FZR20 Upright

FZR20 Upright
FZR20 Upright
laboratory & pharmacy freezers
Upright freezers, 115V/60 Hz
Keypad Item number
4 shelves right
4 shelves right
4 shelves left
4 shelves left
Powerful refrigeration system and superior plenum
air distribution
- modular refrigeration system with microprocessor controller
provides a ±1 C (1.8 F) performance throughout
- industry-exclusive plenum air distribution delivers cold air at six
different levels
- programmed automatic defrost cycle
- external evaporator and defrost heaters minimize heat
gain during defrost cycles, ensuring better product
temperature stability
- auto-evaporating condenser
User-friendly interface
- 7" LCD capacitive touchscreen digital temperature display
available in user-programmable C or F
- integral event and data logging with easy downloading via
convenient USB port
Protection for your valuable products
- audible and visual high/low temperature, door open, power
failure, low battery alarms
- dry contacts for remote alarming
Full stainless steel cabinet and high quality components
- full stainless steel interior and exterior provide resistance to
rust and corrosion
- quick-connect RTD product temperature probe easily accessible
inside storage cabinet
- dished stainless floor contains spills for easy clean up
- heavy-duty dual casters roll easily and lock securely
- 2.75" (6.98 cm) of CFC-free foam insulation throughout
- four heavy-duty epoxy-coated shelves standard
Heavy-duty door for ease of use and energy savings
- 2.60" (6.60 cm) thick insulated stainless steel door with
ADA‑compliant full length locking handle
- self-closing hinges lock open at 90 degrees for easy
product loading
- 2 year parts, 5 year compressor parts, 2 year labor
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Factory-installed options
Left-hinged door, facing unit (right-hinged door standard)
Integral keypad and electronic locking system with keyed access
manual override
NOTE: Factory-installed options must be specified at time of order –
for details contact factory or your local sales representative.
Additional shelves, set of 2 (item# 00927251)
Quick-connect replacement RTD temperature probe with ISO 17025
certificate of traceable calibration (item# 01140458)
Digital data logger kit (item# 01057561)
Pyxis® compatible door bracket (item# 00927202)
medDISPENSE® compatible door bracket (item# 00978296)
Glycerine, 16 oz (item# 00959296)
Additional key (item# 01035013)
Wall bracket kit, seismic anchoring (item# 00927194)
NOTE: Accessories ship separately.
Touchscreen display
Form# 8065
FZR20 upright laboratory & pharmacy freezers
19.7 cu ft
29.75" (75.6 cm)
30.50" (77.5 cm)
79.50" (201.9 cm)
55.94" (142.1 cm)
56.50" (143.5 cm)
16.00" (40.6 cm) top,
2.00" (5.08 cm) back (9.00" (22.86 cm)
on left side if ambient > 86 F)
12 run load amps, NEMA 5-20
C1 Electrical
90º hospital-grade plug.
120 V/60/1
Max. fuse 20 amps, 9' (2.7 m) cord.
(108 - 132 V)
2.60" (6.60 cm) thick insulated
solid stainless steel door
Door lock
cylinder type with one key
Door handle
ADA-compliant, full length handle
Door hinges
torsion rod self-closing with 90º
hold open feature
Storage system
(4) full, epoxy-coated shelves,
adjustable in 1/2" (1.27 cm)
Overall shelf dimensions
23.38" W x 19.50" D
(59.4 cm x 49.5 cm)
Inside shelf dimensions
23.38" W x 19.50" D
(59.4 cm x 49.5 cm)
Working load rating per shelf
59 lb (27 kg)
Max. load rating per shelf
88 lb (40 kg)
magnetic dart style (replaceable)
(4) swiveling dual wheel casters with
toe locks
Temperature display
7" LCD capacitive touchscreen digital
temperature display available in
user-programmable C or F
C2 3rd party probe access
top right side of cabinet interior
Product temperature display probes (1) quick-connect RTD
High and low product temperature audible and visual, user
programmable set points in C or F
Power failure alarm
audible and visual
Door ajar alarm
audible and visual
Probe error alarm
audible and visual – product
temperature probes, refrigeration
and defrost
Alarm mute
10 minute ring-back
Alarm volume
0-10 scale
Low battery alert
audible and visual
Back-up battery status
shows voltage level
Dimensional drawing
Nominal capacity
W1 Width
D1 Depth with handle
H1 Height with casters
Height interior
D2 Door swing
Ventilation clearance
Pyxis is a registered trademark of CareFusion in the United States and other countries
medDISPENSE is a registered trademark of InterMetro Industries Corp. in the United States and other countries.
Follett is a registered trademark of Follett LLC, registered in the US.
Follett reserves the right to change specifications at any time without obligation.
FZR20 upright laboratory & pharmacy freezers
Form# 8065
SHORT FORM SPECIFICATION: Upright freezer with
Specification (continued)
Min/max temperature log
Information log
Data export
Temperature probe calibration
Password protection PIN
Date and time
Product simulation bottle
Top-to-bottom temperature
Remote contacts
shows highest and lowest product
temperature since last reset occurred
graphs or displays temperature data
and displays chronological event
data (50,000 data points)
USB export capabilities
top probe calibration in 0.1º
4 digit password to prevent interface
setting/selection changes
(1) 125 ml
± 1 C (1.8 F)
19.7 cu ft of nominal capacity. (4) full, epoxy-coated shelves,
adjustable in 1/2" (1.27 cm) increments. Environmentally
responsible R404a refrigeration system to include an integral
top-mounted module with 3/4 hp compressor and air-cooled
condenser. 7" LCD capacitive touchscreen with user selectable C
or F. Event and data logging with USB download capability. Air
circulation system to duct air through back plenum openings
with front face return. Storage area to be insulated with CFCfree, high density polyurethane foam. 9' (2.7 m) power cord with
NEMA 5-20 90º hospital-grade plug. UL listed.
NO/NC standard, located behind
front panel
Refrigeration and defrost probes
NTC thermistor type
Refrigeration cycle with probe error factory set at 6 min on, 4 off,
user adjustable
Refrigeration system
integral top-mounted module with
3/4 hp compressor and air-cooled
Refrigerant and charge
Non-CFC R404a refrigerant, 10.6 oz
Air circulation system
ducted air to each storage level
through back plenum openings,
front face return
Air temperature pull down
24 to -20 C (75 to -4 F) in 60 minutes
Product simulation bottle
24 to -20 C (75 to -4 F) in 120 minutes
temperature pull down
Programmable operating range
-15 to -32 C (5 to -26 F)
Factory preset
-24 C
Maximum ambient
86 F (30 C), 60% relative humidity
Energy consumption
10.8 kWh/day (4 hr defrost interval)
BTU/hr normal heat rejection,
2440 BTU/hr (703 Watts)
includes duty cycle (75 F ambient)
3990 BTU/hr (1169 Watts)
BTU/hr maximum (total) heat
rejection, continuous operation
(75 F ambient)
Shipping size
43.00" W x 35.00" D x 82.00" H
(109.2 x 88.9 x 208.3 cm)
Approximate refrigeration module 88 lb (40 kg)
net weight
Approximate net weight
340 lb (154 kg)
Approximate ship weight
440 lb (200 kg)
NOTE: For indoor use only
FZR20 upright laboratory & pharmacy freezers
Form #8065 02/17
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