Product catalogue - Develco Products

Product catalogue - Develco Products
Product catalogue
White label products for the entire IoT industry
Smart home • Energy management • Home security • Assisted living
Gateways • Meter interfaces • Sensors • Relays • Smart plugs
Sensors and alarms
Monitoring everything, the sensors and alarms can help residents keep a smart eye on their house
Motion Sensor
The Motion Sensor detects occupancy, light & temperature. With the ZigBee Motion Sensor, the user will be able to set
lights to turn on and off as people come and go. Moreover, a the temperature detector can be installed to trigger smart
thermostats or portable heaters to adjust the heat as people come and go.
Humidity Sensor
The Humidity Sensor monitors temperature and humidity levels in a building. By supervising the indoor climate, the ZigBee
based Humidity Sensor helps maintain the ideal comfort level and protect interior, electronics, musical instruments,
furniture, artwork, and any other humidity-sensitive household item.
Window Sensor
The Window Sensor detects and reports opening and closing of the doors and windows. Easily installed on any door
or window, the sensor triggers a signal when parted. The sensor also features a built-in temperature functionality. The
functionalities of the Window Sensor make it ideal for automatic lighting, access control, and home security solutions.
Smoke Alarm
The smoke alarm alerts residents about smoke with a loud sound as a warning. It can also activate the siren in other Smoke
Alarms in the building via ZigBee communication. Moreover, the Smoke Alarm reports the status and temperature via the
given smart home system.
Heat Alarm
The Heat Alarm is specifically useful in environments where a traditional optical smoke sensor can cause false detections.
This heat based fire alarm is designed for installation in private homes or garages with risk for smoky, dusty, or humid
environment. The thermo sensitive detector with ZigBee communication detects both rapidly increased heat and absolute
heat levels. It will alert you about fire with a loud sound as a warning or via a smart home solution.
Flood Alarm
The Flood Alarm provides an early warning to help avoid or reduce potential damage from water leakages. The Flood
Alarm has a built-in 85 dB siren that will sound an alarm when water is detected. The Flood Alarm is easily integrated with
other ZigBee based systems for smart home, energy management, assisted living, and home.
Key Fob
With the Key Fob, the user will be able to adjust various settings at home, such as the door opener, energy optimization via
controlling the light via a smart plug, burglar alarm, or a wireless smart home system. The Key Fob has 4 buttons which can
be configured according to the actual needs.
Smart plugs
Complete control of household devices
Smart Plug Mini
The Smart Plug Mini is the world’s smallest. It is an intelligent remotely controlled adapter that monitors the power
consumption as well as enables the user to control electrical equipment by switching it on or off remotely. The Smart Plug
Mini is easy to use, since it requires no installation. The user just has to put it into an electrical outlet and then plug in the
desired electrical device.
Type F (Schuko)
Used in: Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy,
Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, and
Type E (French)
Used in: Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Poland, and
Type G (British)
Used in: UK, Ireland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi
Arabia, Singapore, and United Arab Emirates.
Type E (Danish)
Used in: Denmark, India, Jordan, South Africa, and Morocco.
Smart relays
Remote power control for clusters of devices and wireless stream of consumption data
Combined power meter and wireless control
The smart relays enable you to switch your equipment on or off remotely. They grant wireless on/off control of clusters,
groups of appliances, or of individual elements. They also feature a power metering functionality, granting the user
access to monitoring the power - giving an increased overview of when and what unit groups consume most power.
Smart Cable
Smart Cable converts conventional power cables to a remotely controlled unit, which allows users to monitor their
power consumption. The Smart Cable enables the user to control plugged in electrical devices, with the option to switch
electronical equipment on or off.
Smart Relay 30A
With this ZigBee relay for heavy loads, the user is able to switch devices and equipment on/off remotely. It consists of a
plug-unit with built-in relay communicating with a gateway that supports ZigBee. This smart relay also features a power
meter functionality.
Smart Relay 16A DIN
The Smart Relay DIN 16 A enables the user to switch equipment on or off remotely. It grants wireless on/off control of
clusters, groups of appliances, or individual elements. It also features a power meter functionality, granting the user
access to monitoring the power - giving an increased overview of what unit groups consume most power and when.
Meter Interfaces
Data reporting with wireless communication for meters
Get realtime data wirelessly
Meter interfaces are a way of equipping third party meters with wireless communication technology, enabling
them to report data to your smart home system. By integrating our wireless communication module in a meter, the
smart home solution is expanded with energy management functionalities that help reduce energy consumption
and costs.
Prosumer Meter
The Prosumer Meter is designed to integrate household’s solar power modules in the smart energy or smart home
solution. It allows the user to monitor the energy production combined with the consumption, and gives an overview
of the total result of this.
External Meter Interface
The External Meter Interface serves as a ZigBee interface for your electronic meters at home. The meter interface
collects the information from the existing meters, and sends the data via ZigBee communication to appliances in
the building. The user can simply follow the energy consumption through a display, a computer or a mobile phone.
External Meter Interface - Norwegian HAN
The External Meter Interface serves as a ZigBee interface for electronic meters at home. The meter interface collects
the information from existing meters, and sends the data via ZigBee communication to appliances in the building. The
user can easily follow the energy consumption through a display, a computer or a mobile phone.
Kamstrup Interface
The meter interface equips Kamstrup meters with wireless communication. The module is mounted under the
standard meter cover and is compatible with single and poly phase meters. In addition to the standard ZigBee
metering functionality, the device supports a complete KMP protocol via ZigBee tunnel cluster, providing extended
meter functionality.
NES Meter Interface
The ZigBee and/or Wireless M-Bus module serves as a gateway between the wireless network and the NES
electricity meter powerline communication. The MEP device is capable of collecting meter readings from up to 16
different meter units in one system, e.g. water, gas and heating meters.
ZigBee Module
This ZigBee Module is a ready-to-use building block that can be mounted directly in any device or equipment
needing ZigBee communication. The wireless module has an internal antenna and comes with a 24-pole connector
with access to multiple I/Os. The module is available with standard software or with customized software.
All-in-one solution for connecting home devices across brands and wireless protocols Gateway
The Gateway is a modular platform for flexible Home Area Network.It connects wireless
devices through a communication protocol and reports data back to the user’s computer or smart
phone. The Gateway is configurable and an extremely flexible solution for connecting
networks based on different technologies.
The heart of wireless solutions
Develco Products’ gateway is a flexible white label platform for connecting all devices in a smart
home or energy management system. The gateway supports a wide range of communication
protocols including ZigBee, Z-Wave, WLAN, Wireless M-Bus, and Bluetooth Low Energy. The
gateway is based on a programmable Linux-platform and supports Java and OSGI.
The Gateway is configured when put into production. You can also design the appearance of the Gateway the
way you want. There are numerous design and colour options that can be tailored according to your needs.
Starter Kits
The ultimate product platform to get started with your wireless solution
Smart home in a box
Our starter kits provide you with a range of products and different possibilities. They are
a quick easy way of getting closer to your applications for smart home, energy control,
healthcare, and home security. With this box, you have a range of products to help you
accodate every need in home comfort and security. Both kits include:
• Gateway
• Smoke Alarm
• Motion Sensor
• Smart Plug Mini
• Window Sensor
Evaluation Kit Starter Kit
The Evaluation Kit allows users to try out the look, feel, and
functionality of our products, with access to firmware updates,
instruction videos, and documentation for an easy start through our
Support forum.
With the Starter Kit, you can develop your own
applications with unrestricted access to our software
development tools and a full test environment.
Key benefits
Key benefits
• Learn about product installation
• Includes all you need to getting started in minutes
• Access the demo application
• Software licence for development
• Access to Support forum
• Access to online documentation & software updates
• Test product performance
• Tools and instruction videos available
• Evaluate the functionality of the devices
• Configurations for C, C++, Python, and Java applications
• ProSyst image available directly from ProSyst
• Secure log-on using individual keys
Upgrade to Starter Kit
After having evaluated the products, you can upgrade your Evaluation Kit to a Starter Kit. This upgrade will provide you
with a software license that enables you to access a demo server, development tools, SDK with predefined configurations, as well as
engineering support.
Demo Application
The demo application enables you to add new products
to the wireless network, follow their current status, and
control electrical appliances via the smart plugs. Just
connect your PC or smartphone directly to the access
point of the gateway and you are ready to start using the
Wireless platform
Building your application on top of Develco Products’ open wireless platform enables you to focus on the quality of your
software. The platform includes the Gateway and a number of wireless devices already tested in large networks.
The Gateway offers a fully open wireless platform based on open standards. Implementing your application in C,
Phyton, Java or other language gives you full access to wireless networks based on multiple wireless standards.
Development tools
The platform is delivered with
demo application for a quick and easy start.
Develco Products provides a PC based
tool for generating, sending, receiving, and
interpreting ZigBee telegrams and other
Applications can access the hardware
interfaces through an application API. This
IoT Application & Cloud
API is accesible directly from an application
running on the gateway or from a server via
a SmartAMM middleware.
Linux, Java & OSGI
Full Test
Environment Gateway
variants are available, e.g.:
Linux for C and C++
Linux with Oracle Java for JVM7 or JVM8
Linux with Oracle Java, ProSyst Smart
Home middleware
(OSGI) (SmartAMM) (Custom)
Or you can modify the Linux platform
yourself to match your needs.
(Java) (C/C++) (Python) (Custom)
Application API
The application API can be accessed from
applications running on the gateway as well
from a hosted application running remotely.
The remote access runs through a separate
channel established between the gateway
and the server.
White Label Sensors, Smart plugs, & Meter Interfaces
For an easy access, a server middleware is
available that is called SmartAMM server
through, which you can debug the wireless
communication with the development tool.
The 3rd party application connects to the application API via a socket connection.
Support forum
In Support forum, you are given a great opportunity to be more acquainted with the Evaluation Kit, Starter Kit, and
wireless platform from Develco Products.
You can learn about the products, get to know how to join devices, and much more. You can watch the instruction videos and get
an answer for product-related questions thanks to the online documentation. What’s most important, you get the development
tools, firmware updates, and SDK as well as access to a demo application and a demo server.
10 Years of Experience
Since we rolled out our first commercial product over 10 years ago, Develco Products has experienced exponential growth
in sales. Today, we supply some of Europe’s biggest names in the areas of home automation, energy and security. Take a
look at our timeline below, and see for yourself how Develco Products continues to grow, thanks to our expertise in – and
demand for – smarter homes, across the world.
Develco was established
as an engineering
consulting comany
Development and
roll out of first meter
Develco Products founded
as a spin-out of Develco
focusing on Smart Grid
Launch of
White Label IoT
Launch of
4 new products
Products deployed
Lanuch of
ZigBee Top 10
product certifiers
Launch of
10 new products
Products deployed
US Market
Launch of
20 new products
Products deployed
Integration with
IoT Cloud Partners
Version 2.0
Launch of
5 new products
10 year anniversary
of Develco Products
About Develco Products
Develco Products delivers a wireless infrastructure platform for solution providers within
the smart home and energy management industries.
We provide high-volume customized products for companies supplying end-users with
Internet of Things solutions.
Tomorrow’s technology today
We are experts in wireless communication and have more than 10 years of experience in
developing products based on a wide range of wireless technologies.
We take pride in advancing the technology of Internet of Things, and work with leading
organizations and institutions in bringing you tomorrow’s wireless technology today.
Develco Products
Olof Palmes Allé 40
DK - 8200 Aarhus N
Phone: (+45) 87 400 370
[email protected]
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