Policy/Procedure: Departmental
Issue Date: 8-90
No.: N 7-20
By: Nursing
Reviewed: 7-16, 6-14, 5-11, 8-09
No. of Pages: 2
Revised: 7-16
Distribution List: All Nursing Departments
Subject: Blood / Fluid Warming Unit
Purpose: To warm blood or fluids to body temperature before it enters the body to help
reduce shock.
May be performed by: RN
-Blood Administration set
-IV Solution-1000 ml .9 Normal Saline
-Ranger Blood/Fluid Warming Set located on warmer, addition sets in ER or Material
-Extension tubing
-Ranger Blood / Fluid Warming unit located 2nd Floor Store Room and ER
1. Explain warmer to patient, if conscious.
2. Obtain Ranger warming unit and plug into electrical outlet.
3. Prime blood / IV administration set with .9 NS IV solution.
4. Before priming Ranger set, slide the Fluid warming cassette into the slot in the
warming unit.
5. Attach blood tubing to Ranger set to short blue clamp tubing.
6. Place extension set on longer tubing with red roller clamp.
7. Prime Ranger set to purge air from the line. Invert the bubble trap (drip chamber) while
priming and fill.
8. Turn the bubble trap (drip chamber) right side up and prime the patient line.
9. place the bubble trap (drip chamber) into the holder on the warming unit.
10. Close all clamps
11. Turn the warming unit on. Display will read low and temp will be 41 degrees C.
(preset temperature) when infusing.
N 7-20
Blood / Fluid Warming Unit
Page 2
Removing the Disposable Set
1. Close the inlet clamp proximal to the fluid warming cassette and open all clamps
distal to the cassette.
2. Allow the fluid to flow into the patient (this may take 2-3 seconds).
3. Remove the fluid warming cassette from the warming unit and discard according
to institutional protocol.
4. Reconnect the patient IV line to the fluid source to continue the infusion without
Removing Air From the Disposable Set
1. Close the clamp between the injection port and the patient connection.
2. Invert the bubble trap (drip chamber).
3. Insert a syringe into either injection port and aspirate air until the bubble trap
(drip chamber) and IV line are free of air.
4. Place the bubble trap (drip chamber) right side up in the holder.
5. Open the clamp and continue the infusion.
Note: Warming set may be used for multiple units of blood.
DO NOT warm Platelets or Cryoprecipitate
Return warmer to Central Processing for cleaning.
Chart in computer documentation in Equipment/DME/downtime form # 6630-033 under
Nursing Flow/downtime form # 6630-032
1. Record the warmer number
2. Beginning temperature and ending temperature
3. Patient’s condition checked frequently
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