Glock Pistol Disassembly / Assembly

Glock Pistol Disassembly / Assembly
Glock Pistol
Disassembly / Assembly
GlockTriggers are to be used for “Competition Only”
Parts shown are Glock factory parts.
•  Unload your Glock Pistol.
•  Move all ammunition to another room.
•  Double check chamber, that there is no round present
and the magazine is removed.
•  Check again that the gun is unloaded.
•  Wear eye protection.
•  Some parts are spring loaded. Eye injury can occur.
•  Read your Glock owners manual.
•  Field strip your Glock.
Field Stripped Glock
You will need a Glock disassembly tool or a 3/32” punch, to take apart your pistol completely.
Slide Disassembly
Using a disassembly tool push down the polymer spacer
sleeve as shown. Hold the sleeve down for the next step.
Slide Disassembly
WARNING! The extractor spring assembly can "shoot out" of the slide during this
step. Great care should be exercised and eye protection worn!
With the polymer spacer sleeve held down carefully slide the slide cover plate off the slide.
Do this carefully, the firing pin assembly and extractor depressor plunger (EDP) spring
assembly are both spring loaded and will tend to "shoot out".
Slide Disassembly
Firing pin
Extractor depressor
plunger assembly
Remove the firing pin assembly and extractor depressor plunger assembly.
Slide Disassembly
Firing pin
Firing pin
Depress and hold the small, round, silver-colored button
(firing pin safety) on the bottom of the slide as shown. Keep the firing pin safety depressed
during the next step.
Slide Disassembly
With the firing pin safety fully depressed from the last step,
rotate the extractor out of the slide.
Slide Disassembly
Firing pin
safety spring
Remove the firing pin safety and firing pin safety
spring from the slide. This is also a step where you can replace the firing pin safety
spring in the firing pin safety. Insert the spring in to the bottom area of the firing pin
safety push and twist (counter clockwise) until it is seated. IMPORTANT:
Make sure the firing pin safety moves up and down freely once installed. Check this by
depressing it, you should feel upward pressure when releasing.
Slide Disassembly
The slide is now disassembled. There is still a liner in the firing pin channel which generally
does not get replaced. Your slide is now fully disassembled. Now you can move on to
replacing the firing pin spring.
Replacing the Firing Pin Spring
To remove the spring cups and replace the firing pin spring, place the assembled firing pin
(with spring, spring cups, and spacer sleeve) into the slide (firing pin channel) with the firing
pin lug turned and resting where the slide cover plate is when installed.
Replacing the Firing Pin Spring
Wrap your hand around the slide for support while pulling down on the firing pin spring
remove each ½ of the spring cup set. (CAUTION: These spring cups and spring can fly
off and possibly cause eye injury, make sure to wear safety glasses).
Replacing the Firing Pin Spring
Now you can remove the spring and replace it.
Replacing the Firing Pin Spring
Replace the spring cups: This can be difficult; grasp the spring firmly in the middle of the spring,
and pull down until there is enough clear space on the striker to replace the spring cups. Make
sure the spring cups fit together flush and the thinner ends are inside of the spring.
Replacing the Firing Pin Spring
Slowly release tension on the spring until the spring cups are pressed against the
thicker portion of the striker. Re-assemble the slide and all of it’s parts, by reviewing the
previous steps. You now have completed the steps necessary to to upgrade the slide assembly.
Before you move on to the frame upgrade, we will do a “safety check” on the slide assembly.
Firing Pin Safety Check
Safety Check: While pressing down on the firing pin safety when
the slide is assembled and facing muzzle end down, the tip of the firing pin should be visible
through the breach face. You should also be able to hear the firing pin move freely in the
channel while lightly shaking the slide with the firing pin safety depressed. Do not clip springs
to reduce power, use a whole reduced power spring if desired. DO NOT let oil or debris gather
under or around the firing pin safety. A disabled firing pin safety due to improper maintenance
can result in a very dangerous condition known as slam firing. It is the firearm owner’s
responsibility to maintain his or her firearm properly.
Frame Disassembly
Block Pin
Trigger Pin
Housing Pin
Push the locking block pin all the way through the frame until it drops out.
This pin may not be present on some earlier models (some models had only 2 pins).
Frame Disassembly
Slide Stop
The slide stop lever is spring loaded into a groove in the trigger pin. Slowly “wiggle”
(up & down and front to back) the slide stop lever while pushing on the trigger pin until
you can feel the trigger pin start to move. Do not apply excessive force, keep manipulating
the slide stop until the pin moves. Then push the trigger pin out of the frame.
Frame Disassembly
Slide stop
The slide stop lever is now free and can be removed. NOTE: When re-assembling, the
slide stop lever must be installed after the locking block pin. Insert the lever with the spring
facing upward and slide it into the first groove on the left side of the frame. Gently push forward
and hold in place while pushing the trigger pin through the frame. You will most likely need
to “wiggle” the slide stop lever to allow the trigger pin to pass through.
Frame Disassembly
Gently pry the locking block out of the frame. These can be very tight in a new gun.
Frame Disassembly
Push out the trigger housing pin.
Trigger Disassembly
Gently lift the trigger housing by pulling up underneath the ejector.
Trigger Disassembly
Grab the trigger housing on both sides and simply pull the trigger assembly out of the frame.
Trigger Disassembly
Rotate out
Pull Back
Hold the trigger housing in one hand and the trigger bar (behind the trigger tab)
in the other. Pull the trigger bar straight back toward the ejector end of the trigger housing
when the cruciform (cross shaped) part of the trigger bar hits the inside of the trigger
housing then rotate out and away from the housing.
Trigger Disassembly
You have now disconnected the trigger w/ trigger bar from the trigger housing. Now
remove the trigger bar from the spring.
Trigger Disassembly
for Tool
Next push the connector all the way out of the trigger housing from the opposite side.
Trigger Disassembly
Now the trigger assembly is completely disassembled.
Trigger Assembly
Guide spring hook
through this hole
Push the connector back into the trigger housing. Insert the trigger spring open end down
(as shown). The spring goes over the back lip of the housing and threads through the hole
below the small notch. Then rotate upward.
Trigger Assembly
“S” shape
The open end of the “S” shape made by the trigger spring faces forward toward the ejector.
The trigger spring should always be installed with this same “S” shaped configuration.
Trigger Assembly
The hook part of the spring will be inserted through the hole in the trigger bars trigger spring arm.
Trigger Assembly
When the spring is attached pull the trigger bar back at an angle turned outward and drop the
spring arm into the housing.
Trigger Assembly
Finally rotate the cruciform into the channel on the high side of the trigger housing and
release. You have successfully assembled the trigger group.
Frame Assembly
Place the trigger group back into the frame. Replace the locking block, slide stop lever and pins
and you have a completely assembled frame. Insert barrel and recoil spring into slide and attach
slide to frame. Your Glock pistol is now completely assembled.
Trigger Safety Check
With your Glock re-assembled, check to make sure it is “UNLOADED” With the gun pointed
in a “Safe Direction” grab both sides of the trigger, making sure not to depress the trigger safety.
Push the trigger toward the rear of the trigger guard. A functional trigger safety will hit the
frame and stop the gun from disengaging (dry firing).
If the gun disengages (dry fires), have it repaired immediately!
Thank You
There are few who know the thrill of our sport. Shoot straight, have fun,
and above all practice SAFETY FIRST! products are for “Competition Only!
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