Philips Sonicare
Standard sonic toothbrush
Superior cleaning. Whiter teeth.
Sonicare's best performance for cleaning and whitening
Sonicare's best plaque removal
• Removes up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush*
Provides a superior clean
• Diamond Shaped bristles sweep plaque away
• 44% more bristles for a more thorough clean
• Medium stiff bristles provide a firm, but gentle experience.
Designed to optimize performance
• Reminder bristles ensure you are getting an effective clean
A brush head that fits multiple handles
• Snap-on brush head
Standard sonic toothbrush heads
Ease of use
• Suitable for these models: HealthyWhite, FlexCare,
FlexCare+, DiamondClean, EasyClean, HydroClean
• Brush head system: Easy snap-on brush heads for
optimal hygiene
Technical specifications
• Operating time: For optimal results, a new brush
head is recommended every three months.
44% more bristles
44% more bristles for a more thorough clean.
Diamond Shaped bristles
Diamond Shaped bristles create more scraping
surfaces to sweep plaque away.
Medium stiff bristle
Medium stiff bristles provide a firm, but gentle
Reminder bristles
Reminder bristles let's you know when to replace the
brush head. After three months of normal use bristles
exhibit fatigue, and brush heads are less effective.
Replace your brush heads every 3 months.
Removes up to 100% more plaque
*Removes up to 100% more plaque from hard-toreach places than a manual toothbrush
Snap-on brush head
Easy brush head placement and handle cleaning
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