the original
The company will replace any defective parts within the warranty, on a no-charge
basis. The distributor will furnish for the first 90 days, without charge necessary
to labor, or instruct the customer’s maintenance department in servicing the
For service under this warranty call or write your nearest Better Packages
distributor or Better Packages, Inc. Shelton, CT at (800) 237-9151.
(Transportation charges on machines or parts returned for service or
purchase should be prepaid).
April 4, 2005
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