Key Features • Eight Channel 960H DVR • Eight

Key Features • Eight Channel 960H DVR • Eight
8x QM9903B
Key Features
 Eight Channel 960H DVR
 Eight 900TVL Bullet Cameras
 Includes Cable for Each Camera
 Mobile Surveillance Via Q-See Apps
 HDMI Port for High Resolution Viewing
 Preinstalled 1TB Hard Drive
 Scan N’ View
 Start-UP Wizard
 PC and Mac Compatibility
960H Surveillance System
Q-See believes everyone should have the right to professional level clarity. With a complete 960H
system, that right is just an instillation away. Offering 8 cameras on 8 channels, the real-time 960H
resolution system keeps your home or business safe no matter the time of day. Secure all entry ways or
simply verify if that important package made it to your door step. Regardless of your needs, this Q-See
system brings you resolution you can always count on with a feature set that keep you connected.
960H Resolution
With an image size of 960x480 pixel, this system delivers video that is larger and clearer than D1 of CIF!
See people and objects with greater resolution and clarity. A wider resolution than D1 or CIF also means
images won’t be stretched out or distorted to fit into typical wide screen monitors and TVs.
High Resolution Camera Set
The Included set of cameras deliver 900TV lines of resolution with an effective pixel size of 976x498 for
true 960H compatibility. Each high quality camera, provides detailed, high quality video images. Capture
video that allows you to easily discern between people, objects and actions!
True 30 Frames Per Second (FPS) Recording
This DVR records at a verified 30 FPS allowing completely smooth playback with continuous motion in
order to ensure every detail is captured.
Additional Camera Features
1/3” Image Sensor
Expect clear, crisp images day or night thanks to the quality bullet camera sensors. The large 1/3”
sensors capture and process enough light to reproduce stunning recorded images.
3.6mm Bullet Camera Lens
Each included camera offers a 3.6mm lens for a wider 65º-70º field of view.
Night Vision Capabilities
8x QM9903B
Each bullet camera comes with high quality LEDS and that allows them to record in complete darkness
for continued protection well into the night.
Secure Mounting Hardware
Versatile 3-axis bullet mounting brackets allow each bullet camera to be mounted to just about any flat
surface, such as a wall or celling. The included mounting hardware also prevents vandalism by fully
protecting sensitive camera wires behind the brackets where they can be safely passed through walls.
Camera Cable
All you need to set up your system is included! Each camera comes with standard BNC cable so you can
begin installing your system right out of the box.
Additional DVR Features
High Resolution Viewing Options
With the HDMI® port and included standard HDMI® cable, easily display video on any 19” or larger TV or
monitor to take full advantage of the security system's clarity.
Scan N View
Scan N’ View is a new quick connect technology built right into Q-See’s DVR and mobile app that allows
you to easily connect to your DVR for instant live viewing on a compatible device. This revolutionary new
feature makes remote monitoring the easiest part of setting up your system.
Start-Up Wizard
Installing a surveillance system has never been easier with Q-See’s integrated Start-Up Wizard. The
wizard is automatic and begins assisting you as soon as the DVR is powered up for the first time. The onscreen guide advances step-by-step to help ensure your DVR settings are optimized for your particular
1TB A/V Rated SATA Hard Drive
A sturdy A/V rated, high capacity hard drive comes pre-installed with the DVR. The amount of footage
you can save on the hard drive before needing to over-write footage will depend on the recording and
resolution settings you select. The system can support up to 1 SATA hard drive of 4 TB.
Convenient Backup
Transfer video files from the surveillance system to a PC, Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive in order to freeup space for new video while retaining important footage.
Navigation Menu
Use-friendly interface, along with the accompanying mouse and remote, make moving through the
menus a breeze.
Customizable Recording Modes
8x QM9903B
With three recording modes to choose from, the DVR is easily customized to suit your individual
surveillance recording needs.
1. Record continuously: Manually start and stop recording
2. Schedule: Trigger recording to start and end at specific times with a daily timer
3. Motion: Trigger recording to start when motion is detected
1, 4, 8 Auto-sequence Viewing Options
View 4, 8 cameras at once on a split-screen or view 1 camera at a time on full screen mode with the
option to cycle through each of the cameras at a customizable speed.
Easy Search Options
To easily pinpoint an event, this DVR allows you to search recorded video by time or motion detection
Additional System Specifications
Bullet Cameras
1/3” Camera Image Sensor
3.6mm Camera Lens
65º-70º Field of View
976 x 496 Effective Pixels
36 IR LEDs
Up to 100ft of Night Vision
IP65 Rated Metal Camera Housing
Weatherproof For Indoor and Outdoor Use
IR Cut Filter
Versatile 3-Axis Bracket
850nM Infrared Wavelength
Auto Backlight Compensation
Auto/1/60-1/100,00s Electronic Shutter
Lifetime Tech Support and 2 year Warranty
Weight: 1.2lbs
Dimensions (WxDxH): 8” x 8.25” x 2
Backup Via PC, Flashdrive or USB Hard Drive
1, 4, 8 Auto-sequence Viewing Options
three Recording Modes: Manual, Schedule, and Motion Detection
Video Search Options: Time or Motion Detection Event
Up to 10 Simultaneous users (bandwidth permitting)
Mobile Compatibility: iPhone, iPad, Android
Instant Email Alerts and Mobile Notifications
Computer Compatibility: Mac OSX 10.7 to 10.10 / Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Recording Resolution and Recording Frame Rate:
8x QM9903B
o D1- 704x480 (30FPS on Each Channel)
o 960H- 960x480 (30FPS on Each Channel)
o Video: 8 BNC In/ 1 HDMI Out /1 VGA Out/ 1BNC
o Audio: 1 RCA In/ 1 RCA Out
o Alarm: None
RJ-45 for Router Connection Enabling Remote Monitoring
Supports 1 SATA HDD up to 4 TB
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