U.are.U® Fingerprint Keyboard - LH

U.are.U® Fingerprint Keyboard - LH
U.are.U® Fingerprint Keyboard
with Smart Card Reader
Keyboard Features
104 standard keys
7 hot keys
USB interface
U.are.U Fingerprint Sensor Features
Optical imaging technology
Superior image quality
Works well with dry, moist, or rough
Automatically erases latent fingerprints
360 degree rotation invariant
Large imaging area
Encrypted image data
Challenge-response data link to
prevent playback attacks
Rugged and reliable
ESD resistant
Very fast data transmission
Smart Card Reader Features
Compliant with Microsoft PC/SC
Smart Card specifications.
ISO 7816 standard supporting T0/T1
protocol memory and MCU cards
3V and 5V compatible
The U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard with
Smart Card Reader is a Windowscompatible keyboard with a built-in U.are.U
Fingerprint Sensor. This keyboard is ideal
for adding the security of fingerprint
authentication to a smart card
The integrated fingerprint sensor uses
optical imaging technology to achieve
better image quality, a larger capture area,
and superior reliability. Even the hardestto-read fingerprints are captured
accurately and quickly, regardless of
placement angle. The Sensor is selfcalibrating and encrypts the image data for
highest privacy. Because the finger
touches a plastic surface, the danger of
damage by electrostatic discharge is
The U.are.U Fingerprint Keyboard with
Smart Card Reader is available with
DigitalPersona’s U.are.U Pro Workstation
and U.are.U Integrator Platinum packages.
These packages are compatible with
Windows XP, Me, 2000 and 98. The smart
card reader works with smart card
applications only. This keyboard is suitable
for financial, government and custom
LH-Group Ltd, Aamuruskontie 9, 00750, Helsinki, Finland Tel: +358 9 38 65 963 Fax: +358 9 38 65 963
www.lh-group.fi email: lh.group@lh-group.fi
System Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 95
(OSR2.1), 98, NT4.0, 2000, ME, XP
Pentium or higher
Keyboard Dimensions:
469 mm x 192 mm x 40 mm
1.4 m cable length
1.2 Kg total weight
Desktop PCs
Point-Of-Sale (POS) terminals
Keyswitch Specifications:
Rubber dome membrane type
Environmental Ratings
ESD Susceptibility
10 to 35 C (operating)
-10 to 60 C (storage)
20% - 80% @ 26 C
non-condensing (operating)
20% - 90% @ 65 C
non-condensing (storage)
Fingerprint Sensor Specifications
Power Requirements
USB Specifications
Recognition Accuracy
Pixel Resolution
Image Capture Area
5V +/- .25V (supplied by USB interface)
100mA (max)
USB 1.1 compliant: Full-speed, low power,
.01% False Accept Rate
2.5% False Reject Rate
(using U.are.U recognition software)
408 dpi (avg. x and y over image area)
12.7 mm (horizontal center width)
x 18.0 mm (vertical)
Standards Compliance
CSA C22.2
DIN EN60950
IEC 1000-4-2
ISO 9241-4
No. 950-M1989
European Standard
Second Edition
Part 15, Class B
Class B
Level 2
V3 & V4, Class B
EN50082-1, EN50081-2,
EN55022, Class B,
ESD: IEC1000-4-2 Level 2
Hot Keys
Fingerprint Sensor
Smart Card Reader
Specifications subject to change without notice. DigitalPersona and U.are.U are trademarks of DigitalPersona, Inc. All other trademarks
are the property of their respective owners. Copyright © 2001 by DigitalPersona Incorporated. All Rights Reserved.
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