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EAX-2500 Operations and Wiring Ins No: 101322
The device has two different functions
* Default - Extended Bypass - If the unit is turned on and the door is open after the arming delay, the alarm will arm when the
door closes. If the door is closed and armed, when the door is opened the alarm sounds.
Timed Bypass - If the unit is turned on and the door is left open after the arming delay, the alarm will sound. If the door is closed
and armed, when the door is opened the alarm sounds.
Key Operations
There is a slight delay when rotating the key.
The Detex exit alarm has a positive stop in both directions of the cylinder key rotation (8 o'clock to 2 o'clock).
The key removal/insertion position is 12 o'clock.
On position
Insert the key and turn the key counterclockwise(CCW) to 8 o'clock. Resistance will occur at 9 o'clock, turn key through the
resistance to 8 o'clock, you may hear and feel a click. This is the on position. Turn the key back to the 12 o'clock position and
remove key. NOTE: With keystop installed the on position is 12 o'clock; when the key is removed the device is turned on.
Off position
Insert the key and turn the key clockwise(CW) to 2 o'clock. Turn the key back to the 12 o'clock position and remove key.
NOTE: With keystop installed the key cannot be removed in the off position.
Operations Arming/Disarming (Real Time Switching- power does not need to be reset)
Close the door and secure the tamper screw, turn the key CCW. The red LED will blink twice then the green LED will be on solid
for the arming delay time (default 15 seconds). After arming delay time, the green LED will turn off and the unit will beep
three times to indicate the unit is armed. When the door opens, the alarm will sound. Turn the key CW to turn the alarm off.
Slide Switches:
Status Indicator
*Default Status Indicator off - the LEDs will not blink to indicate armed/disarmed
Status Indicator on - a LED will blink every 3 seconds to indicate armed/disarmed state
Red=armed Green=disarmed
Auto Rearm (AUTO REARM)
*Default Auto Rearm off - the unit will be in extended bypass and the unit requires a key to reset the alarm condition
Auto Rearm on - the unit will be in timed bypass and when in alarm, the unit will rearm in 2 minutes after the door is secured
Disable Low Battery (Dis Lo Bat)
*Default Disable Low Battery off - the unit will give a low battery signal every 45 seconds when the battery is low and needs to be
Disable Low Battery on - the unit will not give a low battery signal when the battery is low or when a battery is not used
Extra wiring features
Remote bypass input - Terminals 3&4 can be wired to a dry open switch to allow authorized door access without alarm activation.
Call bell input - Terminals 7&8 can be wired to a dry open switch to activate the alarm for 3 seconds. Door bell feature.
Alarm Relay Output - Terminals 10, 11 & 12 can be wired to a dry contact input, the relay is triggered when the alarm sounds.
*As shipped from DETEX
Status Auto
101322 December 6, 2013
Detex Corporation, 302 Detex Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78130-3045
(830)629-2900 / 1-800-729-3839 / Fax (830)620-6711
E-MAIL: detex@detex.com INTERNET: www.detex.com
Wiring Indicator | Rearm Selector Switch Modes
Terminal or
Block Description *OFF *OFF | No Status indication. Device is in Extended Bypass Mode.
1 Power (AC or DC+) 12-24\/ OFF ON | No status indication. Device is in Timed Bypass Mode.
2 Power (AC or DC-) ON ON | Status indication active. Device is in Timed Bypass Mode.
Remote Bypass (Open Contact) Close to ON OFF | Status indication active. Device is in Extended Bypass Mode.
4 Remote Bypass (Common) Activate
5 Magnetic Door Switch =
(Closed Contact, Door Secure) Open to А = q
Activate = > JE
6 Magnetic Door Switch (Common) / = Terminal Block N = =
= SH =o
7 Call Bell / > and Selector 5 | Е я Terminal
Close to HS | Switches ( G la block
8 | Call Bell Activate | Е EN E=C
9 Not used = / ca
Alarm Relay Es y, Dis Lo Bal 5
10 Remote Signal (Common) Contacts Y — AUTO REARM
Contacts rated
at Activate/De-activate Silent Arming (No 3-Beeps): Remove all power and open the
11 | Remote Signal (Open) 1.0A @ 30VDC or| | door/ door contacts. Turn key fully CW to disarm the unit. Hold the Call Bell button
0.5A @ 125VAC | | (terminals 7&8) closed and apply power. Use a jumper wire if the Call Bell feature
12 | Remote Signal (Closed) is not used. Red and Green LED's flash and siren chirps twice, after approximately 5
seconds release the Call Bell or remove jumper and install unit per instructions.
P/N 102700 SI=Status Indicator
Product varies based on L9=Less 9V Battery
configurable options ordered
Transformer necessary but not included
in all kits. Order separately as required.
Detex p/n:
12 VAC: PP-5152-3
24 VAC: PP-5152-2
Magnetic Switch Position: —| 6"-—
The preferred position of the
magnetic switch is the top of Input to transformer
the door, centered approx 6"
from the edge of door +1] Input to transformer +0]
as shown. White Black .
| White | White Black _ White
| MS2049 T =
MS-1039S (red wire
Magnetic Switch not used)
r “a
° — EAX-2500SK — EAX-2500
Device Device
— TN
[To Transformer_— _ EG \
Mortise Cylinder | = |
standard Yale cam |* To Magswitch— EG |
(not supplied) | |[> | Basic
| He] | Connections
Do not bring the conduit into the
top left corner of the back box.
This can interfere with the normal
operation of the tamper lever
— o —
* Use magnetic switch contacts
that are closed when door is
secure. See magnetic switch
documentation for more info.
DETEX 101322
1. Supplied ground strap MUST be connected from back box.
2. Back box MUST be grounded per National Electrical Code requirements.
3. Ground strap MUST be as short as possible. 3
4. Units are shipped with ground strap installed.
Ins No: 101322
1 [Remove cam assembly from cover:
2 | Install mortise cylinder with
(2) screws
ane Les Ve
Loosen screw and
rotate bracket
Remove Cam Assembly
cylinder nut provided:
Cam orientation
as shown
KEY STOP installation, if required:
(Key stop included in hardware kit)
If NO keystop, skip to step
this position
| |
| |
у ‘ y | 00 |
LEE before | |
> as Ten reinstalling y | KS used |
Г И E cam assembly | KS shown with |
C des; | standard |
. N Yale |
| style cam
| |
| |
If 7-pin cylinder is used - ||| |
OBSERVE = | о |
1 ey |
Collar required if = | |
|| || distance is greater = | KS2 used |
than 5/16". | with |
—— Optional collar can | KS2 shown Adams Rite |
be ordered from \ = X J small
| style cam |
| |
Detex (p/n: ECL-1595)
Back View
Hardware Kit
P/N: 102635
Includes Keystop parts
P/Ns: 105770-1 (KS), 105770-2 (KS2),
& screw P/N 101976-1
"ON" position
(Key can be removed)
Key shown in
90° stop "ON" position
"OFF" position
(Key cannot be removed)
0 0
Key shown
in "OFF" position
4 | Re-install cam assembly: 5 | Install 9-volt battery:
e >
4 Ze
> \ р
Note ground >
strap orientation
Rotate bracket to
original position
& hand tighten screw
= Fasten
Install device (Tilt and rotate device):
drill size for anchors:
6 Install back box (Box must be grounded):
Tamper screw
1/4 diameter
Detex supplied
or use a standard
4" x 4" x 2-1/2" outlet box
L_ Install ground strap
before mounting unit /
7 | Install device with (4) #6-32 x 2-1/8" screws:
//77 AN Y a
Tamper screw detail
Key Orientation
Detex supplied
or use
Red Dot box
Red 21H3-1
P/N 102649-X
TT 777
ON Orn
"ON" position
"OFF" position
#6-32 x 2-1/8" Machine screw
P/N: 102866-17
Cylinder nut
P/N: 100783
Parts breakdown depiction
(Mortise cylinder required)
Cylinder nut socket
P/N: 103779
Plastic Cover; P/N: 105430-1 (Gray), 105430-2 (Black)
Security plunger
P/N: 102619
Circuit board kit
P/N: 102661
#4-20 Plastite Screw
P/N: PP-5374-48
Cam assembly kit
P/N: 102660
Tamper bracket
P/N: 102701
Ci #8-32 Truss HD screw
LL P/N: 102627-15
“9 ®
Ground strap | 9V Battery
P/N: 104448 |) P/N: PP-5567
(or equivalent)
See back page for Operations and Wiring
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