Three-phase AC Asynchronous Motors with Integrated Frequency

Three-phase AC Asynchronous Motors with Integrated Frequency
Three-phase AC Asynchronous Motors
with Integrated Frequency Inverter
Compact drives
Design series CD...I
Compact drives in explosion-protection rating II 2 G/D EEx
de IIC T4 T120 °C IP65 consist of a flameproof ATB motor,
type CD …I, with a frequency inverter attached, also
flameproof enclosed, type CEIGL. It is suitable for rotationspeed-controlled applications in explosion-hazard areas of
zones 1 and 21.
Frequency range
The certification includes a frequency range from 2 to 100
Hz. Compact drives are therefore suited for use in drive
solutions up to 6000 rpm. Above 50 Hz, the drive is
designed for operation in the field-shunting range, i.e. with
constant power.
The thermal monitoring of motor and inverter is implemented through PTC thermistor temperature sensors.
Optionally a certified thermistor tripping device, as well as
an input contactor, are installed in the inverter casing. With
this, the compact drive can offer the required switchingtechnical prerequisites for employment with galvanic
separation in the fault case in an explosion-hazardous area,
without additional switching devices.
Frequency inverter
A full-value, commercially-available frequency inverter, type
8200vector, from the LENZE company, is used. This
operates the motor with field-oriented vector regulation and
a clock frequency of 4 kHz. Very good running and
regulation characteristics result over the entire rotation
speed and torque range. The adaptation of the inverter to
the motor with the recording of the motor parameters, as
well as the base parameterization of the frequency inverter,
is implemented during the final inspection and testing.
The control of the compact drive is implemented, according
to specification of the operator, concerning different,
exchangeable function modules of the frequency inverter.
These function modules are available for bus systems, such
as PROFIBUS-DP, interbus, CAN-Bus or as I/O-Module for
conventional control over analog set point value and
ON/OFF contacts.
Compact Drive Type CD 132 M-4 I
Technical data compact drive
Ignition protectection type
Flameproof enclosure
II 2 G EEx de IIC T4
II 2 D EEx de IIC T4 IP65 T120 °C
Construction sample certificate
Inverter housing
PTB 01 ATEX 1082
Frame sizes
80 to 160
Connection voltage
380 to 500 V ±10 %, 50/60 Hz
Load range
0.55 to 11 kW
Maximum current
150 % In for 60 s in 10 min
Leakage current to PE
(to EN 50178)
> 3,5 mA
Fixed installation required,
PE double implemented
Output frequency
2 to 50/100 Hz
Frequency resolution absolute
0.02 Hz
Protection insulation of
control circuits
Safe isolation PELV to EN 50178
Maintenance of requirements
to EN 61800-3/A11
To limit the mains system reactions, the inverter is equipped
with a line reactor integrated into the flameproof casing
and possesses an EMC filter for grounded mains network.
Thus the compact drive fulfills the prerequisites of the
specifications of the EMC Directive 89/336/EU, as well as
the low-voltage Directive 73/23/EU, i.e. conformity with DIN
EN 61800-3/A11 and compliance of the limit value Class A
according to DIN EN 55011.
Entries of the mains supply lines with compact drives
The connections of the supply voltage and control are
implemented in an explosion-protection Ex e terminal
housing of the inverter casing. A manual terminal with
keyboard and LCD display is available for display of
operating data, parameters and diagnostics. This "key pad" is
connected to the frequency inverter via a plug in the
explosion-protection Ex e terminal compartment. However,
it is not explosion-proof and is thus provided for short-term
operational startup only.
Integrated frequency inverter
Frame size
2x M25x1,5
1x M16x1,5
1x M32x1,5
1x M25x1,5
1x M16x1,5
for cable
outer Ø
Through the compact connection of a motor with frequency
inverter, for employment in almost all explosion-hazardous
areas, with the following advantages for the user:
– With certification according to ATEX 95, employment is
possible in the zones 1 and 21 throughout the whole of
Europe – without further national acceptances.
– Simplified planning process
– No additional projecting of control cabinet and switching
– Cost reduction through short feed to the motor, an
implementation with shielded line is not necessary.
– Feed to the compact drive without EMC problems, through
the employment of network and EMC filter on the motor.
– Lower number of different part types and thus cost
reduction through utilization of a inverter wide-voltage
device for 400 V to 500 V mains voltage.
– No version limitation, since an ATB explosion-protection
motor Ex d in standard-type implementation is employed.
– The version is possible as a universal chemical-industrial
You can find tables with the operating data on page 87.
Block diagram
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