Instructions for Use - Spray Head Upgrade Kit for

Instructions for Use - Spray Head Upgrade Kit for
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Product Information
Spray Head Upgrade Kit for ImagePrep
Spray Generator II
The new spray head requires
new methods (see page 5) !
Product description
The Spray Head Upgrade Kit provides an improved version of the ImagePrep spray cap.
The key advantages of this new design are:
• No need to replace the piezo anymore, now only the thin perforated metal sheet
(Spray Generator II) must be replaced after about 20 sample preparations.
• Much cheaper: app. 20% of former cost per preparation only!
• Improved robustness: the new spray cap is equipped with a protection foil preventing
wetness from entering into interior parts of the spray cap during the preparation.
• Overall handling is much easier: The Spray Generator II can be changed without need
of any adjustment.
All existing ImagePrep can be upgraded by the customer himself.
Ordering Information
Spray Head Upgrade Kit for ImagePrep
Spray Generator II for ImagePrep
(one package contains 10 pcs)
Scope of delivery
New spray cap, jig,
2 contact springs,
10pcs Spray Generator II,
users manual
10 perforated metal sheets
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Part No.
1 pc
1 pck
Spray Head Upgrade
Unscrew contact plates
Attach the new contact springs with the screws.
Left and right contact spring are different.
Slightly bend the spring contacts if necessary in
order to make an effective electrical connection
with the contact pads on the new cap.
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Mounting the Metal Sheet (Spray Generator II) on the Spray Cap
Position metal sheet on jig.
Note: Handle metal sheet with care.
Wear gloves.
Note: Correct orientation is mandatory
(sharp / rounded corner).
Open Clamp.
Locate cap on jig,
fix metal sheet with finger
and slide cap towards the metal sheet
till it hits the shoulder on the jig.
Close Clamp.
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Mounting the Spray Cap
Lock cap in position with thumbscrew.
Press cap fully onto spray head.
No further adjustment is necessary:
All adjustments described in chapter 6.1 of the
ImagePrep manual are not needed for the new
spray head.
Washing the Spray Cap
Whereas the metal sheet has to be cleaned after every preparation (with the ImagePrep washing
routine), the spray head needs only to be washed from time to time when massive matrix
crystallization is observed on the yellow protection film.
For washing dismount the metal sheet from the spray cap and sonicate the spray cap in alcohol
(EtOH or MeOH, NOT water) for approx. one minute. After the washing procedure carefully dry the
device with pressurized air or nitrogen. Extensively blow air into the two openings next to the clamp
in order to dry the interior parts of the spray head.
Never use water or water containing solvents for washing because water does not evaporate
completely from inside the spray cap. This would result in partial internal shortcuts and finally in a
reduced spray power.
Note: Never try to clean the spray cap when it is mounted on the spray head.
The wetness inside would immediately decrease the spray power!
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Spray Power Adjustment with the new Spray Head
The global spray power adjustment is necessary every time the spray generator is replaced.
Please follow the instructions given in chapter 6.2 of the ImagePrep User Manual.
Note: Before you perform the spray power adjustment first let the new spray head spray at 100%
for a few seconds before you do the 10% adjustment!
Note: Typically offset values for the new spray head (+10% … +20%) are slightly higher than for
the old version (0 ... +10%).
Spray Generator Replacement Intervals
The metal sheet corrodes with time resulting in larger pinhole diameters and uneven spray.
In order to ensure high quality sample preparations we strongly recommend to replace the
Spray Generator II metal sheet after 20 preparations.
ImagePrep Methods for the new Spray Head
The new spray head needs more power and produces a finer spray compared to the old
Dedicated methods
the new/spray
head are
provided via the homepage
of Bruker
have tofor
access this page.
If you would like to adapt your methods optimized for the old spray head version:
- increase the spray power slightly
- apply more cycles.
Phone: +49 (421) 2205-0
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Version: PI_261619_SprayHeadUpgrade_V3.doc July 09
Copyright 2008 Bruker Daltonik GmbH
Descriptions and specifications supersede all previous information and are subject to change without notice.
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