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GW-QVGA-01A is a programmable control panel with QVGA
display / touchscreen adaptable to user specific functionality.
It can also be used as a user programmable gateway for an
interface between a human operator and an IQRF wireless
GW-QVGA-01A is a generic equipment, i.e. the hardware is
fixed and the user can realize specific functionality by
software only. It is intended for final production while
applications should be developed using the DS-QVGA-01
development set.
Key features
• Home automation
• Display / touchscreen 3.2“, 320 x 240 pixels, 256 K colors
• Access control
• 16b microcontroller
• Security systems
• Serial RAM (optional) and EEPROM memories
• Heating systems
• Temperature sensor
• IQRF wireless gateway
• Piezo buzzer
• Portable service tool for IQRF networks
• RTCC (real time clock/calendar)
• Control panel for arbitrary use (not for wireless only)
• Interface to IQRF transceiver module
• PC connectivity
• RS-485, USB and SD card interface
• Backup accumulator
• Internal antenna
• Very low power consumption in Sleep mode
• Wall assembly option
Block schematics
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Electrical specifications
(typical values unless otherwise stated)
Power supply
5.0 ± 0.35 V DC (micro USB)
7V–24V DC (clamp connector)
LI14500-700-1L, 3.7 V, 700 mAh, Li-Ion, AA
TFT LCD 3.2“, 320 x 240 pixels, 256 K colors
Used type: DI-QVGA-3.2-03 in GW-QVGA-01A(1) version
Supply current:
accumulator charging
47 mA 1 (display backlight off)
130 mA 1 (display backlight on)
20 µA 2
450 mA max.
Temperature range
0 °C to +70 °C
Frequency range
RF output power
Supported TR modules
868 MHz or 916 MHz (SW selectable)
According to the TR module
TR-52BA or higher, with integrated PCB antenna
Viewing display size
120 mm x 80 mm x 28 mm
81 mm (diagonal)
140 g 3
Note 1: This current is increased due to charging in case of external supply (depended on the accumulator state).
Note 2: All peripherals shut down.
Note 3: Including accumulator, without TR module and micro SD card.
Absolute maximum ratings
Stresses above those values may cause permanent damage to the device. Exposure to maximum rating conditions
for extended periods may affect device reliability.
Supply voltage (VCC):
Storage temperature:
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30 V DC (clamp connector), 5.5 V DC (micro USB)
-30 °C to +80 °C
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Power supply
GW-QVGA-01A is intended to be supplied from external stabilized 7 V – 24 V DC connected to clamp or 5V DC to
micro USB connector. Accumulator serves as a backup for external power source and should be charged from it. Use
only the proper power source and keep proper polarity according to the PCB print for the clamp connector.
GW reset (initialization / starting-up) can be invoked by the pushbutton on the side of the case. Use this pushbutton
to switch the GW on.
Sleep mode
This standby mode is intended for current consumption minimizing, especially in idle or while supplied from the
accumulator. It can be invoked by the program and terminated by the reset pushbutton. GW power is not switched
off, the Sleep mode is used instead.
QVGA display
Display / touchscreen 3.2“ diagonal, 320x240 pixels RGB, 262144 colors (graphic library uses 65535 colors only),
QVGA TFT LCD, transmissive, with LED backlight and 16b data bus.
Used type: DI-QVGA-3.2-03 in GW-QVGA-01A(1) version.
Proper display functionality requires a calibration (setting the touch sensors in accordance to display pixels) to
compensate variations in parameters due to temperature, tolerance of parts and so on. The GW has the display
factory calibrated and this can also be done in application software whenever needed (3x3 touches in places
indicated by an arrow). The calibration is stored to the EEPROM.
LED backlight can be switched on / off by the application software.
EEPROM memory
64 kb, serial interface SPI, 1 000 000 erase / write cycles (typ.).
RAM memory (optional)
64 kb, serial interface SPI.
RS-485 interface
The RS-485 circuitry is supplied directly from external source. Thus, it works with external supply only.
TR module and antenna
The TR-52BA or higher wireless IQRF transceiver module in SIM card format with integrated PCB antenna can be
User pushbutton
Functionality of the pushbutton on the front panel is fully depended on the user application.
External power
TR module
Micro USB
Clamp connector
Micro USB
SIM connector + through hole soldering for possible mechanical fixation
Clamp connector
SD card
DM3AT-SF-PEJ (Hirose). Delivered separately on request.
Soldering stripes
The cable to the clamp connector can be connected after breaking the molded cover at the bottom of the case.
Refer to the DS-QVGA-01 development set for detailed description and demo software.
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Product information
Pack list
GW-QVGA-01A, withDemo SW programmed, in Sleep mode
Accumulator (soldered)
Power source TY-A6-microUSB (5V DC, 500 mA, stabilized, with micro USB connector)
No TR module, no serial RAM and no SD connector included
Ordering codes
IQVCP visual control panel with USB connectivity
Recommended option
TR module with integrated antenna (other suitable types are also supported)
Serial RAM memory (Microchip)
SD card connector (Hirose)
Development set for GW-QVGA-01 and GW-QVGA-01A
Document history
• 110426
• 101207
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GW-QVGA-01A(1) version with display DI-QVGA-3.2-03
First release.
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