the 8000 Series Technical Specification

the 8000 Series Technical Specification
Designed to last
8000 Series
Technical Specification
February 2013
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Dental units designed to last.
The 8000 B1 is a floor-mounted dental unit with a connected instrument arm and
supply connections underneath the unit body. The instrument tubing is run through
low-friction doorio whip arms. There may be one or two control panels on the side of
the instrument bridge to control the instruments and the chair.
The dental light is connected to the unit body with an additional light column. An
optional monitor arm is available for this column.
The following cuspidors are available for connection to the unit body:
Cuspidor Compact with a glass bowl and telescopic suction arm;
Compact telescopic suction arm without bowl;
Cuspidor Export with a ceramic bowl and assistant suction arm with control panel;
Cuspidor Export with a ceramic bowl and telescopic suction arm.
The following suction arms are available with the FD-8000B1 model:
Telescopic suction arm;
Dürr Comfort hose holder with FD-7000 suction arm;
FD-7000 hose holder 3- and 4-place (plastic or metal).
Suction arms are available on following locations:
arm connected to dental unit at 15:00 or at 12:00 in the office
arm connected to cuspidor at 15:00;
arm with control panel for assistant connected to cuspidor;
arm behind the patient chair.
This unit differs from the FD-8000B1 unit in that the instrument tubes hang from the
bridge. An instrument is activated when it is lifted from the holder.
Niittylänpolku 16
00620 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 743 5115
The main dimensions of the FD-8000B1
Niittylänpolku 16
00620 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 743 5115
Niittylänpolku 16
00620 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 743 5115
FD-8000P1 - The Ceiling Unit
Mounting the instrument bridge to the ceiling allows this model to be installed in any
office space. Control units (electronic plates, transformer etc.) for the dental unit are
installed between the concrete ceiling and the suspended ceiling of the clinic room. An
installation box of white painted sheet metal is also available.
The instrument bridge offers the same functionality as with the 8000B1 model. The dental
light and optional monitor arm are connected to an adapter on the vertical arm. A bottle
for water line disinfection is also attached to this adapter.
A cuspidor is not available with this model and the suction system is installed into a
cabinet in the treatment room.
Overview of the treatment room
Above is a to-scale drawing of a standard treatment room layout. The reference point
is the central point of the ceiling installation column.
Niittylänpolku 16
00620 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 743 5115
Installation with a high hanging ceiling.
Niittylänpolku 16
00620 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 743 5115
Height of the treatment room and installation methods
The following three images show possible installation configurations of the FD8000P1
unit in treatment rooms of different heights.
Installation with a low hanging ceiling.
Installation without a hanging ceiling.
Niittylänpolku 16
00620 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 743 5115
Technical specification for the dental unit
Protection class
Protection grade
Prot. against fluids
Standard. The unit is not suitable for use in an environment
Safety grade
with a mixture of inflammable anaesthesia, oxygen or laughing
gas and air.
Mode of operation
Operating conditions
Storage conditions
Water connection
Compressed air
Intermittent operation.
Duty cycle for the unit 60s/20s (use/not use)
Relative humidity: 35 - 75%
15 - 40°C
0 - 50°C
35 - 75%
230V / 50Hz
Power consumption: 500W
Main fuse Unit (incl. Chair): F3 / 6.3AT
Main fuse unit only:
F4 / 2 AT
3 - 6 bar (Particle size < 10 µm)
5.5 - 8 bar
FD-8000B1 / 65 kg
FD-8000B2 / 72 kg
FD-8000P1 / 40 kg
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