EB 310 LG - EURO bagging

EB 310 LG - EURO bagging
EB 310 LG
Professional tractor-driven silage
bagging machine with 3.0m tunnel
The most popular silage bagging machine of its type for storage of grass
haylage, maize silage, sugar beet pulps, by-products, CCM or brewer’s grain.
The unique QUICK system allows quick preparation of the machine for operation. Comfortable hydraulic accessories with proportional control of the
main control functions.
Your Dealer:
» Verified transport system on all
» Highest density of food in the bag
without compromising the quality
» Massive drivi-line system with
separated gearboxes
» Remote control of supporting functions
for positioning of the machine for work
Unique QUICK system:
The tractor is connected to the machine at the same place both for operation and for machine
transport. Preparation for work after arriving at the bag location is much faster and easier than
for other machines.
After unblocking of the main control rod of the machine front axle, the machine is driven in
reverse to the bag location.
The machine starts to turn to the bag location by gradually turning the machine to one side
The front and rear axle is turned by a joystick on the remote control located in the tractor.
Turning is proportionate, the speed of axle turning is selected by the operator via the degree
of misaligning of the joystick from its axis.
After the machine is on the bag and at an angle of 90° to the tractor, the rear axle of the
machine is turned to the final position.
Unfolding of the feeding table, opening of sideplates and connection of the table to the
With such a connected machine it is possible to adjust the machine direction or to back up to
the bag
The same process but in reverse is used to drive out of the bag. After the table is foled-up, the
rear axle is turned to the operating position. The machine is driven slowly forward, copying the
tractor trajectory, and the operator turns the front axle using a remote control. After driving out
of the bag the main control rod is connected and the machine is ready for transport.
Hydraulic set with proportional distributor
The machine uses the hydraulic set from the tractor and for its operation it needs only 1 circuit
with a flow of 80 liters per minute. The set is ready for the modern trend of today’s tractors - a
LOAD SENSING system, which is gentle to appliances on the machine. When the hydraulic
elements are idle, only minimum current is flowing through the hydraulic set on the machine.
The pump on the tractor determines the flow let into the machine on the basis of signals sent
from the machine set.
A Table lifting is controlled manually on the control platform. The two other permanently
used functions are controlled proportionally - control of the feeding belt and tedding
shaft. The rotation direction and speed are selected by tilting the lever on the distributor
with friction lock. The control is precise and thanks to the gradual increase of speed there
is no shock damage to driving parts (chain, chain wheels, shafts).
Controls of other functions used only at the beginning and end of the bag are on the
remote control. The remote control also signalizes whether the machine is exactly at an
angle of 90° to the tractor after driving from the transport position. The remote control is
precise and it turns off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity, which saves battery in
the remote control.
Machine equipment and specification:
» Hydraulic tunnel cleaning that is moving under the rotor for cleaning
» Steel backstop with out-side ropes for 75m bags - for grass bagging
» Internal braking systém with inside rope and wheels braking (sides separatelly) for maize
silage, CCM, sugarbeet pulps, GPS etc.
» Rotors with fingers from abrasion-resistant steel HARDOX, replaceable rotor counter screens
» Large feedtable with PVC conveyor belt, sidewalls with extension
» Transport speed 40 km with air or hydraulic brakes
» Hydraulic crane arm for handling of the machine backstop and for fixing the bag to tunnel
Tractor requirements:
» Power of 180-230 HP at 540 RPM on the output shaft (1000 RPM also possible)
» Top floor hitch for a ø40mm loop or K-80 ball
» 1 hydraulic circuit with flow of 60-80 l/min at a maximum of 180 bar - adjustable flow, or
the LOAD SENSING system
» Option to connect a fixed point for connection of the feeding table to the tractor at the
motor block between front and rear wheels of the tractor
Technical data:
Rotor width
Tunnel size
2.4+2.7 or 2.7+3.0
Machine power
Bag lengths
45, 60, 75, 90
Machine weight*
* depending on the machine equipment
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