Assembly - Joymode

Assembly - Joymode
Do not plug in your hard floor cleaner until
you are familiar with all instructions and
operating procedures.
Your PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop assembles
quickly and easily. It is packaged with the
following items:
Handle Assembly with one screw
Handle Assembly
Lower Body
Maneuverable Mop Head
Removable Water Tank
Removable Easy Scrubber
(attached to mop head)
2 - PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop Pads
2 - Spring Breeze Fragrance Discs
Lower Body
1. Attach lower body to mop head by
snapping it into place.
2. Slide handle assembly down and screw
until tightened.
PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop assembly
is now complete.
Maneuverable Mop Head
Exercise extreme care when using the
PowerFresh® Pet on hardwood floors.
Prolonged application of steam in one area
increases the risk of damage to the surface
treatment on timber floors. Test steam mop
in an inconspicuous area before mopping
a large area. The steam mop generates hot
steam, so move the unit continuously when
depressing the trigger. The trigger does not
need to be depressed at all times.
Regular foot traffic and direct sunlight will
wear down timber floor surface treatment,
making it more susceptible to steam
damage. Check with your timber floor
treatment and application specialist prior
to steam mop operation.
Water Tank
2 PowerFresh Steam
Mop Pads
Special Features
Removable water tank
The water tank is located on the top of the
steam mop. It can be refilled with water any
time during use. Distilled or demineralized
water is recommended in place of tap water.
Do not use chemicals in the water tank
of your PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop.
SmartSet™ Steam Control
(Low, Medium, High) SmartSet™ Steam
Control indicator light will stop blinking when
PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop is ready to use.
Then press the Steam Level button to choose
the level of steam you desire.
Microfiber Mop Pads with Microban®
Antimicrobial Product Protection
Reusable microfiber mop pads are machine
washable and safe for virtually all hard floor
surfaces. Your stam mop may have come with
two different pads. The white microfiber pad
is best for everyday use on delicate flooring
like sealed hardwoods and laminate. The
gray and white striped pad can be used for
scrubbing heavily soiled floors and cleaning
tougher messes. The Microban® Antimicrobial
Product Protection fights odor causing
bacteria for a fresher and cleaner mop pad.
Removable Easy Scrubber
Quickly clean sticky messes by pressing the
Easy Scrubber with your foot and locking it
into position. Clean grout and crevices easily
with this effective tool.
Do not attempt to use your PowerFresh® Pet
Steam Mop without water in the tank. You may
hear a knocking sound indicating there is no water.
Getting ready
The mop pad may have already come
attached to the mop head, if not follow
steps 1a and 1b below.
1. Add Freshening Disc and attach mop pad
a. Insert Spring Breeze Freshening Disc
into pocket inside mop pad. Use the
whole disc for a refreshing scent or cut
in half for a lighter scent.
Never put descaling, alcoholic, or detergent products
into the steam cleaner, as this may damage it or make
it unsafe for use.
b. Set mop head in mop pad, making sure
quick-grip release tab is located on the back.
2. Fill the water tank
a. Remove tank by lifting straight up
and away from unit.
b. Unscrew cap at bottom of water tank.
c. Fill water tank with water. For best results,
water should be at room temperature.
d. Replace the cap, tighten until snug.
e. Replace water tank by gently sliding tank
into place and press down firmly.
3. Twist the Quick Release™ cord wrap
clockwise to unwrap the power cord completely
and plug into a 120-Volt outlet as described on
the Important Safety Instructions, page 3.
4. SmartSet™ Steam Select Indicator light will
glow when the steam mop is ready to use. Press
the Steam Level button to choose the level of
steam you desire.
NOTE: Upon first use of the PowerFresh®
Pet Steam Mop or first use after refilling the
water tank, the pump may make a “knocking”
sound. This is normal and should only last a
few seconds.
» Use of distilled water is
recommended to prolong
the life of your hard floor
Before you clean
Thoroughly sweep or vacuum floor prior to
cleaning with the PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop.
Cleaning hard floors
Your steam mop is designed to clean hard
flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate,
marble, stone and sealed hard wood floors. Use
of your steam mop on waxed or some unwaxed
floors may result in a diminished glossiness. The
steam mop is not for use on unsealed wood
floors. For best results test in an inconspicuous
area and check the care instructions from your
flooring manufacturer.
1. Plug the unit in and wait 30 seconds for it to
heat up. Choose the level of steam to clean your
floor: Low (delicate floors), Medium (regular
cleaning), High (durable floors or sticky messes).
Begin cleaning by slowly passing the unit over
the floor surface.
2. To sanitize an area of your floor, (attack
invisible germs and bacteria) place the
steam mop over the spot for a minimum
15 seconds using continuous steam, but no
longer than 20 seconds using continuous
steam. For larger areas, overlap swivel head
3. To thoroughly clean dried-on sticky spots
place the scrubby pad on the steam mop. Then
press and lock the Easy Scrubber brush into
place and slowly move the brush over the sticky
spot to remove.
4. To turn off the steam mop, continue to
press the Steam Level button until the blue light
is illuminated above the Steam Level button.
5. When the steam mop stops emitting steam,
unplug the unit. Simply remove the water tank,
refill, and continue steaming.
Never put descaling, alcoholic, or detergent products
into the steam cleaner, as this may damage it or make
it unsafe for use.
Tinted plates on foot may get hot while steam mop is
in use. Do not touch while hot.
Carpet Refresher Attachment (select models)
This accessory is recommended for the
refreshing of carpets. Once the steam mop
is cradled in the carpet refresher attachment,
it will easily glide over the carpet.
NOTE: Always be sure a mop pad is in place
before placing in carpet refresher attachment.
Only white mop pads should be used with
the carpet attachment. Do not use carpet
attachment on spots or stains, or glide it over
the same spot for no longer than 20 seconds.
1. Place the swivel mop head, with mop pad
attached, in the carpet refresher attachment.
NOTE: The PowerFresh® Pet Steam Mop rests
in the carpet refresher attachment (select
models) and may not stay attached to the swivel
mop head. It is meant to glide over the carpet.
2. Fill the water tank with water. Begin refreshing
your carpet or rug by pushing the steam mop in
a forward and backward motion, releasing steam
as you go.
3. When you have finished refreshing your
carpet or rug, unplug the steam mop and
remove from the carpet or rug.
NOTE: Move the steam mop and carpet refresher attachment in a continuous motion until you
are finished. This product is not intended to be
used as a carpet cleaner, only a carpet refresher
or deodorizer. Never attempt to use the steam
mop on carpet without the carpet refresher
attachment in place. DO NOT leave the mop in
a stationary position.
Maintenance & Care
When you’re done
1. Unplug power cord from outlet.
2. Carefully remove the mop pad using the Quick
Release™ tab from the mop head. The mop pad
and lower assembly may be hot. Remove Spring
Breeze Freshening Disc from mop pad.
3. Any water remaining in the water tank should
be emptied prior to machine storage.
4. Mop pad can be machine washed in warm
water. Use only liquid detergents. Do not use
fabric softeners or bleach. For best results, air
5. Wrap power cord around quick release cord
wrap on back of the steam mop.
To reduce the risk of electric shock, turn power switch off
and disconnect polarized plug from electrical outlet before
performing maintenance or troubleshooting checks.
Upright storage of the cleaner with a wet mop pad may
result in the formation of white marks on your floor. To
remove the white marks, clean area with vinegar.
6. Wipe all surfaces of the steam mop with a soft
cloth. Store upright in a protected, dry area.
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