Portable Data Recorder HMG 4000
Portable Data Recorder
HMG 4000
5.7" Colour Touchscreen
Up to 38 sensors can be connected
Automatic Sensor Detection
The HMG 4000 portable data recorder is a
portable measurement and data acquisition.
It was mainly developed for all measured
variables in relation with hydraulic systems,
such as pressure, temperature, flow rate
and linear position. Moreover, it provides a
very high flexibility, even when it comes to
evaluating other measured variables. The
main applications are servicing, maintenance
or test rigs.
The data recorder has a very easy-tooperate user interface due to its large 5.7"
touchscreen. The operator can access all of
the device’s functions and settings by means
of clearly presented selection menus.
The HMG 4000 can record the signals of up
to 38 sensors at once.
For this purpose, HYDAC ELECTRONIC
offer special sensors which are automatically
detected by the HMG 4000 and whose
parameters such as measured variables,
measuring ranges and measuring units can
be set.
On the one hand, there are the HYDAC HSI
sensors (HYDAC Sensor Interface) for the
measurement of pressure, temperature and
flow rate, for the connection of which there
are 8 analogue input channels.
Furthermore, there is the option of
connecting HYDAC SMART sensors to these
inputs. SMART sensors can display several
different measured variables at a time.
The HMG 4000 can optionally be connected
to an existing CAN network. This enables the
recording of measured data transmitted via
CAN bus (e.g. motor speed, motor pressure)
in combination with the measured data from
the hydraulic system.
The device also offers measurement inputs
for standard sensors with current and voltage
The HMG 4000 rounds off the application
with two additional digital inputs (e.g. for
frequency or rpm measurements).
The most impressing feature of the
HMG 4000 is its ability to record the dynamic
processes of a machine in the form of a
measurement curve and render them as a
HYDAC software HMGWIN, which is specific
to the HMG 4000, is supplied for convenient
post-processing, rendering and evaluation of
measurements on your computer.
Special features:
● Large, full- colour graphics display
5.7" touchscreen
● Capable of recording up to 38 sensors at
once, 8 analogue, 2 digital sensors and 28
HCSI sensors via CAN bus.
● Up to 100 measurement channels can be
depicted simultaneously
● High-speed sampling rate, up to
8 sensors at 0.1 ms at a time.
● Quick and independent basic setting by
use of automatic sensor recognition
● Analogue inputs 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA
Voltage 0 to 50 V, -10 to 10 V
● PT 100/1000 input
● Connection to a CAN bus system
(also J1939)
● Simple and user-friendly operation,
intuitive menu
● Practical, robust design
● Very large data memory for archiving
measurement curves. Enables the storage
of 500 measurements with up to 8 million
measured values.
● Various measurement modes:
– Normal measuring
– Fast curve recording
– Long-term measurements
● Recording of dynamic processes "online" in
real time
● Event-driven measurements with several
triggering options
● Programming function for HYDAC switch
● PC interface via USB
● USB Host connection for USB memory sticks
● Convenient visualisation, archiving and data
processing using the HMGWIN software
E 18.103.0/11.16
Up to 28 special HYDAC HCSI sensors
(HYDAC CAN Sensor Interface) can be
connected additionally via the CAN bus port,
also supporting automatic sensor detection.
● Clear and graphical colour selection menus
intuitively guide the operator to all the
device functions available and ensure fast
E 18.103.0/11.16
● The HMG 4000 can record the signals of up
to 38 sensors simultaneously.
11 push-pull M12x1 input sockets are
available as sensor interfaces. Apart from the
push-pull sensor connection cable, M12x1
standard cables can also be used.
● The following sensors can be connected to
the 8 black input sockets:
– 8 analogue sensors (e.g. for pressure,
temperature, and flow rate) with the special
digital HSI interface (HYDAC Sensor
Interface); this means the basic device
settings (measured variable, measuring
range and unit of measurement) are
undertaken automatically
– 8 standard analogue sensors with current
and voltage signals
– 8 Condition Monitoring sensors *)
(SMART sensors); again, the basic device
settings are carried out automatically
● The blue input socket provides 2 digital
inputs, e.g. for 1 or 2 HYDAC speed sensors
(2nd speed sensor connection via Y adapter).
Frequency measurements, counting functions
or triggers can also be implemented for data
● Different CAN bus functions can be
implemented via the red input socket:
– Connection of up to 28 HYDAC HCSI
sensors (HYDAC CAN Sensor Interface) by
setting up a CAN bus with HCSI sensors
and the relevant connection accessories,
also with automatic parameterisation.
– Connecting to a CAN bus, you have
the option of evaluating up to 28 CAN
– Configuration of CAN sensors; the
parameterisation is performed by means
of EDS files, which can be stored and
administrated in the HMG 4000.
● The yellow input socket serves as the
interface for HYDAC pressure, temperature
or level switches with I/O link as well as for
the programming device HPG P1. These
devices can be parameterised by means of
the HMG 4000.
● The most impressive function of the
HMG 4000 is without doubt its ability to record
dynamic processes as a measurement curve
"online", i.e. in real-time, and to render them
as graphs. During the recording process of
a measurement curve, you can zoom in the
curve sections of interest using gestures on
the touchscreen.
● For the purpose of recording highly dynamic
processes, all 8 analogue input channels can
be operated simultaneously at a sampling
rate of 0.1 ms.
● The data memory for recording curves or logs
can hold up to 8 million measured values.
At least 500 of such data recordings in full
length can be stored in an additional archiving
● For specific, event-driven curves or logs,
the HMG 4000 has four independent triggers,
which can be linked together logically. In
addition, there is a "start/stop" condition,
by means of which a measurement can be
initiated or finished.
● User-specific device settings can be stored
and re-loaded at any time as required. This
means that repeat measurements can be
carried out on a machine again and again
using the same device settings.
● Measured values, curves or texts are
visualised on the full colour graphics
display in different selectable formats and
display forms.
● Numerous useful and easy-to-use auxiliary
functions are available, e.g. zoom, tracker,
differential value graph creation and individual
scaling, which are particularly for use when
analysing the recorded measurement curves.
Figure: Using the magnifying gesture with two fingers, the
operation is carried out – zooming in this case
● The communication between the HMG 4000
and a PC is performed via the built-in USB
port. A HMG 4000 connected to your PC is
recognised and depicted as a drive by the PC.
You can thus move measured data to your PC
conveniently. Optionally, data transfers can be
carried out via a file manager by means of a
USB memory stick.
The PC software HMGWIN is also supplied
with the device. This software is a convenient
and simple package for analysing and archiving
curves and logs which have been recorded
using the HMG 4000, or for exporting the
data for integration into other PC programs if
In addition it is possible to operate the
HMG 4000 directly from the computer. Basic
settings can be made, and measurements can
be started online and displayed directly on the
PC screen in real-time as measurement curves
Some examples of the numerous useful
additional functions:
● Display of the measurements in graph form or
as a table
● Overlay of curves, for example to document
the wear of a machine (new condition/current
condition) (function available mid-2017)
Max. closing pressure
169.7 bar
Max. closing pressure
160.6 bar
HMGWIN can be run on PCs with Windows
7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 operating
● Zoom function:
Using the mouse, a frame is drawn around an
interesting section of a measurement curve,
which is then enlarged and displayed.
Fig.: Zoomed section of measurement curve
● Using mathematical operations (calculation
functions, filter functions), new curves can be
● Snap-shot function:
comparable to the function of a digital
camera, a picture can be taken immediately
of any graph and saved as a jpg file.
● A professional measurement report can be
produced at the click of a mouse:
HMGWIN has an automatic layout function.
Starting with a table of contents, all recorded
data, descriptions and graphics and/or tables
are combined into a professional report and
saved as a pdf file.
● Online function (HMGWIN only):
Starting, recording, and online display of
measurements (similar to the function of an
● Change of axis assignment of the recorded
measurement parameters in graph mode (e.g.
to produce a p-Q graph)
● Accurate measurement of the curves using
the ruler tool (time values, amplitude values
and differentials)
● Individual comments and measurement
information can be added to the graph
(function available mid-2017)
*) SMART sensors
(Condition Monitoring ´sensors) are a
generation of sensors from HYDAC
which can provide a variety of different
measurement variables.
E 18.103.0/11.16
reduction to
4.86 bar
Technical data:
Analogue inputs
Input signals
8 channels M12x1 Ultra-Lock
flange sockets (5-pin)
channel A to channel H
Accuracy dependent on the
input range
Digital inputs
Input signals
2 channels M12x1 Ultra-Lock
flange socket (5-pin)
channel I, J
Input signals
28 channels M12x1 Ultra-Lock
flange socket (5-pin)
channel K1 to K28
Baud rate
Calculated channels
Programming interface
For HYDAC I/O-Link devices
Voltage supply
Network operation
Battery charging time
Battery life
USB Host
Plug-in connection
USB Standard
Transmission rate
Voltage supply
Power supply
USB Slave
Plug-in connection
USB Standard
Transmission rate
Voltage supply
Power supply
Measured value memory
E 18.103.0/11.16
Technical standards
IP class
Ambient conditions
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Max. operating altitude
Housing material
Order details:
HYDAC HSI analogue sensors
Voltage signals: e.g. 0.5 to 4.5 V, 0 to 10 V etc.
(input ranges for 0 to 50 V, 0 to 10 V,
0 to 4.5 V, -10 to 10 V)
Current signals, e.g. 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 20 mA
(input range 0 to 20 mA)
1 x PT 100 / PT 1000 (at channel H)
≤ ± 0.1 % FS at HSI, voltage, current
≤ ± 1 % FS at PT 100 / PT 1000
Digital status (high/low)
Frequency (0.01 to 30,000 Hz)
PWM duty cycle
Times (e.g. period duration)
Switching threshold/switch-back threshold: 2 V / 1 V
Max. input voltage: 50 V
≤ ± 0.1%
HYDAC HCSI sensors, CAN, J1939,
CANopen PDO, CANopen SDO
10 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s
≤ ± 0.1%
4 channels via virtual port L
(channel L1 to channel L4)
1 channel via M12x1 Ultra-Lock
flange socket (5-pin)
HMG 4000 – 000 – X
Operating manual and documentation
D = German
E = English
F = French
Scope of delivery
●● HMG 4000
●● Power supply for 90 to 230 V AC
●● Tether strap
●● Operating Instructions
●● Data carrier with USB drivers and
HMGWIN software
●● USB connector cable
●● Pressure, temperature and flow rate measuring transmitter with
HSI sensor detection and CAN pressure measuring transmitter
with HCSI sensor detections – see separate data sheet
●● Additional accessories, such as the push-pull sensor
connection cables, connection accessories for the HCSI CAN
sensors, mechanical connection adapters, etc. can be found in
the "Accessories Service Devices" catalogue section.
9 to 36 V DC via standard round plug 2.1 mm
3.6 V; 9300 mAh
approx. 5 hours
w/o sensors roughly 11 hours
with 2 sensors roughly 9 hours
with 4 sensors roughly 7 hours
with 8 sensors roughly 4 hours
TFT-LCD Touchscreen
VGA 640 x 480 Pixel
10 to 100% adjustable
USB socket, Type A, screened
2.0 (USB Full speed)
12 Mbit/s
5 V DC
100 mA max.
Short-circuit protection to GND (0 V)
USB socket, Type B, screened
2.0 (USB High speed)
480 Mbit/s
5 V DC
100 mA max.
Short-circuit protection to GND (0 V)
16 GB for min. 500 measurements, each containing
8 million measured values
IEC 61000-4-2 / -3 / -4 / -5 / -6 / -8
EN 61010
IP 40
  0 to 50°C
-20 to 60°C
  0 to 70%
2000 m
approx. 285 x 189 x 87 mm (B x H x T)
approx. 1,850 g
Plastic (Elastollan® R 3000 – TPU-GF)
The information in this brochure relates to the operating conditions
and applications described.
For applications or operating conditions not described, please
contact the relevant technical department.
All technical details are subject to change without notice.
Hauptstraße 27, D-66128 Saarbrücken
Telephone +49 (0)6897 509-01
Fax +49 (0)6897 509-1726
E-mail: electronic@hydac.com
Internet: www.hydac.com
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