Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual
Please read the information contained herein so that you can become familiar with your device
quickly and take advantage of the full scope of its functions.
Do not fill water over the top etch mark of the stainless steel pump housing. Only the stainless
steel pump housing and water cap are dishwasher safe. Remove the plug from the power
socket when the device is not in use.
Hot surface: the cooking container, the stainless steel pump housing, and food zip bags all get
hot when used. Let the device cool down before emptying the water.
Do not use extender power cords. Use properly grounded electrical sockets only.
Do not operate this device if its power cable or plug is damaged, if it does not work properly or
if it is damaged or has been dropped. It will need to be repaired by the manufacturer or an
authorized service agency.
If your circulator falls into water, immediately disconnect power to avoid shock. Send back
device to repair (water damage is not accepted by guarantee).
anything other than its intended use. (Like laboratory works or heating a hot tub)
Lock up the circulator on the water container with the screw clip, place the container on an
stable surface to prevent skidding and stopping it from toppling over.
Do not set up the device near flammable materials.
Keep this device away from sources of heats (gas, electric, burner, heated oven).
The system features:
1) Control panel
2) Scroll wheel
3) Adjustable ring clip
4) Removable pump housing with directional water cap
This device is intended for indoor domestic uses in sous vide cooking with vacuum sealed zip
bags. The food is cooked at low temperature, making it particularly fresh and tasty.
Please only use specified bags and rolls designed for vacuum sealing. Do not use other
materials such as plastic wrap. Liquid foods like juice, soup or milk still need to be bagged or
sealed in zip bags for cooking.
Only the stainless steel pump housing and pump cover are dishwasher safe – the heating
circulator and display contains sensitive electronics and cannot be washed in the dishwasher.
Technical specifications
Temperature Min °C Pre-setting Temperature 20°C ( F 68)
Temperature Max °C 99°C ( F 210.20)
Temperature Stability °C ± 1%
Thermal Power:
800W Max (220V)
Circulation Pump: 8.50 LPM / 2.25 GPM Max
Max Bath Size: 15L
Input Power: 220-240V
Wetted Materials: Stainless steel housing, Polypropylene (pump cap)
This thermal circulator is designed to be used with water, do not use with other liquids.
The thermal circulator requires a 4.25 inch (11cm) deep container or pot (capacity 10L /
1) Place the ring clip on the side of your container, turn the clamp knob until it is tight
2) Place the circulator into the ring clip
Setup clip
3) turn the clamp knob until tight.
Setup flow direction
The device can channel flow around large foods or away from delicate foods.
1) Turn the Thermal circulator in the ring clip
2) Take off the pump cap, reinstall with the output pointing to a different direction to change the
output direction of water flow.
For extremely delicate foods like eggs or salmons: turn the output to the back of the container
wall. For large piece of roasts beef or crowded pots turn the output so the water jet is not
blocked by the foods.
Why Change Flow Direction?
The thermal circulator requires the heating to be even all the way around the food.
For crowded pots or large foods this could cause uneven cooking. For delicate foods like eggs
or salmons the water flow can damage fillets or crack eggs.
Setup temperature
Changing temperature:
1) Press the Temp icon to turn the scroll wheel up or down
1) Press “Play”
Change temperature unit
Changing Temperature Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit ( F) Units
1) Hold down the Play/Start button for 3 seconds
Setup timer
To display Timer function:
1) Press the timer icon to set hours by the scroll wheel,
2) Re-press the timer icon to set minutes by scroll wheel
When done, pressing start, the screen and scroll wheel will blink for
3 seconds, indicating that your timer is set. once the desired temperature is reached,
Timer will start countdown
Setup for small pots
For small pots:
1) Place the device in the ring clip
2) Place the unit on the bottom of the pot and tighten the knob of the ring clip.
Before service:
• Always turn off and disconnect power after uses
• After sales service should be handled by Teknikmagasinet
Check for signs of damage including pulled cord or physical damage to device or heating
element. If you found any signs of physical damage, return for after sales services.
If your device falls into the water or is physically damaged, contact authorized service center.
Note: Water Damage is not accepted through guarantee
Maintenance (assembly)
Turn the pump housing to the left until it comes off. Sometimes the propeller will get stuck on
the side of the pump housing as the housing is getting pulled off. Twitch the pump housing
from side to side to take off the housing. You can also take off the pump cap first to remove the
Maintenance (housing/pump)
Turn the pump cap out of the lock position then take out.
The pump housing and pump cap is both safety into dishwasher.
Maintenance (cleaning)
Cleaning the pump housing:
To clean the stainless steel pump housing – place into a dishwasher or wash in the container
with clean cloth.
Cleaning the circulator:
For cleaning the heating coil, pump shaft, and sensors, use dish soap, a soft tooth brush and
rinse under water. Do not rinse the top main part of the circulator in water.
Troubleshooting FAQ
Under normal operation the device will has whistling sounds due to motor, propeller and
cooling fan in operation.
Grinding noise:
The stainless steel pump housing is loose. Push the stainless housing up into the guide
groove and turn to the right until you hear a click sound. With the housing secured, the noise
will clear away. There also might be the stirring shaft was casually bent. If this is the reason,
take off the bottom pump cap and slowly push the propeller until it is located in central position.
Hissing noise:
Your pump has performed a water spirals when the water is going out. Fill more water or water
with a scoop. Usually it will go away soon.
Bubbling + swishing noise:
The pump is sucking air - add more water.
Food damage:
The pump’s water flow is cracking eggs or damaging fish fillets:
Turn the pump outfall to against the container wall; this will easier decrease the flow of the
pump outfalls.
System will not turn on:
Check power plug and propeller.
Low water level alarm:
Fill more water – the water alarm can be covered during operation by the pump’s running
because rushing water.
Low water level alarm on after a few seconds after operation:
Fill more water – The pump makes “waves” – sometimes these waves will cause the water
level at the sensors to floating up and down. This is normal and you just need to add more
Lights in house are slightly shining unsteadily when device is on:
This is normal as the circulator is modulation power
Temperature is not the same as temperature gauges:
The circulator is calibrated to a high premier standard which is much more accurate than
normal temperature gauges. If you want your device to match your personal temperature
gauge, enter Calibration Mode
Pre-set in the device program to change the temperature, press TEMP button and hold on for
5 seconds to enter Calibration Mode, set temperature range : -9.9°C ~ 9.9°C (°F 14.18 ~ °F
49.82) Calibration should preferably be done by authorized service centers.
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