Calibration Adapter for Inductive Conductivity Measurement Type

Calibration Adapter for Inductive Conductivity Measurement Type
Calibration Adapter
for Inductive Conductivity Measurement
Type 202711/21
B 202566.0.1
Calibration Instructions
1 Notes
These B 202566.0.1 calibration instructions must
be used to coordinate the JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci
transmitter and the inductive conductivity sensor!
The calibration instructions are included with the type
202711/21 calibration adapter option.
Needed for the adaptation are:
- the JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter/controller, data
sheet 202566
- an inductive conductivity and temperature sensor,
data sheet 202941, 202942 or 202943
- a type 202711/21 calibration adapter for inductive
conductivity measurement, data sheet 202711
All the necessary settings are described in these
calibration instructions. If any difficulties should
nevertheless arise during calibration, please do not
tamper with the instrument in any way. By doing so,
you could endanger your rights under the instrument
warranty! Please contact your supplier.
2 Calibration
The calibration process can be canceled at any time
by pressing the EXIT key.
But then the transmitter will work with the old values.
2.1 Requirement
- The inductive conductivity sensor must be connected to the
JUMO AQUIS 500 Ci transmitter, see the "Installation" section in
the operating instructions for the transmitter concerned.
- The transmitter must be supplied with voltage, see the
"Installation" section in the relevant manual.
- The transmitter is in "measuring mode".
✱ Draw the long cable of the calibration adapter twice through the
opening in the inductive conductivity sensor. Do not insert the
plug in the socket - the cable loop stays open.
From this point on, until the end of the calibration, the
sensitive part of the inductive conductivity sensor
must not rest on any surface or be touched. This
would falsify the measurement value.
✱ Press the
key for longer than 3 seconds.
✱ Use the
keys to select "ADMINISTR. LEVEL"; confirm
your choice with
✱ Use the
selection with
keys to set password 3000; confirm the
The calibration program prompts you to enter the cell constant.
The cell constant is to be found on the nameplate of the inductive
conductivity sensor.
✱ Press the
The calibration program prompts you to take the first calibration
✱ Press the
The transmitter now calibrates the zero point. This takes about 4
seconds (a countdown runs on the display).
The calibration program prompts you to take the second calibration
✱ Insert the conductor loop plug in the socket - the conductor loop
is now closed.
✱ Turn the rotary switch of the calibration adapter to the position
required by the transmitter.
✱ Press the PGM key;
this performs the second calibration step.
Once a further four steps have been taken, calibration is complete.
✱ Briefly press the key PGM - the calibration values are adopted and
the process is complete.
The transmitter returns to measuring mode.
✱ Remove the calibration adapter cable loop.
If the transmitter shows "overrange", remove the
calibration adapter cable loop.
If an error occurs during calibration, a relevant
message is displayed.
The calibration process must be terminated by
pressing the EXIT key.
The old calibration data (from before the calibration
attempt) is retained and will continue to be used.
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