Self-Monitoring Solutons Indoor/Outdoor Cameras DVRs

Self-Monitoring Solutons Indoor/Outdoor Cameras DVRs
Soluti ons for YOU! WRT has been proudly serving you since 1952! As a Cooperative,
we believe it’s our privilege to serve you - our members & neighbors. We have a long history providing high quality digital phone
service, advanced calling features, high speed internet, business
services, Verizon Wireless phones & plans, and other technology
services in North Dakota & South Dakota. We live in the same communities, enjoy the same reliable, dependable services and invest
our time and talents to being good neighbors. Thank you for your
confidence in our ability to offer new monitoring, security, personal
safety and surveillance solutions to you!
Looking for a solution that allows you to keep an
eye on things from time to time from a monitor,
your PC or smartphone? Then check out WRT’s
self-monitoring CAMERA & DVR solutions!
CAMERA SOLUTIONS - WRT cameras provide
simple solutions for many different concerns such
as keeping an eye on the calf barn, cabin, business or home!
No monthly fees, just the initial cost of equipment and installation.
(Payment plans available) WRT Internet service required.
• Indoor & Outdoor Camera options
- mini-domes, bullet, pan/tilt/zoom & more
• DVR system options - for all your camera & storage needs
• Watch onsite on your TV/PC screen, remotely or mobile app
• Customize recording and alert notification settings
- record non-stop, by motion activation, scheduled times
- receive notifications when motion detected, etc.
* Please Note: WRT can only install & support the products we sell.
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$24995 Equipment & WRT Installation w/ 24 Hour Monitoring includes:
• Touchscreen Panel with 2-Way Voice Intercom
• Wi-Fi Module - wireless connection & automation friendly
• Email & Text Alerts - view & control your system from your PC, Smartphone & More!
• 3 Sensors - triggered when door/window are opened
• 1 Motion Detector - activated by heat & motion
• 1 Key Fob - to quickly disarm/arm system
• WRT Security signage- yard & windows
- Choose from indoor or indoor/outdoor
mini-dome cameras with super high resolution
and true day/night viewing.
- Choose from standard definition fixed lens
or high definition varifocal lens (6-50mm)
bullet cameras made tough for outdoor use.
Cameras include infrared (IR) so it can see in total
darkness up to 150ft, providing you with color images by day and black-and-white images under IR
operation in low-light applications.
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras also available (not pictured).
* All cameras require a power supply unit &/or wiring (1 per 8 cameras)
Bonnie Krause, WRT CEO/GM
r Mon i t
oring Servic
Protect your
home &/or small business
with WRT! This 24 hour monitoring system works with basic security packages, cameras and numerous environmental sensors. A trained WRT technician will work with you
to customize our system to meet your needs, plus provide
onsite training to ensure your safety and peace of mind.
Self-Monitoring Soluti ons
24 Ho
Who’s watching your home, business, cabin or barn while
you are away? Our customized sensors can keep an eye on a
variety of things including intruders, water leaks, chemical/fuel tank
levels, smoke/fire, and temperature settings.
Our Speciality Sensors include:
• Glass break sensors, smoke/fire sensors, water/flood sensors,
carbon monoxide sensors, heat sensors, temperature sensors, etc.
• Interactive automated controls that work with your thermostat,
lighting, door locks and more to allow you to monitor and adjust
remotely from your PC &/or smartphone.
• Cameras, medical/PERS, and more - just ask us!
DVRs - Digital Video Recorders
Choose from several DVR
(digital video recorder)
solutions to meet your needs.
- including up 16 cameras, 1TB & Hi-Def.
Customize to record non-stop;
activate by motion; schedule
for specific hours; etc.
View onsite or remotely
via PC or smartphone with the FREE mobile app. (iPhone & Android)
(WRT Pricing & Information dated May 15, 2014)
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