RMU5 Marketing Brochure

RMU5 Marketing Brochure
uDL2 Data Logger
for CP Coupons
The uDL2 is a high accuracy, two channel data logger designed
for use with CP coupons. An integral current detector with
interruption relay allow direct measurement of coupon AC
current density and coupon DC current. A reference cell input
provides DC potential, AC voltage and Instant-disconnect DC
potential measurements. A large LCD can be used to locally
verify the readings. Measurement storage capacity of 2,000,000
readings and rechargeable battery allow the device to capture
readings for over 4 months. An internal GPS receiver provides
an accurate time reference and site geo-location coordinates.
Approximate physical size
Measures AC current density, coupon DC current, coupon DC
potential, coupon AC voltage, Instant-disconnect DC potential and
depolarized coupon DC potential
Very small size 3.5” x 1.6” x 0.72” (89mm x 40mm x 18mm) allows
use within most standard CP test stations
Water-resistant (non-submersible) enclosure for harsh environments
Wide operating temperature range -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Integral rechargeable battery provides over 4 months or 2,000,000
readings per charge
3½ digit wide-temperature LCD for local voltage monitoring
Automatically powers on when measurement cable is connected
Two bi-polar analog inputs connect to a coupon and reference cell
Coupon DC current measurement ranges +/-60mA & +/-300mA
Coupon AC current measurement ranges 40mA & 200mA True RMS
Automatic shunt disconnect when overcurrent is detected
>20Mohm P/S input for direct connection to a reference cell
Reference cell measurement +/-22VDC & 15VAC True RMS
Can measure DC and AC simultaneously
DC measurements have >65dB of 50/60Hz AC rejection for stable
and accurate readings
High measurement accuracy over -4°F to +140°F (-20°C to +60°C)
Lightning and surge protected
Configurable Instant-disconnect measurement delay
Configurable coupon depolarization time
Can measure and log internal temperature
Non-volatile 2,000,000 measurement storage memory
All measurements are time and date stamped
User configurable sample rate from 1 per second to 1 per 12 hours
USB connection to PC laptop for configuration, data uploading and
battery charging
Easy device configuration and data uploading through a PC-based
graphical user interface
PC chart graphical preview of logged data
Comma Separated Value (CSV) data file export
Positioned inside a CP test station
uDL2 Micro Data Logger for CP Coupons – Two channel data logger with
internal GPS, 2,000,000 measurement memory, internal current shunt and
interruption relay. Includes USB cable, analog cable with banana jacks &
alligator clips, USB drive with PC software, fabric carrying case and 1 year
factory warranty.
For global use outside of USA. Kit Part Number: A20A03UDL20
For use within USA. Kit Part Number: A20A03UDL21
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