User Instructions for RGCC Color Mixing Software

User Instructions for RGCC Color Mixing Software
User Instructions for RGCC Color Mixing Software
1. Go to:
2. If you are a current registered user of our DMX or OMX software with an existing account, you will
have to setup your password again – to do this, click on the “Forgot your Password” link. See below.
This will prompt you to enter the email of your registered account. Follow this and an email link will be
sent to your account to enter or change your password.
If you are a new user that does not have an existing account, please register for access to the software.
Once your new account request is approved via email, you will be able to access the system.
3. When you first access the RGCC home page, you will see the screen below with the different ink
brands of Rutland Group. Choose the ink brand that you are currently using or planning to use. This will
set your chosen brand as your default. From then on, only your chosen ink brand will be available to
If you need access to another brand, send an email request for additional approval.
4. After you have chosen the ink brand, you will enter the Online portal page as below, where you will
find the Online and Desktop Systems.
5. If you are a current user of our DMX Software, please click on the Download DMX Migration Tool
(marked as 1 in the screenshot on step 5). This will transfer a copy of your color formulas from DMX to
the RGCC system. Close your DMX software and run the migration tool. Click on “Migrate now”
At this point all your color mixing formulas from DMX system are saved in the RGCC desktop version.
If you are a new user that does not currently use our DMX Ink Mixing Solution, click on Download
desktop version (marked as 2 in the screenshot on step 5) to download the desktop software. Follow
steps below.
Double click in the installer package and click Next on all the options.
Launch the program after the installation.
6. The first time use of the Desktop version requires you to login. Use the same information user profile
information as the online version.
7. Once you have accessed the Desktop software, you can refer to the User’s Manual/Guide for further
We recommend clearing out your cache or history to avoid any issues with viewing the RGCC formulas.
The following browsers are recommended based on our testing as compatible with the RGCC software:
Internet Explorer - Version 11
Mozilla Firefox - version 49
Google Chrome - version 53
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