TD5101I Philips Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TD5101I Philips Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Philips TD5101i
Tire Pressure Monitoring
Four internal tire sensors
Air leakage warning within 4s
Solar-powered cordless device
4-year sensor battery lifespan
Protect your journey, monitor your tire pressure
Accurate tire pressure and alerts within 4s
With air leakage alerts and accurate measurement, the Philips tire pressure monitoring
system ensures you have correctly pressurized tires. You’ll increase fuel efficiency,
improve handling and reduce the risk of dangerous wear and tear.
Reliable tire pressure display for a safe journey
• Reliable tire temperature and pressure monitoring
• Within 4 seconds you’ll be alerted to tire air leakage
• Solar panel powered battery that lasts 3 weeks per charge
Long-lasting sensor battery lasts 4 years
• Automotive grade quality internal sensor
• The long-life sensor battery lasts for 4 years
Elegant and cable-free on your dashboard
• Looks good on your dashboard with no power cable required
• G-sensor for automatic operation as you go
• Heat-resistant built-in battery
• Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
• Easy to control device with only two buttons
Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Four internal tire sensors Air leakage warning within 4s, Solar-powered cordless device, 4-year sensor
battery lifespan
Air leakage warning within 4s
To prevent accidents on the road it’s important your
tires are at the correct pressure. So in the event air
is escaping from your tires, you need to know fast.
The Philips TD5101i tire pressure monitoring
system alerts you to air leakage within 4 seconds.
This also triggers a warning light on the LCD display
to tell you which of the tires is leaking.
Sensor battery lasts 4 years
The sensors that attach to your wheels are equipped
with high-quality batteries, providing 4 years of
continuous use. With an average daily use of 2.2.
hours, the Philips TPMS normally lasts the entire
lifespan of the tire.
Auto grade quality sensor
Accurate tire pressure display
Marketing specifications
• Expected benefits: Your driving safety guardian
• Product highlight: Tire pressure display
Accessories included
• Languages (User Manual): English, Simplified
• Accessories: Velcro tape
• Power supply: Solar panel, Micro USB
• Sensor battery life: 4 years
Product description
Tire manufacturers recommend routinely checking
air pressure, yet many drivers wait until they can see
tire deflation. But that’s too late. Tires can lose a lot
of air pressure yet still appear fully inflated. The
Philips tire pressure monitoring system measures
pressure with an accuracy of +/-0.1 bar and
temperature at an accuracy of +/-3°C. Accurate
measurement prevents you driving with
underinflated tires, making you 3 times less likely to
have an accident caused by a puncture.
Solar-powered cordless device
The pressure sensors are manufactured using the
most demanding ISO/TS16949 certification required
in the automotive equipment industry.
Heat-resistant battery
On a warm summer’s day, the interior of your car
can get very hot. The Philips TD5101 is equipped
with a high-quality lithium-ion battery designed to be
resistant to high ambient temperatures.
Intuitive user interface
The Philips TD5101 is intuitive and easy-to-use. The
bright LCD screen displays both the pressure and
temperature of all four tires at the same time.
G-sensor for full automation
The Philips TD5101 is equipped with a G-sensor
module, which enables instant and automatic
operation as you go. When your car is switched off,
the TPMS will be in standby mode. As soon as you
start the car, the sensor will activate and the device
is immediately operational.
Logistic data
The cordless Philips tire pressure monitoring system
is equipped with a built-in battery, powered by a
convenient solar panel. This provides 3-weeks of
standby time, based on 2.2 hours of daily use. A
micro USB cable is also available to ensure
uninterrupted power supply.
Thanks to convenient solar charging and high quality
Velcro tape, the Philips TD5101 attaches neatly to
your dashboard, without an ugly wire in sight.
Simple plug and play device
When driving you don’t need any additional
distractions. That’s why we’ve designed the Philips
TD5101 with only two buttons, making it very easy
to use.
Issue date 2017-05-23
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12 NC: 8670 001 46949
EAN (China): 6947939168149
Ordering code (China): 16814928
Quantity in box: 1
Reference: TD51IBLKX1
Weight and dimensions
• Box weight (incl. product) (g): 420.5
• Product weight (+ Sensors)(g): 298.5
• Display unit dimensions (mm): 94 L x 92 W x 34 H
Cordless monitor for your dash
Alarm type: Sound beep/ flash light
Display: 2.5” VATN LCD
Display operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C
Parking monitoring: No
Pressure accuracy: upto +/-0.1 Bar
Sensor: Internal
Sensor operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 120°C
Temperature accuracy: upto +/-3°C
Type: TD5101i
Air leakage warning (time): 4 Seconds
Automatic display on/off: Yes, G-sensor
Charging options: Solar, micro USB
Display Battery capacity: 600mAH
Display content: Pressure, temperature, warning
Placement: Dashboard
Sensor Battery capacity: 550mAH
Sensor vibration resistance: ISO16750 compliant
Technology: TPMS
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