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n Features
The Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious is a fully automatic
• Intuitive touchscreen control for easy operation.
espresso machine. It prepares all coffee specialities such
• Double dispensing outlet for serving two cups
as coffee crème and café au lait, using freshly ground
beans; this is also known as the “bean-to-cup” method.
The Esprecious is available in four models. They can be
extended with various accessories to meet specific needs.
Fully automatic machine
Research* shows that 46% of all espresso machines sold
worldwide in 2013 were of the fully automatic type. This
shows that people chose a fully automatic machine over
• Accepts all sorts of coffee beans (including
• Automatic rinsing system to optimise the in-cup
• Day/cumulative counter data for exporting into
a spreadsheet.
• Separate hot water tap for tea and soup.
a traditional espresso machine because it consistently
• Unique hot water system to reduce scaling.
produces a superb cup of coffee, prepares the coffee
• Video, audio and image possibilities to advertise/
communicate on the touchscreen display.
quickly and has a small footprint. In addition, service and
maintenance are easier and can be carried out from the
front of the machine. To sum up: fully automatic machines
give great results and are easy to use and operate!
n Optional extras
• Pay per cup system (coin mechanism).
• High canister to store 2.4 kg of coffee beans.
Great performance
A perfect espresso must meet high standards, especially
in the brewing process where high pressure is required
to intensify the flavour. The Esprecious is made of highquality materials such as stainless steel to meet these
demanding requirements.
* Euromonitor.
• Garbage shoot to allow more capacity for coffee
• Cabinet to accommodate a large waste bin
and store necessities such as cups, sugar and
creamer sticks.
Making a good espresso takes time.
Benefit from the double outlet now,
serve two cups of espresso
in just 33 seconds!
n Pay per cup
Bravilor Bonamat supplies accessories to connect
the Esprecious to various coin mechanisms. Our
payment systems meet the MDB protocol for
vending machines.
Energy efficient
Esprecious as a marketing tool
The Esprecious has been developed to meet Bravilor
The Esprecious can show videos (with audio), slide shows and
Bonamat’s high standards for energy efficiency and contains
images on the touchscreen, promoting for instance your own
many high-quality materials. The insulated water boiler for
(coffee) brand.
instance ensures that hot water stays warm longer without
wasting energy.
In short you can use the Esprecious as a communication and
marketing tool, turning the full-colour touchscreen into an
The machine itself carries an A energy rating in accordance
advertising medium. Media files can be imported easily via a
with the industry standard EVA-EMP3.0B (energy consumption
basic SD card. Contact Bravilor Bonamat and find out more
protocol). In addition, the eco mode minimises the
about the exact specifications.
consumption of energy outside working hours.
n Measurement vs. knowledge
The Esprecious records data for each day and cumulatively. These data include an analysis
of how many beverages have been served, and which ones are the most popular. You can
benefit by fine-tuning your service contract and ordering frequency of supplies to match
the trends shown in the data.
n Technology at its finest
The brewer on the Esprecious is horizontal. This together with the choice of coffee beans
contributes significantly to the taste of your coffee. The patented high-quality components
of the brewer ensure that the coffee beans are ground to perfection. You can adjust the
fineness of grinding for each coffee speciality to suit your requirements.
The taste of quality worldwide
Technical details
Esprecious 11
Esprecious 12
Esprecious 21
Esprecious 22
1x1.4 kg
1x1.4 kg
2x0.7 kg
2x0.7 kg
1x3.2 L
2x1.3 L
1x3.2 L
2x1.3 L
Canister capacity
No. of grinder(s)
Throughput per hour
120-150 cups (2x40 cc)
Coffee crème
80-100 cups (2x125 cc)
30 L (240 cups)
Tap height coffee
60-130 mm (manually adjustable)
Tap height hot water
135 mm
Rated power
230V~ 50/60Hz 2250W
Dimensions (wxdxh)
330x570x660 mm
Water supply
Model 11, 12, 21 or 22
Coffee flavours & hot water
Depending on the model of your choice, the Esprecious
The Esprecious is not just an espresso machine. In addition
bean canister can be single or divided, and the machine can
to an espresso, double espresso and coffee crème you can
have one or two canisters for the instant ingredients such as
also serve other coffee specialities in a variety of volumes up
toppings and/or chocolate powder.
to two mugs of 150 cc. The separate hot water tap supplies
hot water for tea and soup. The most common coffee
The differences in a nutshell
specialities are pre-set in the Esprecious.
• Esprecious 21 and 22
The divided bean canister means your machine can hold
With topping
With topping + chocolate
two sorts of coffee beans, to serve even more coffee
• Café au lait
• Café au lait
specialities. You can add for instance decaf, espresso or
regular beans. These models have two grinders.
• Latte macchiato
• Latte macchiato
• Hot chocolate
• Hot chocolate deluxe
• Esprecious 12 and 22
These models have two canisters for instant ingredients to
serve more (coffee) flavours. The most common ingredients
are toppings and chocolate for coffee specialities such as
cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate.
Your Bravilor Bonamat dealer
To keep your machine functioning optimally, we advise:
• Bravilor Bonamat BSRS 200 filter system.
• Bravilor Bonamat espresso cleaning tablets for cleaning
• Bravilor Bonamat Renegite for descaling the hot water
• Bravilor Bonamat Cleaner for cleaning.
The taste of quality worldwide
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the brewer.
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