SPORTident Printout-Set

SPORTident Printout-Set
SPORTident Printout-Set
Printout station BS7-P firmware 5.59+
V1.1 27.11.2013
Operating instructions
Basic features
The SPORTident Printout-Set is a complete and compact evaluation tool to read out and print data
stored in SPORTident-Cards. It consists of the SPORTident Printout station and a thermal-printer.
Using the Printout-Set the data records stored in SPORTident-Cards can be computed and printed
out. Standard features of the printout are control points' code number, punching time, lap times,
and total running time.
Part of the set is the SPORTident Printout station BS7-P. Compared with earlier versions the
device offers a number of advantages and new features (firmware 5.59+). Most important are:
The station automatically switches on when a card is inserted “Auto-on”. The thermal-printer
MCP 7830 must be switched on by pressing the button marked with
The Printout station can store a user defined printout layout by using PC software SI-Print. So
application specific printouts are possible. This offers the usage of the Printout-Set in a wide
range of applications in different sports.
The Printout station features an easy evaluation printout. SI-Cards read in are automatically
sorted into different categories and ranked according their running time.
The backup memory size of the Printout station is enhanced. The station can store the content
of up to 1022 SI-Cards for later evaluation.
The Printout station BS7-P is not only a Printout station. It can be programmed into all other
operating modes known from the SPORTident-System like “Read SI-Cards”, “Control”, “Start”,
“Finish”, “Clear”, and “Check” except into the “SI-Master” functionality. Use SI-Config to change
stations configuration.
There is the option “sprint_4ms” selectable when configuring the Printout station. If this option is
active the total running time is computed with a resolution of 0.1 sec. To have correct data in
the start- and finish station the same option has to be set active.
Printout layout configuration
In the user definable printout layout the header- and foot lines can be edited. It is of special
importance that Control station code numbers can be replaced by ordinary text strings.
PC software SI-Print serves as interface program to define the print layout and to download the
information into the Printout station. The size of the text can be modified by different commands.
SPORTident GmbH • Arnstadt • Germany • •
SPORTident Printout-Set
Printout station BS7-P firmware 5.59+
V1.1 27.11.2013
Result list Sample 1
SI-Print - Layout Editor
Result list Sample 2
Result list Sample 3
SPORTident GmbH • Arnstadt • Germany • •
SPORTident Printout-Set
Printout station BS7-P firmware 5.59+
V1.1 27.11.2013
Instruction cards
Using Instruction cards the Printout station executes routines directly and without any control by
PC. There are four instruction cards available:
The Printout station switches into Service Mode for 10 minutes.
Switches off the Printout station as well as all other stations.
A “start” - punch in the Printout station initiates a common start time (mass start) for all SICards read-in afterwards. However, if there is a start punch in the SI-Card too, this punch will
be used for time computation instead. After the event the mass start time must be cleared with
the Instruction card Clear backup.
Print results
The Printout stations ranks all SI-Cards read in according to their total running time. Sorting
into different courses is done automatically based on the evaluations of the first six punches in
the SI-Card.
Clear backup
Printout station's backup memory is cleared and the Clear backup card clears the mass start
time after finishing the event.
Subsequent evaluation
SI-Card data stored in the Printout station can be transmitted to the PC for further evaluation. For
that purpose the Printout station has to be connected to a serial interface of the PC by using the
attached adapter cable (zero-modem-cable). For evaluation the software SIME is recommended.
With the command “Readout backup” the SI-Card data records will be read out from the backup
memory and a result list in html-format will be created.
Adjustments and maintenance
The SPORTident Printout station BS7-P is nearly free of service needs. Real time clock
adjustment and reprogramming have to be done by using PC software SI-Config.
For correct time computing it is important that Printout station's real time clock is synchronised
according to the other SI-Stations' clocks.
Thermal-printer MCP 7830-242
The Thermal-printer MCP 7830-242 is configured to operate with the SPORTident Printout station.
Settings are listed in appendix A.1. Details of the programming process are described in the
printer’s manual.
For the printer only paper authorised by the manufacturer should be used. Non standardised
paper can lead to a higher wear out of the print-head, shorter life-time and loss of guarantee.
Note: While connecting the data-cable “RJ12 – D9” into the printer a clear “click” must ringing out!
SPORTident GmbH • Arnstadt • Germany • •
SPORTident Printout-Set
Printout station BS7-P firmware 5.59+
V1.1 27.11.2013
Charging of thermal-printer MCP 7830-242 - Important information
To charge the printer batteries use only the specified power supply unit MPS161.
Charging is automatically activated when the external PSU is connected with the printer. The
charging process is indicated by a blinking green LED and the completion of the charging
process is indicated if the green LED is off. It is permissible to leave the printer permanently
connected to the PSU to trickle charge the batteries.
The printer's battery can be recharged more than 100 times. But with ongoing lifetime the
battery capacity will become smaller. With a new battery 250 typical printout sheets (about
25 meters) can be printed.
For replacement use only the Ni-MH standard rechargeable AA cells. It is strongly forbidden to
use Alkaline or other primary cells!
A.1. Settings for thermal-printer MCP 7830-242
operating with Printout station BS7-P
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