Communications Options PAL-AT® and LiquidWatch - Perma-Pipe

Communications Options PAL-AT® and LiquidWatch - Perma-Pipe
Communications Options
PAL-AT® and LiquidWatch®
Leak Detection Systems
PALCOM® 10 Software
Product Data
• PALCOM 10 - completely updated user interface
and added SMS and AutoGLS features.
• Automonitor up to 254 PAL-AT and LiquidWatch
• Graphic Locator System (GLS) – Display and
print leak location on a site CAD drawing
• SMS Email and Text Alarm Messages - Email
includes GLS images of fault location.
• List Archive – Download and review a list of
events from any system
• Remote Keypad – View LCD screen and enter
keypad for any remote leak detection system
• Graph Data – Capture and plot system real time
data (TDR traces) from any PAL-AT system
• Interface Options Available – RS-232, RS-485,
and Ethernet
• System Requirements – Microsoft Windows®
Compatible with versions 7, 8, and 10
PALCOM® 10 w/GLS is an interactive
remote monitoring software package
designed to monitor PAL-AT® cable leak
detection systems and LiquidWatch®
probe leak detection systems.
PALCOM enables an operator to monitor
events on up to 254 systems from one
location. PALCOM is supplied with two
auxiliary programs, GLSViewer and
Graphic Locator System (GLS)
drawings are displayed with GLSViewer.
A GLS drawing shows a leak detection
installation. A flashing icon identifies the
location of a problem on a sensor cable
or probe. This enables an operator to
locate the problem quickly without having
to locate a hardcopy site reference
Automonitor continuously checks all
leak detection systems and updates the
status of the systems 24/7. The status of
each system and each cable is
GLSViewer when an event is detected in
Automonitor and locates the event on the
GLS drawing.
GLSViewer can be displayed on a 2nd
monitor, such as in a work area, to be
more visible and conspicuous.
SMS email and text messages are sent
when an event is detected.
messages include several images of the
GLS drawings which zoom in to the event
location. This provides 24/7 notification of
leak detection events to any location.
Archives enables an operator to view a
list of all archived events, or history, of
any system. Messages are displayed as
simple text that can be copied and pasted
into report documents.
Archives can be sorted by date range,
type of message and cable number to aid
in diagnosing events.
Remote Keypad enables an operator to
view the LCD display information and
operate all functions of a system by using
the computer keyboard instead of being at
the alarm panel.
Graphs feature is only used with PAL-AT
systems. PALCOM captures and plots
“map” data. The graphs are opened
automatically in GraphViewer.
The graphs are TDR (time-domain
reflectometry) traces and can be
interpreted by trained personnel who are
familiar with characteristics of the PAL-AT
Interface Options
PALCOM can communicate with PAL-AT
and LiquidWatch systems via a network
through the computer's Ethernet port,
com port or USB port. The USB port
requires a USB/RS-232 adapter cable.
Each PAL-AT system is supplied with
Ethernet, RS-232 and RS-485 ports.
LiquidWatch systems have an RS-232
port and can use an optional Ethernet
network modem or RS-485 modem to
connect a LiquidWatch alarm panel to a
PALCOM computer.
PALCOM Lite is also available to be used
on a laptop as a service tool for PAL-AT.
It is similar to the standard version but
Automonitor has a 3 hour time limit and it
does not include the GLS function or
Windows® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.
Communications Options
PAL-AT® and LiquidWatch®
Leak Detection Systems
Product Data
• Configured as Modbus slave to communicate with host
using Modbus RTU protocol
• Interface LiquidWatch leak detection system with
Modbus RTU
• Baud rate and format configurable
• RS-232 output to Modbus host
• Modbus function code 3 operation
• PLC09 Modbus converter and cable to leak detection
panel included
• Built-in power-up diagnostics with LED indicator
The Modbus RTU Interface connects a LiquidWatch
system to a Modbus network, using Modbus RTU protocol.
Each PLC09 Modbus converter has battery back-up RAM
for configuration data. PAL-AT systems AT30C ⁄ AT75C ⁄
AT30K have Modbus capability without this option.
The optional Output Relay
system for PAL-AT provides
4 to 60 additional alarm
relays. Each relay can be assigned to activate if a leak is
detected in a specific section of cable or probe. This
provides precise control when a single cable string
monitors several pipes or sensitive areas.
Part No.
Modbus RTU Interface - LiquidWatch
Part No.
Output Relay Controller
Relay Panel - Expandable
Relay Panel
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