biking 101 - Bike Davis
Tire Inflation
All bikes on campus must have a current California bicycle license.
• New licenses are $10 and are valid for up to 3 years
• Renewals are $5 and are valid for up to 3 years
• It is recommended that tire pressure be checked every week.
• Check the side of your tire to find out the correct PSI (pressure)
for your tires.
• Bike Barn recommends pumping tires 10 PSI below the side wall
indication for ride comfort and longer tire life.
• If your bike requires pressure over 80 PSI, it is likely that the
automatic pumps indicated on the map will NOT be able to reach
the recommended pressure. Instead use a hand pump.
• All the compressor pumps on campus are for Schrader valve only
(not Presta valve). An adapter can be purchased for $1 at the Bike
Barn. The Bike Garage and the Fix-It stations at TAPS, the ARC
and the Bike Barn have hand pumps that are Presta compatible.
Tire Tread Wear
• Check tire tread at least once a month; look for smooth spots,
cracks, holes or bulges in the rubber.
Keep Your Chain Healthy
• Creaking sound or not, it is important to lubricate your chain
occasionally. Bike-specific lubricant can be found at the Bike
Garage and Bike Barn.
Working Brakes
• Make sure that your brake pads are fully hitting the rim of the
wheel WHEN BRAKING. Squeaky brakes mean that your pads are
not aligned properly or worn out. Replace brake pads when this
All Weather Riding
Licensing Locations
UCD TAPS office
• B&L Bike shop (610 3rd street), 530-756-5460
• Ken’s Bike and Ski (650 G street), 530-758-3223
If Your Bike is Stolen
• On Campus: report the theft online at
• In the city of Davis: file a report at
• When you report the theft with your bike’s serial and/or
registration numbers, the information is entered into a statewide
list of stolen bikes so that if any police officer in California comes
across your bike, it can be identified through the number(s) and
returned to you.
ASUCD Bike Barn • (530) 752-2575
• Full service (store, rentals, repairs, parts), non-profit bicycle shop
• Convenient campus location
• Hours: 9:00 PM – 4:00 PM, M-F
ASUCD Bike Garage • (530) 752-7733
• DIY workshop with tools and some parts
• Full service tool checkout
• Great for individuals who want to work on their own bikes
• This service is for students, faculty and staff (if you don’t have
some sort of UCD ID, you cannot use the facility)
• Hours: 11:00 AM – 6:00 PM, M-F
Bike Fourth (Davis Bike Collective) • (530) 758-1483
• DIY workshop with tools and scheduled lessons/events
• Community bike shop in downtown Davis
1221 4th street (4th & L)
• Hours: Mon: 1 – 5 PM | Wed - Thur: 4 – 8 PM | Sat: 12 – 6 PM
• Attach fenders onto the bike to avoid getting the “freshman stripe”
during the rainy seasons (November-May).
• Rain gear can be purchased at the Bike Barn.
TAPS • (530) 752-8277
Note: If your bike is on UC Davis property and you have lost your
bike keys/the lock is malfunctioning, call 530-752-2453. TAPS
complementary lock cutting service is available, by appointment
only, from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (not including
• Rain gear: use ponchos and jackets to keep you warm and dry, do
not hold an umbrella while riding a bike.
• Gloves: protect hands and provide extra grip.
• Backpack covers: keep books, homework and laptops dry!
• Bike auction: held in Fall and Spring and lock cutting service
General Rules
• Biking on sidewalks is prohibited on Campus and in Downtown
• While on campus, biking is not allowed on landscape areas,
pedestrian pathways/ramps and anywhere signs are posted
prohibiting biking.
e sure to never bike on the MU patio (the walkway
between the front of the MU and the Quad).
• Cyclists must obey all posted speed limits when on Campus
roadways and bike paths. The speed limit throughout campus is
15 MPH.
iding a bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs may
result in fines, jail time and/or loss of driving privileges (the
repercussions of a BUI are the same as those of a DUI).
• It is illegal for 2 people to ride on a bike made for 1, or for a person
on a skateboard to hold onto a moving bike.
• It is illegal to bike with headphones in both ears.
• It is illegal to ride a bike while carrying a package which prevents
the cyclists from keeping one hand on the handlebar.
• Cyclists are required by law to use a front white light and
have a reflector on both the front and rear of the bike (such as
pedal reflectors or wheel reflectors). A rear red light is also
recommended for added safety.
• Obey all traffic laws! According to California law all persons
riding a bike on a street or highway have the rights and responsibilities of drivers of motor vehicles (for example, make sure to
stop at stop signs).
• Never ride against traffic or in “the door zone.” When a lane is too
narrow to safely to share side-by-side with a vehicle, it is legal and
safe to occupy the whole lane.
• Only park where bike racks are located or where “Bike Parking
Area” signs are posted, and be sure never to lock bikes to themselves as it increases chances of bike theft.
• Illegally parked bikes will be impounded and owners may be fined.
Signals and Roundabouts
• Roundabouts/bike circles are located all across campus; there are
three important rules to remember when using a bike circle:
• Always ride counterclockwise through the circle.
lways yield right-of-way to any bike or vehicle already in the
sing hand signals to indicate direction desired before turning
is required by law and is especially useful in circles.
Note: Not everyone will obey these rules so be cautious and alert.
pump for
Schrader valves.
Has tools and a hand
pump with both Schrader
valve and Presta valve.
Does not have a hand
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