Sure-Lites CHX spec sheet - ADX101676

Sure-Lites CHX spec sheet - ADX101676
D es c r iption
The Sure-Lites CHX Series Exits are the ideal exits for general purpose
applications. An extensive range of field installed accessories, choice
of faces and the variety of possible mounting configurations permit
the tailoring of the basic exit for almost any application. Durable steel
construction, attractive styling and high efficiency illumination make
this series compatible in commercial, institutional and multi-housing
applications. LED technology makes this series both energy friendly and
EPACT compliant.
Catalog #
Prepared by
S pec ific a tion F ea t u r e s
E le c t r i c a l
Hous i ng Cons t ru ction
Co d e Co mplian ce
- Dual 120/277 VAC Input Voltage
- 3 Watt power consumption
- 20-gauge steel housing
- White finish
- Universal pattern knockouts on
rear for direct mounting to
junction box
- Steel canopy allows ceiling or
end mounting
- Red silk-screened lettering on
white translucent, heat
tempered, impact resistant
glass lens
- Other open face lenses available consult Cooper Lighting
- Lens installs from side of fixture
for more convenient, safe
- Damp Location Listed
(-20 to 40 C, -4 to 105 F)
- UL 924 Listed
- Life Safety NFPA 101
- City of Chicago Fire Code
- EPACT compliant
AC O n l y
- Long life low maintenance low
energy consumption LEDs
Se l f P o we r e d
- Sure-Lites EZ Key patented
external battery disconnect
feature – prevents unnecessary
battery drainage, saves on
installation time
- Solid-state Voltage Limited
- Brownout Circuit
- Low-Voltage Disconnect
- Test Switch / Power Indicator
- Standard 24 hour recharge time
Warran ty
- Exit: 5-Year
- Battery: 15-year pro-rata
CHX Series
Steel Exit
AC Only
Self Powered
6 5/8"
4 3/8"
Ch ica g o E x it Lig h ting
2 5/16"
12 1/4"
Face Options
Arrow Options
Head Options
Stair Options
CHX=Steel Exit,
6=AC Only
7=Self Powered
1=Single Face
2=Double Face
[Blank]=No Arrow
AR=Arrow Right
AL=Arrow Left
DA=Double Arrow
ARL=Arrow Right/Left
(double face only)
[Blank]=Exit Sign
DH=Double Head
Combo (CHX7 only)
[Blank]=Exit Sign
Stair=Stair (STAIR sign, include dash)
Energy Data
Maximum power consumption
under all charge conditions:
LED Exits
Input Power:
120V= 3W
277V= 3W
2015-11-16 10:25:47
C H X Series
Tec h nic a l D a ta
Lam p s
Brownou t Circuit (S elf P owered On ly)
CHX Series Exits use energy efficient, long life
LED’s to provide uniform diffuse illumination
of the exit face. These white LEDs require no
maintenance and consume less than one watt,
on average.
The brownout circuit on Sure-Lites’ exitis
monitors the flow of AC current to the exit and
activates the emergency lighting system when
a predetermined reduction of AC power occurs.
This dip in voltage will cause most ballasted
fixtures to extinguish causing loss of normal
lighting even though a total power failure has
not occurred.
H o u sin g C o n s t r u c t i o n
Exit housing is constructed of durable 20gauge cold rolled steel with corrosion resistant
polyester powder coat paint finish. All exits
can be mounted and wired through knockouts
located on the top and side. Surface mount
back panel has knockouts for direct mounting
to junction box. The mounting canopy is made
of cold rolled steel in matching finish. Impact
resistant, heat tempered glass lens and back
plate install in channels in the exit housing to
eliminate light leaks.
Len s
The lens provided is made of impact resistant,
heat tempered glass. Red lettering is
silkscreened on a white translucent background.
Full stroke arrows are provided as specified.
Optional photo-luminescent Lens available.
Su r e-Li t e s E Z k e y E x t e rna l Ba tte ry
Disco n n e c t ( S e l f P o we re d O nl y )
Patented technology that allows installers to
externally control the battery connection. Better
than line latching, allows installers to choose
when the battery is connected so that it stays
fresh longer. Allows battery to be disconnected
after installation but before building is occupied,
enabling emergency circuit to be shut down for
power savings.
1121 Highway 74 South
Peachtree City, GA 30269
P: 770-486-4800
Sol i d State T ran sfer (S elf P o wered
O nl y )
The LPX Series Exit incorporates solid-state
switching which eliminates corroded and pitted
contacts or mechanical failures associated with
relays. The switching circuit is designed to
detect a loss of AC voltage and automatically
energizes the lamps using DC power. Upon
restoration of AC power, the DC power will be
disconnected and the charger will automatically
recharge the battery.
L ow Vol tag e Discon n ect (S elf P o wered
O nl y )
When the battery’s terminal voltage falls, the
low-voltage circuitry disconnects the lighting
load. The disconnect remains in effect until
normal utility power is restored, preventing
deep battery discharge.
Te s t Switch / P ower In d icator Lig h t
( Se l f Powered On ly)
A test switch located on the side of the exit
permits the activation of the emergency circuit
for a complete operational systems check. The
Power Indicator Light provides visual assurance
that the AC power is on.
Specifications and
dimensions subject to
change without notice.
S ealed Nickel Cadmiu m B at t er y (S elf
P o wered On ly)
Sure-Lites sealed nickel cadmium batteries
are maintenance-free with a life expectancy
of 15 years. The sealed rechargeable nickel
cadmium battery offers high discharge rates
and stable performance over a wide range of
temperatures, from -20 to 40 C. The specially
designed re-sealable vent automatically controls
cell pressure, assuring safety and reliability.
This battery is best suited for harsh ambient
temperatures because the electrolyte is not
active in the electrochemical process.
The CHX series has a five-year warranty
against defects in material and workmanship.
Maintenance-free, long-life, sealed nickel
cadmium batteries carry a fifteen-year pro-rata
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