hinges - Flints

hinges - Flints
A right-handed opening hinge is taken
to be when the door opens towards you
with the door handle on the right.
A left-handed opening hinge is taken to
be when the door opens towards you
with the door handle on the left.
left-handed opening
right-handed opening
NB: Hinges are sold in pairs — a pair being two complete units, enough to hang a door. Confusion arises as we sell hinges as loose-part hinges resulting
in a pair consisting of four separate pieces! Lift-off hinges are handed and the illustration above will help you choose the correct hand. The diagram
assumes the hinges are fixed into edge of door and the side of the reveal — not flat across the face.
Flints Exhibition Pin
Hinge A hinge for general scenery
Flints Exhibition Pin Hinge code
knuckle leaf
10 pairs and 20 pins 45 mm 45 mmFHS125
Spare pins bag of 100FHS125P
Flints Opera Pin Hingecode
knuckle leaf
10 pairs and 20 pins 68 mm 45 mm FHS127
Spare bag of 100 pinsFHS127P
Pin Hinges [Loose-part backflap]
Triple E Pin Hinge Winner of
the ABTT Product of the Year. Well,
1984 was a while back now but the
Triple E Hinge remains as popular as
ever. It was specially designed for
the theatre market and resolves
many familiar problems for the
theatre carpenter. It has a sturdy
pin that forms a better fit and can be ‘knocked’ in or out. Offset fixing
holes help to prevent timber splitting, and a centrally located square
hole, to take the head of a 6 mm coach bolt, allows immense strength
for fixing. Notched sides allow for fixing near awkward timber joins.
Each hinge comes complete with a pin. Pins are also sold separately.
but only in 13⁄4” size. Steel, self-coloured.
Triple E Hinge and Pin
knuckle: 2”
leaf: 21/8”
A “Rolls Royce” hinge for heavy
touring shows. Packed with all the
features of the Exhibition Pin Hinge
4 Black powder coated finish
to protect against corrosion
during storage and to reduce
possibility of being seen during
the performance
Perfect choice 4 Heavy-gauge steel to reduce possibility of bending when
for heavy
the scenery is being loaded on and off trucks
touring shows 4 68 mm dimension along knuckle fits 3 x 1” nominal
timber perfectly
4The extra length helps guard against the hinge twisting out of
alignment if it is accidentally knocked
445 mm leaf width still fits on 3 x 1” when another flat is adjoining
at right angles
4Tough 5 mm diameter pin
4Design enables to hinge to open through full 270°
Steel, black powder coated.
use with the following features:
4 Good knuckle clearance for easy
and quick location
4 45 mm knuckle length designed
to fit along 2 x 1” nominal timber
4 When used to join 3 x 1” nominal
Best value
timber at right angles it will fit
the timber without overhanging
the inside of the frame
4The corners are rounded so that they cannot become a hazard
4The pin is very robust to withstand being clouted with a hammer
4The pin has good dimensional clearance within the knuckle for
easy location
4The end of the pin has a good tapered lead but no sharp point
4The screw holes are slightly offset to avoid the possibility of
splitting the timber
4They are neatly packed in boxes of ten pairs and are supplied
complete with 20 pins
4 They open through full 270° so they can be used reversed on gate
leg rostra
4They are economically priced for the bulk user — remember the
price includes the pins! Steel, self-coloured.
Flints Opera Pin Hinge
The old favourite! Used extensively
throughout the theatre and related
industries for holding together
scenery and strengthening battens.
When used with Loop or Clip Pins,
it is an immensely fast way to fit
together a set. Our loose-part
hinges are specially made with
clearance between the knuckles.
Fixings [not supplied]: 11⁄2”, 13⁄4“ and 2 “
hinges take No.8 [4 – 4.5 mm] fixing screws.
Steel, self-coloured.
NB: Pins are not supplied, see page
228 for Pins.
Pin Hinges
code box of 10 pairs 8 boxes+
knuckle: 11⁄2” leaf:13/4”
HNG020 £6.80
HNG021 £8.40
HNG022 £8.90
The above prices are for full boxes of hinges.
500+ Triple E hinge & pin = £1.75 per pair
Triple E Pincode
price 100+
13/4”HNG040 £0.38£0.32
Flints, Queens Row, London, SE17 2PX
T: 020 7703 9786
Loose Butt Hinges Used
Backflap Hinges Mainly used
in theatres for fixing together two
pieces of scenery which will remain
together permanently, such as flats
that are “booked”, or to act as a
fixing between two items that are
not at right angles. The two parts of the hinge will go from a closed
position through 270º to its fully open position making them suitable
for folding-gate rostra.
SPECIFICATION: Fixings [not supplied]: 11⁄2”, 13⁄4” and 2” hinges use No.8 [4 or 4.5 mm] screws;
3” use No.10 [5 mm] fixing screws. Steel, self-coloured.
Backflap Hinges
knuckle:11⁄2” 13⁄4”
3” quantity
10 pairs
10 pairs
10 pairs
per pair
£7.20 [per box]
£9.20 [per box]
£9.40 [per box]
£2.61 [per pair]
£6.20 [8 boxes+]
£7.70 [8 boxes+]
£7.90 [8 boxes+]
£2.22 [25 pairs+]
Bolt Hinge These are 2”
backflaps with one flap drilled with
a centred 11 mm hole. Designed to be
used in conjunction with boss plates
to secure scenery to the floor. Loose
packed. Steel, self-coloured.
For Boss Plates see page 128
Bolt Hinge
knuckle: 2” leaf:21/4”
HNG057 £1.85
£1.65 [80 pairs+]
Rostrum Hinge A 2” backflap
which has one flap countersunk on
the opposite side to the other. These
are for hinging end gates on foldinggate rostra where the hinges have
to be mounted in reverse to the
usual manner. A very subtle touch! It
is so nice that some people are still
making these lovely constructions.
Steel, self-coloured.
Rostrum Hinge
knuckle: 2” leaf:21/4”
HNG053 £0.99
£0.87 [100 pairs+]
Butt Hinges Used for hinging
internal, external and cupboard doors
when the hinge is required to be
mounted on the edge of the timber. The
gauge of the steel increases with the
size of the hinge. Don’t forget we price
and sell hinges in pairs — enough to hang
a door.
SPECIFICATION: Fixings [not supplied]: 2” hinges use
4 x No.6 [3.5 mm] screws; 21⁄2” use 6 x No.6 [3.5 mm]
screws; 3” use 6 x No.8 [4 mm] screws; 4” use 8 x No.8
[4 mm] screws. Steel, self-coloured.
Don’t forget we
price and sell
hinges in pairs
Butt Hinges
knuckle:2” leaf: 3/4”
Flints, Queens Row, London, SE17 2PX
100 pairs+
anywhere that the hinge in the edge
of a piece of timber, such as a door or
a rostra, is required to come apart to
travel or store. Hinges are supplied with
the type of pin shown but for easier use
choose a Standard Loop Pin [page 228] which fits sizes 21⁄2” and 3”.
SPECIFICATION: Fixings [not supplied]: 2” hinges use 4 x No.6 [3.5 mm] screws; 21⁄2” use
6 x No.6 [3.5 mm] screws; 3” use 6 x No.8 [4 mm] screws; 4” use 8 x No.8 [4 mm] screws.
Steel, self-coloured.
Loose Butt Hinges code
knuckle: 2” leaf 1” HNG070
21⁄2”1” [fits Standard Loop Pin] HNG071
3” 1” [fits Standard Loop Pin] HNG072
4” 1” HNG073
Lift Off Butt Hinges Allows
your doors to be removed from the door
frame for use either when travelling or
for changing doors in a scene change.
Please ensure correct handing when
ordering. The top of page 225 has all
the information. A useful tip is to saw 10
mm off the pin on the lower hinge of a
door. You can then locate the top hinge pin first, then concentrate on
the lower hinge. It is much easier. Steel, self-coloured.
Lift Off Butt Hinges [Right-Hand]
knuckle:3” leaf:1”
4” 1”
Lift Off Butt Hinges [Left-Hand]
3” 1”
4” 1”
1 pair
Rising Butt Hinges Designed to
raise a door as it opens, the rising butt
ensures that your doors do not catch
on the carpet or on uneven flooring.
Please ensure correct handing when
ordering. The top of page 225 has all the
information. These hinges tend to selfclose the door as the weight of the door
bears down on the bevel. They won’t
necessarily close the door the whole way but most people notice the
door is moving and shut it behind them rather than leaving it open.
Rising Butt Hinges [Left-Hand] code
knuckle:3” [opens to 31/2”] leaf:11/2” HNG080
4” [opens to 41/2”] 2” HNG082
Rising Butt Hinges [Right-Hand] code
3” [opens to 31/2”] 11/2” HNG081
4” [opens to 41/2”] 2” HNG083
Butt Hinges Electro-Brassed
Used for decorative purposes, mainly on
furniture, where the hinge is required in
the edge of a piece of timber, such as
a door.
SPECIFICATION: Fixings [not supplied]: 11⁄2” and 2”
hinges uses 6 x No.4 [3mm] screws; 21⁄2” uses 6 x
No.6 [3.5mm] screws. Electro-brassed.
Butt Hinges Electro-Brassed code
knuckle: 11⁄2” leaf: 3/4” HNG090
2” 7/8” HNG091
21⁄2” 1” HNG092
T: 020 7703 9786
Steel Flush Trap Hinge These
are super tough hinges ideal for heavy-duty
stage traps. They present a totally flush
top surface and allow the flap to open fully
back on itself. Constructed from plated steel
folded right around the 5 mm Ø pins leaving
5 mm thick leaves. Plated steel, self-coloured.
See Flush Trap Handles [page 223].
12 mm
5 mm
Steel Flush Flap Hingecode
knuckle: 45 mm open width: 150 mm HNG400
Bar Back Flap These solid brass hinges
Bomber Hinges Double-action spring
hinge that allows heavy doors to be opened in
either direction, and return to a centre closed
position when released.
Steel hinges, silver powder coated.
Bomber Hinges code
A:3” B: 33/4” closed: 23/4” open: 41/2” HNG150
43/4” 3” 51/4” HNG151 £22.32
63/4” 4” 7” HNG153 £37.00
Weld Hinges These hinges made from
3 mm steel plate can be welded to scenery to
form lift-off or captive hinges. Sold per flap.
Steel, self-coloured.
Weld Hinges
suits pins code price
knuckle: 38 mm leaf: 51 mm
8 mm Ø HNG041£1.20
will be a familiar sight to many theatre staff
but they can be useful on stage as well.
The double joint allows a totally flush top
surface unlike most hinges which have to
be positioned with the knuckle proud. Ideal
for small stage traps. Brass.
Bullet Hinges Weldable hinges. Sold in pairs
[enough to hang a door] consisting of two male and
two female weldable parts and washer. Steel with brass disc.
Bullet Hinges code
60 mm HNGBH2
100 mm HNGBH4
Bar Back Flapcode
knuckle:11/2” open width: 4” HNG301
Single Action To Open Mild steel spring
hinge designed to hold lightweight scenery doors
in open position.
Fixings [not supplied]: 6 off No.8 csk screws.
To open
Single Action To Close Designed to hold
lightweight scenery doors in the closed position.
Fixings [not supplied]: 6 off No.8 [4 mm] csk screws.
Continuous Hinges These 72” long selfcoloured mild steel hinges with a steel pin are used for
hinging metal or timber scenery where support along
the full hinging face is required. Available undrilled or
drilled and countersunk. For extra heavyweight jobs
there is a 10 gauge hinge with 2” leaves [4” open]
which is ideal for welding. Mild steel, self-colour.
Undrilled code price
gaugeknuckleleafwidthgauge pin
Heavy-duty 16 72” 1” 2” 7 HNG116£12.80
Xtra heavy-duty
10 72”2”4”1 HNG113£36.27
Drilled & Countersunk code
Heavy-duty16 72”1” 2”7 HNG112 £17.14
Piano Hinges 72” long, each leaf is 1⁄2 “
wide by 22 gauge. Can be used on furniture, props
or lightweight scenery. Drilled and countersunk
for small screws. Tip: For rapid but strong fitting
use 20 mm Annular Ring Shank nails [page 237].
To close
Double Action Spring Hinge
Holds lightweight scenery doors in the
closed position but allows them to swing in
either direction.
Fixings [not supplied]: 6 off No.8 [4 mm] csk screws.
Spring Hingescode
To open [when screwed across back of door] HNG130
To close [when screwed across back of door] HNG131
Double action spring hinge HNG132
Piano Hinges gauge knuckle leaf code price
Electro-brassed22 72” 1/2” HNG110 £3.48
Nickel-plated22 72”1/2” HNG110NP£3.48
Screen Hinge A double-action hinge
normally used for folding screens. Suits
material no thicker than 19 mm.
Bright zinc-plated.
Screen Hingecode
knuckle: 60 mm leaf:25 mmHNG6000C£8.95
Flints, Queens Row, London, SE17 2PX
Steel T-Hinges
For surface fitting to thin
wooden doors, giving extra
support along the rails.
Black japanned.
T-Hinges T code
Light: 100 mm knuckle:69 mm leaf:20 mm HNG200
150 mm71 mm25 mm HNG201
200 mm80 mm29 mm HNG206
Medium:250 mm80 mm29 mm HNG207
350 mm118 mm35 mm HNG208
450 mm HNG205
T: 020 7703 9786
Closed Retaining Pins Will not rattle
loose or drop out when inverted. See page 224 for
an 150-piece assortment set of R Clips.
45 mm pin is soap-coated stainless steel, the rest are BZP.
Loop Pin No, not an attractive tall border plant but
one of our best-selling products. Flints supplies tens of
thousands of loop pins annually to the entertainments
industry. They are a high-quality wire product with a good
point, which are easy to insert from all the awkward angles
theatre carpenters can create to work from!
Steel, self-coloured.
Loop Pin Øcodeprice 100+ 1000+
length: 100 mm 3.25 mm [10 swg] FHS037 £0.15
£0.13 £0.11
Heavy Pattern Loop Pin These pins will fit the
Triple E hinges as well as 2”, 2 1⁄2” and 3” backflaps.
Steel, self-coloured.
Heavy Pattern Loop Pin code price
length: 100 mm Ø: 4 mm [8 swg] FHS037HP £0.19
100+ 1000+
£0.16 £0.14
Split Pins [Stainless steel AISI 316] Best
quality marine-grade split pins. Page 224 for an
assortment box of non-stainless split pins.
SS Split Pins
length: 10 mm
25 mm
32 mm
1.5 mm
2 mm
3 mm
code price 100+
GEN70609£0.16 £0.14
GEN70611 £0.25£0.23
GEN70614 £0.58£0.52
loaded bolt which can be held in the
retracted position by twisting the
bolt through 90º. Fixings [not supplied]:
4 off M6 countersunk machine screws.
10 bags+
10 bags+
Clip Pin Does the same job as the loop pin, but is a
sprung steel pin intended for those fixings where it
is important that the loop pin does not fall out such as
horizontal hinges on flown pieces.
Steel, self-coloured.
Clip Pin Øcode price
length: 85 mm 3 mm FHS038 £0.19
Spring Bolts code
base plate size O/A bolt length x Ø
40 x 75 mm 165 x 12 mm 35 mm DOR0840
40 x 120 mm 220 x 12 mm 70 mm DOR0841
Drop Nose Sword Pin code price
length: 114 mm Ø: 9.5 mm GEN145 £4.84
Clevis Pins 316-grade stainless steel pins
typically used in marine rigging screws. Length
is from under the shoulder to the hole centre.
Clevis Pins
18 mm
21 mm
23 mm
34 mm
34 mm
Øhole Ø
6 mm 1.3 mm
8 mm 1.3 mm
9.5 mm 1.6 mm
12 mm 3.9 mm
16 mm 3.1 mm
Stainless Steel Split Rings 316-grade
stainless steel rings which are easier to remove
and insert than ordinary split pins. Typically used
in marine clevis pins.
100+ 1000+
£0.14 £0.12
Drop Nose Sword Pin A useful
pin for securing items at speed. The spring
holds the pin securely without rattling and
the chain ensures the unit is not lost. The
overall length is 114 mm but when the nose
has dropped the useable length is between
30 – 50 mm. Steel, self-coloured.
Spring Bolts A strong spring-
Flints Exhibition Pin These medium-gauge pins
will fit Flints Exhibition Pin Hinges. Supplied as bags of 100.
Steel, self-coloured.
Flints Opera Pin Hinges. Supplied as bags of 100.
Black powder coated.
Flints Opera Pin Ø code price
length: 88 mm 5 mm FHS127P £14.00
Flints Opera Pin These heavy-gauge pins will fit
Flints Exhibition Pincode price
length: 65 mm Ø: 4 mm FHS125P £10.00
SS Split Ring
1.25 mm 15 mm
1.5 mm 19 mm
2 mm23 mm
code price 100+
GEN70604 £0.25£0.23
Linch Pins [Apple Keep] Available in 6 mm and 9.5
mm. Other sizes available to order.
Bright zinc-plated.
Linch Pin pin ØAcode
bolt Ø: 6 mm 36 mm 40 mm GEN141
9.5 mm 45 mm 53 mm GEN142
Closed Retaining Pins
OA length wire Ø rod size
45 mm 2 mm 15 mm
54 mm 3 mm 10-16 mm
104 mm 5 mm 20-28 mm
Flints, Queens Row, London, SE17 2PX
For Safety and Kilt Pins [page 116].
For Roll Pin Assortment Box [page 224].
T: 020 7703 9786
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