faq – tristar-rgb-dmx lamps

faq – tristar-rgb-dmx lamps
Q: What is the difference between the TRISTAR-SLAVE lamps and the TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamps?
A: There are three major differences between the TRISTAR-RGB-SLAVE and the TRISTAR-RGB-DMX:
1. Connectors: The TRISTAR-SLAVE has 4-pin bare wire cables 1 meter in length. The TRISTARRGB-DMX has a 4-pin female socket on the lamp base with a 30 cm cable bus for connection.
2. The TRISTAR-SLAVE lamp can be controlled by a TRISTAR-MASTER lamp and be synchronized
with the MASTER lamp and the TRISTAR-SLAVE lamp can also be assigned an ID address number
from 1 to 96, and controlled by the PAVO-96-DMX controller. However, the control protocol between
the TRISTAR-SLAVE lamp and PAVO-96-DMX controller is NOT a DMX protocol. We call it the
"PAVO" protocol, which is our own proprietary protocol. An external DMX signal can be connected to
the DMX input port in the PAVO-96-DMX controller and in turn control the TRISTAR-SLAVE lamps.
In this case, the PAVO-96-DMX controller works as a DMX decoder and translates the DMX protocol
to the PAVO protocol. When the TRISTAR-SLAVE lamps are connected to the PAVO-96-DMX
controller, you must set the OP MODE to "PAVO" using the set-up menu in the PAVO controller.
3. The TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamp has automatic protocol detection capability. It can automatically
switch between DMX and PAVO mode. You may connect TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamps directly to any
standard DMX controller. TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamps can also be used as SLAVE lamps and
perform the same functions.
(See also FAQ for TRISTAR-MASTER-SLAVE lamps.)
Q: We're using the TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamp directly with a DMX controller. How do I reset the default
address on the lamps?
A: The DMX lamps may operate in two different modes: PAVO and DMX. They will automatically set to a
PAVO mode when they are connected to a PAVO-96-DMX Controller or to a DMX mode when they are set to
a standard DMX controller. For example, if the DMX lamp is connected to a DMX controller with the DMX
signal present when it is powered up, then the DMX lamp will automatically set to DMX mode.
PAVO is a proprietary protocol Color Stars has developed before we added the DMX protocol. The PAVO
mode protocol is available through our PAVO-96-DMX controller by selecting it through its setup menu using
the function buttons on the control panel. The PAVO-96-DMX controller can be configured to operate
in either the DMX mode or the PAVO mode.
So, if there is no DMX signal present when the TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamp is turned on, the lamp will
automatically set to operate in PAVO mode, no matter whether it is connected to the PAVO-96-DMX controller
and set to run under the PAVO mode or not. When the lamp is turned on, but is not connected to a controller
(or no control signal is available), it will automatically set to the PAVO mode.
In this PAVO mode you may change the color of the lamp by switching it ON and OFF. For further details
please refer to the web link: http://www.colorstars.com/download/TRISTAR-RGB-DMX1.1.pdf and:
To set or change the DMX address of the lamp, you need to use the PAVO-96-DMX controller and the
TRISTAR-IR1627 Remote controller to trigger the lamp into address set-up mode. Please refer to the
following for details: http://www.colorstars.com/download/PAVO-96-DMX_User_Guide1.4.pdf (See Section
6.1 for setting up a ID address.)
Q: I cannot use the QCB-4-30 Cable Bus. What standard wiring should I use?
A: You should use a twisted-pair cable for the data signals of 2.0² to 5.5². You can use two common wires to
connect the power. Make sure you wire the same colored wires together.
Q: Why do my TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamps flicker when a DMX controller is connected to the PAVO96-DMX Controller?
A: Flickering could be caused by either failure to set the PAVO-96-DMX to 'PAVO Mode' or because the
particular model of DMX controller is not compatible with the PAVO-96-DMX.
1. When you connect a DMX controller to the PAVO-96-DMX Controller, be sure and change the PAVO-96DMX to 'DMX Mode'.
2. When you are operating the PAVO-96-DMX Controller by itself, change the controller back to 'PAVO
3. The TRISTAR-RGB-DMX lamps will work well with any DMX controller individually, but we've found that
they will work with most DMX controllers when the DMX controllers are connected to the PAVO-96-DMX,
but not all. That means some DMX controllers are not compatible with the PAVO-96-DMX Controller when
they are connected together to operate the lamps. But even these DMX controllers will work well when
connected directly to the lamps.
Version: 1.3
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