NS Aerial pedals instruction

NS Aerial pedals instruction
Be sure to read this user's manual thoroughly before use,
and follow the instructions that it contains. This is critical for
your safety, and will also prevent premature product failure
due to incorrect use or installation.
The box contains a Set of pedals.
6mm Allen key or 15 mm flat wrench and 2 mm allen key.
Because the pins are long, they may cause injury if they come into direct contact with your skin.
Be sure to wear clothing and protective gear which is suitable for the way in which the bicycle is to be
Be sure to attach reflectors to the bicycle when riding at night. Do not continue riding the bicycle if the
reflectors are dirty or damaged, otherwise it becomes more difficult for oncoming vehicles to see you.
Products are not guaranteed against natural wear and deterioration from normal use and aging.
The maximum total weight all loaded (rider + clothing + protective gear + backpack, luggage etc.)
is 100 kg.
If you are not sure about how to install the pedals, consult a dealer or local shop!
Identify right and left pedals. Check that the crank arms threads are clean, free of any burrs or
damage. Grease the pedal spindle threads. Thread the pedals gently into the cranks by hand,
making sure the threads engage properly. Incorrect engagement will result in permanent damage of
the cranks and / or the pedals. The left hand pedal should be threaded in by turning the spindle
counter clockwise and the right one by turning clockwise. Finally tighten the pedal axles using a 6mm
allen key or 15 mm flat wrench.
Tightening torque 25-40 Nm.
The bearings should be lubricated about once a year.
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