GTX Rider Scrubber
GTX Rider Scrubber
GTX 30-D
Machine shall be generally described as a battery-powered rider scrubbber:
The specific model and size should be:
This bid defines a self-propelled rider machine that wet "scrubs and dry" vacuums a path of:
For expedited parts delivery, machine shall be made in:
GTX 30-D
United States
The machine contains separate tanks for solution and recovery water, with a minimum capacity in each tank of:
35 gallons
The solution tank shall be made of heavy gage (.360") polyethylene plastic. A fill port at the front of the tank.
Solution screen must be stainless steel and located, with the check valve, inside the axle mount cavity, where it
is accessible from the top side. The solution tank specifically must hold a minimum of:
35 gallons
Recovery tank shall be made of polyethylene, that is a minimum thickness of (.360"). Tank shall be designed to
be easy to clean, with complete access to the recovery tank's floor, wherein the entire inside and floor of the
tank is visible and reachable. A heavy duty, discharge control, 2.0" diameter drain hose shall be supplied, made
of latex rubber. To simplify access for planned maintenance, tank must include:
Recovery tank must also include "Drain Saver" basket, to collect all liter in the recovery water, to keep
discharge water from clogging floor drains. Drain saver basket must be constructed of stainless steel, with 1/4"
mesh screen, and be removed without tools or loose fasteners.
"Tip Back" feature
For preferred maneuverability and productivity the machine shall use:
Scrub brushes shall be:
For preferred cleaning performance the machine's scrub brushes/pads should operate at:
To allow a "Stripping" & "Scrubbing" Mode, the unit must have 2 speed settings, with 2nd at:
2 disk brushes
Qty: 2 @ 15" each
265 rpm
To reduce the stress on the operator, the machine's brush head shall be raised and lowered by an electric
actuator with a minimum capacity of:
To achieve consistent performance and reduce damage to the floor, the machine's scrub pressure control shall
be automatic, with a LCD readout showing the:
To restrict unauthorized changes to scrubbing pressure, the "Manager's Lockout" must be:
To restrict unauthorized changes to the solution flow, the "Manager's Lockout" must be:
35 gallons
500 lbs.
5 Pressure Settings
The scrub motor shall be heavy duty, permanent-magnet DC:
(Qty: 2) 0.75 hp / 265 rpm
The vacuum motor is to be protected with a ball and stainless screen system wherein the ball reacts to the level
of foam inside the tank and shuts off air flow to the vacuum motor. The vacuum motor must be 3-stage and
rated at:
650 watts
Squeegee shall be curved, with four usable edges on the rear blade. It shall move when the machine turns to
control water. It shall be protected against impact with "Non-Marking" 4" diameter, side wheels, and a
breakaway feature. For preferred water recovery, the squeegee shall have a minimum width of:
Machine shall have an "all-gear" drive, that powers "front wheel", which also steers 93 degrees to both sides
for superior manueverability. Chain drive units will not be acceptable. Traction system shall be infinitely
variable in speed and shall include a (PWMC) motor control, with speed cut to 50% for reverse. The traction
motor shall be rated at a minimum of:
750 Watts
GTX Bid Specs
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For preferred machine stability and low impact on sensitive floors, only machines with wide tires will be
acceptable. Machine will have a:
Front drive tire shall be solid, cushion, non-marking and size minimum of:
Rear wheels shall be solid, low rolling resistant and size minimum of:
3-Point Stance
(Qty 1): 10" dia x 3" wide
(Qty 2): 12" dia x 5" wide
Scrubber shall include at least 6 batteries, to form a minimum of 36-volt DC system. Batteries must be located
in a 14" tall, plastic battery tray to contain any and all fluids. The battery size must be a minimum of:
(Qty 6) 245 ah
For extended run time, optional battery upgrade and appropriate charger should be quoted in the size of:
Battery brand must be:
(Qty 6) 325 ah / 36 amp
Charger shall be "shelf mounted", and fully automatic type, running on 110-volt / 60-Hz / AC power. It shall
provide a minimum of 36-volt DC output of:
25 amps
A wide foot pedal, with single direction operation, arranged to allow operator to engage forward speed. For
operator ease a separate switch for reverse will be used. No "Wig Wag" foot pedals will be considered.
The instrument panel shall include an LCD-Type display with an "Operating Mode" and icons for battery gauge,
scrubbing pressure, scrub On, vacuum On, water flow On. It shall also include a "Maintenance Mode", with 4
hour meters for Key On, Vacuum On, Scrub On, Traction Drive On
The squeegee shall be lifted and lowered by an electric actuator and go up automatically in reverse, with the
vacuum automatically operating whenever the squeegee is lowered. To more completely dry the squeegee
hose, and reduce discharge back onto the floor, the vacuum shall have a timer that engages when the squeegee
is lifted to the off position that operates for:
21 seconds
Machine maximum dimensions shall be:
Machines maximum weight (including batteries) shall be:
(65"L x 26"W x 52"H)
887 pounds
For preferred durability and longevity the scrubber's main frame shall be made of a steel, powder-painted to
resist corrosion, and of a thickness of at least:
This heavy gage frame shall fully support the weight of the batteries, the tanks, hold the scrub deck rigid and
locate the casters and transaxle. For future ease of service, all of the fasteners on the scrubber shall be made
7-gage (3/16")
Stainless Steel
To protect the facilities interior walls, both front corners of the machnes frame must each include:
(2) 3" Tall Poly Rollers
Non-Marking Tires
Manager's Lock-out of Down Pressure
Manager's Lock-out of Solution Flow
Onboard Soap (SUDS)
Remote Spray Hose
Vacuum Wand
Sealed Batteries
Onboard Charger
Stainless Steel Baffle
Parking Brake
HD Steel Rear Bumper
Scrub Deck Shrouds
Scrub Deck HD Side Doors
GTX Bid Specs
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