Citix Panoramic

Citix Panoramic
Citix Panoramic
Local situation awareness camera
Built for Armoured Vehicles
Panoramic 170° horizontal Field of View
Distortion-free, no fish-eye effect
Real-time for drivers
Wide temperature range, -40°C to +70°C
Day / Extended Night Mode options
Fog penetration
Digital Noise Reduction, DNR
Heated protective window
Fibrenetix CITIX Panoramic armoured vehicle camera, enables an
unobstructed 360° view of the surrounding area to be attained
with the hatches closed, providing safety for all personnel, the
vehicle and other assets.
The CITIX CI-P170 is a panoramic camera system that combines
images from two 85.5° FOV cameras providing a completely
seamless 170° FOV viewing system, which can be mounted on
a wide variety of vehicles, such as armoured personnel carriers
(APCs), light armoured vehicles (LAVs), tanks and other wheeled or
tracked vehicles.
Fibrenetix CITIX CI-P170 is designed to deliver high‑performance
images, even under the harshest conditions, in temperatures
ranging from -40°C to +70°C.
The CITIX CI-P170 is designed around the latest generation of
1/3" CCD image sensors, with custom design optics to provide a
seamless, distortion-free panoramic 170° horizontal FOV image,
without fish-eye effect, under a wide range of viewing conditions.
The camera design offers several viewing modes:
•• Full 170° Field of View, with both cameras stitched together
•• Separate 85.5° Field of View from either the left or right
side camera
•• 85.5° Field of View from the centre of both cameras
Ready for tough action
The CITIX CI-P170 is encased in a rugged IP-65 housing, designed to
withstand vibration in accordance with MIL-STD 810F (metal track
vehicles). It is also robust enough to easily withstand the impact of
soldiers' boots treading on the housing. In addition, its low profile
(78 mm), makes it a difficult target for enemy snipers. The camera
protection windows are heated for condensation‑free operation. In
case of damage from scratching or cracking, a replacement window
can be easily fitted in the field.
Graphic overlays
The CITIX CI-P170 provides configuration of several graphic
overlays in the form of distance markers and text strings.
.5 0
Left side
. 50
Panoramic view
Distortion-free images
Right side
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Panoramic image with example of distance marker overlays
Citix Panoramic
Local Situational Awareness Camera
Conductive cooling
Fog penetration
Conductive cooling is used to remove heat from the CCD sensors.
This reduces random noise in the CCD sensors, resulting in
improved image quality, particularly in low-light conditions.
The fog penetration function is designed to automatically increase
visibility in conditions such as fog, haze and fire smoke. The
camera continuously analyses the picture and once it detects a
low‑contrast condition, it will automatically enhance the contrast.
Expanded Hi-Dynamic Range (XDR)
XDR is useful in conditions where there are large variations in
brightness of the picture. For example, when there are very dark
and very bright areas in the picture, the XDR amplifies the signal
level in dark areas and reduces it in very bright areas, improving
visibility of the picture.
Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
The Digital Noise Reduction function in the CITIX CI-P170 analyses
the video image and reduces noise, particularly in low-light
conditions. The analysis is based on a 3-dimensional algorithm.
Mechanical outline and dimensions
Front view
Side view
Bottom view
Top view
Europe − Americas − Middle East
Citix Family
Comparison of key parameters for the CITIX family of local situational awareness cameras, built for armoured vehicles
Citix Compact
Citix Thermal
Citix Panoramic
Citadel Dual
(Factory default
setting 60°)
44° or 90°
(180° with rotation
976 × 582
640 × 480
Image sensor
CCD, 1/3" colour
Uncooled VOx micro
CCD, 1/3" colour
CCD, 1/3" colour and
thermal uncooled VOx
Video output
Composite video
Composite video
Composite video
Composite video
0.007 lux (25% video @
0.007 lux (25% video @ f/1.6, AGC on)
and 50 mK
47° to 95°, fixed
Horizontal FOV
(effective pixels in PAL)
Spectral response
Setup and control
0.007 lux (25% video @
f/1.6, AGC on)
Visible (400-700nm.
Optional is 400-950nm)
NETD <50mK
Thermal / LWIR
(8 -14 µm)
976 × 582
(× 2 sensors)
f/1.6, AGC on)
Visible (400-700nm)
RS-422 or CAN-BUS
RS-422 or CAN-BUS
RS-422 serial interface
serial interface
serial interface
(Fibrenetix protocol)
Dimensions – mm
(W × H × L)
excluding connectors
77 × 63.4 × 139
mounting bracket)
(Fibrenetix protocol)
77 × 63.4 × 139
mounting bracket)
(Fibrenetix protocol)
200 × 78 × 134
Citadel Dual
CCD: 976 × 582
Thermal: 640 × 480
Visible and Thermal / LWIR
(400-700nm and 8 -14 µm)
RS-422 serial interface
(Fibrenetix protocol)
256 × 185 × 250
256 × 137 × 250
Common features:
•• Designed for use on wheeled and tracked vehicles
•• Dusk-to-dawn operation, with colour video output (except the
CITIX Thermal cameras)
•• Extended night-mode imaging, with full moon illumination
•• Low profile, rugged design
•• -40°C to +70°C operating temperature range
Visual Range Performance
10 km
20 km
Conditions for SSIP CAM program: Visual band 400-­1000nm, Contrast 30%,
Over cast daylight, Sky ratio 3, Visibility 3km, 50% probability
Dimensions Man: 0.45m × 1.7m. Vehicle dimensions NATO target 2.3m × 2.3m
Europe − Americas − Middle East
30 km
40 km
Citix Panoramic
Local Situational Awareness Camera
Technical Specifications
Image system
2× high sensitivity 1/3″ colour CCD sensors with complementary mosaic
2× focal length 2.6 mm, f/1.6, <1% distortion
Effective pixels (H × V), per camera
Horizontal FOV
976 × 582
976 × 494
170° (two images with each 85.5° stitched together with minor overlap)
Vertical FOV
Scanning system
2:1 Interlace
Horizontal frequency
Vertical frequency
15.625 kHz
15.734 kHz
50 Hz
59.94 Hz
Electrical specifications and functions
Video output
Composite VBS, 1 Vpp, 75 ohm
Panoramic 170° FOV fitting 16:9 monitor, Panoramic 170° FOV horizontally compressed to fit 4:3
monitor, Left and right side image, plus central portion of panoramic image fitting 4:3 monitor
Output formats (user selectable)
Horizontal resolution
Left and right separate image: 425 TVL; Stitched panoramic image: 240 TVL
0.007 lx, 25% video @ f/1.6, AGC on
Spectral response
Visible – NIR light available upon request (Note 1)
Signal to noise ratio
> 52 dB, AGC Off
Electronic shutter, fixed
1/50 to 1/10,000 sec.
1/60 to 1/10,000 sec.
Gamma correction
0.45 / 1.0
Automatic gain control range
0 to +36 dB 6 DB DGC
Frame integration
Extended night mode, 4×
Day/Extended night mode switching
Via serial RS-422 interface
Fog penetration
Image contrast enhancement 3 Levels
White balance
Auto tracking white balance (ATW)
Noise reduction
2D and 3D digital noise reduction 3 Levels
Graphical overlays
Distance markers, 5-character text strings
Configuration, serial interface
Fibrenetix Control Panel Applet and serial RS-422, with CAN-BUS option (Note 2)
Overall dimensions – mm (W × H × L)
200 × 78 × 134 (excluding connectors)
Net weight
Housing material
Aluminium with protective anti-corrosion coating
Protective housing integrity
IP-65 (NEMA 4) rating, back-filled with dry nitrogen
Camera windows
Connector (power, data, control)
Chemically strengthened, AR-coated BK7 glass. Heated to prevent ice (Note 3)
22-pin circular - In accordance with MIL 38999 (optional bottom mounting)
Operating voltage
18 to 36VDC (1275B protection filter)
Current consumption
Camera system with heater: 24W, with thermostat control (Note 4)
Operating temperature
-40°C to +70°C
Storage temperature
Citix Panoramic v.01.16
Vibration / shock
-40°C to +70°C
MIL-STD 810F, tracked vehicle 5.7G-rms, 3 hours each direction MIL-STD 810F, method 514.5, procedure 6
Tested in accordance with MIL-STD 461F
30,000 hours
Note 1: Order with IR-cut filter for 400-700nm spectral response, or order without IR-cut filter for 400-950nm spectral response.
Note 2: Request CAN-BUS when placing order, if required.
Note 3: Please inform Fibrenetix if the de-icing heater is not required and the price will be adjusted accordingly.
Note 4: If ordered without heater, power consumption is 12W.
*Specifications are subject to change, without prior notice.
Europe − Americas − Middle East
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