ePortal Overview

ePortal Overview
ePortal Overview
Table of Contents:
What is ePortal?
The ePortal Tablet
Section I.
What is ePortal?
ePortal is a new product developed by MXN Corporation that is designed as an affordable
solution that allows a large number of students to simultaneously connect to the Internet in any
classroom and at any time. With the mandate for online testing becoming more prevalent with each
passing year, traditional computer labs have come under tremendous pressure to serve grade level
testing needs due to low machine to student ratios. With ePortal tablet technology deployed on mobile
carts, students need not leave their desks to test at all and multiple classes can test at the same time.
Section II.
The ePortal Tablet
The ePortal tablet is an Android based touchscreen tablet that includes a protective case, keyboard and
stand to prop up the screen. It does not use “apps”. Rather, it works like a web browser. Links (or
Favorites) are configured into dashboards that students can use to browse to various websites. The
above tablet is only configured with one dashboard and one link at present, “Benchmark Testing”. This
link leads to the login portal for Discovery assessments.
The back of the case has a stand to prop the tablet up at an appropriate viewing angle for use with the
keyboard. It is not adjustable and should be fully extended, otherwise it may collapse and the tablet will
slam down onto the table. This will also happen if a student pushes back the tablet without accounting
for the prop behind it so care must be taken as students get familiar with ePortal tablets.
Above are the power and volume buttons, exposed on the right side of the case. To power on the
device, simply press the power button for a second and release. The unit will power up, showing the
ePortal logo and then connect to the ePortal network. Once it has authenticated on the ePortal
network, it will download any dashboard updates and then display the dashboard screen.
To power off, click and hold the power button for a second. A pop up on screen will provide options to
either reboot or shut down the device. For storage, it is imperative that the devices be properly shut
down. This will prevent overheating in the cart and ensures that dashboards will be updated the next
time they are turned on (if any changes have been made).
The keyboard plugs into a mini-USB port near the headphone jack at the top of the device.
Unfortunately, this is the same port that charges the device. When taking a tablet out of the cart, the
keyboard will be have to be plugged into the USB port.
When putting away the device, the keyboard will have to be very carefully unplugged from the port and
laid into the spine of the case so the port can be used for charging. It is a delicate part and very likely to
break with any rough or careless handling. Damage caused by rough use will not be covered under
Dashboards can be selected by swiping right to left. Since there is currently only one dashboard, this is
not possible at present. To start Benchmark Testing, simply tap the link icon. It will then open up
Discovery at the logon page. Enter the logon information as usual and proceed to test. Be aware that
students may need to swipe up or down to see all the information on screen if the test questions or
selections take up more space than can be displayed on one screen.
Caveat: There is currently no “home” button available to immediately browse back to the dashboard.
Either the back button must be selected to back all the way out from a browsing session until the
dashboard is reached or the tablet can be restarted as described above. A “home” button has been
requested and is being worked on by MXN developers for a future release.
The roll carts can hold up to 24 ePortal tablets each. They are light and maneuverable and don’t take up
much space. The tablets must be stacked in pairs to fit properly as demonstrated in the photo above.
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