LED Traffic Signs
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About Us
Intetra’s has been specializing in the research, production and integration of road safety
products. Other than its production range, Intetra is also distributing many international
companies in the region and also implementing their products according to customer
needs. By investing %40 of its income to R&D, Intetra focus on finding innovative solutions
to modern life complexities of transportation.
Intetra is developing and manufacturing; LED Variable Message Signs, LED Lane & Speed
Control Signs, Red Light and Speed Enforcement systems, Tunnel Safety Product,
Electronic Height Detection Systems, Traffic Signalization Systems, Solar and Electrical
Road Studs and Traffic Signs. All the products are CE approved and we are certified with
EN 12966, EN 12368 and ISO 9001.
We are highly dedicated to quality and innovation, which are helping us to success our aim
to be the most reliable company in the field. With our Reputation in Turkey and
surrounding countries, we have the ability to design and manufacture products that fit a
wide variety of needs in the industry.
LED Message & Information Panels......... 4
 Detection & Enforcement System............ 10
Traffic Signalling Solutions........................ 20
Traffic & Tunnel Safety Products.............. 24
Road Weather Information Systems........ 28
ITS Integration & Network Solutions....... 32
 LED Message & Information Panels
hh VMS (Variable Message Signs)
hh VTS (Variable Traffic Signs)
hh Passenger Information Displays
hh Mobile LED Information Trailers
VMS (Variable Message Signs)
 LED Message & Information Panels
Variable Message Signs are the key elements of ITS applications and they often used on highways to give
travelers information about special events. Variable message signs warn of traffic congestion, accidents,
incidents, roadwork zones, or speed limits on a specific highway segment. In urban areas, VMS are used
within parking guidance and information systems to guide drivers to available car parking spaces. They
may also ask vehicles to take alternative routes, limit travel speed, warn of duration and location of the
incidents or just inform of the traffic conditions.
Intetra has design and develop variable message sign for harsh road environment with many high end
technological features. Thanks to our new optical design we offer the highest optical ratio and avoid the
reflection. All our products are compliance with EN12966 standards. With our flexible products we offer
tailor made solutions according to our customer needs. We are able to meet different requirements of
size, housing type, design, communication and optical features.
Plug & Play Integration
Our newly developed plug & play integration system offers easily connection of any ITS equipments like
road weather sensors, traffic counters, cameras and radars even to a single VMS without need of any
complex control centers or communication protocols. With the intelligence of our products message signs
are able show the current data of these systems to the drivers.
Key Benefits
ffCompliance with EN12966
ffSingle LENS technology
ffLow Power Consumption
ffWide variety of communication options
ffCompatible with TCP/IP, NTCIP, PROFIBUS,
MODBUS protocols
ffIntelligent Fault Detection
ffSpecial Frontal Design to avoid the reflection
ffPlug & Play option
ffMulti point support Power Supply Design (Each Power Supplies are spares for each others)
ffSingle Point Continuous Control
ffEasy Maintenance and Installation
LED Message & Information Panels
VTS (Variable Traffic Signs)
 LED Message & Information Panels
Variable Traffic Signs are used widely for ITS applications and they often used on highways to give
travelers information about dynamic situation of the road, like weather information, current speed limit,
lane control information. They are usually smaller size according to the VMS and used especially on the
critical part of the road network like tunnel entrance, construction zones, meteorologically critical
locations, toll collection areas and etc.
Intetra offer special design according to customer needs and meet the criteria of the potential situation of
the road. Variable traffic signs can be with predefined pictograms or full matrix type.
Intetra system continuously monitor the current situation of the road network like weather conditions,
traffic speed and changes the information on the sign automatically without any operator support.
Our Variable Traffic Signs also have the plug and play option for most type of traffic situation
measurement devices.
Key Benefits
ffCompliance with EN12966
ffCustom Matrix design
ffSingle LENS technology
ffFrontal maintenance option
ffLow Power Consumption
ffWide variety of communication options
ffCompatible with TCP/IP, NTCIP, PROFIBUS,
MODBUS protocols
ffIntelligent Fault Detection
ffSpecial Frontal Design to avoid the reflection
ffPlug & Play option
ffMulti point support Power Supply Design (Each Power Supplies are spares for each others)
ffSingle Point Continuous Control
ffEasy Maintenance and Installation
Lane Control Signs:
Lane control signs are one of the mostly used variable traffic signs and used at the entrance and
inside the tunnels and forward drivers to the individual lanes according to the current situation of the
each lane in the tunnel.
Intetra’s standard lane control sign comes with 4 aspect of right arrow, left arrow, down arrow, and
cross sing with different and customized size options.
 LED Message & Information Panels
Speed Control Signs:
Speed control signs are also mostly used at the entrance and inside the tunnels and show the drivers
the current speed limit of the road or the tunnel according to the current situation of the traffic flow.
Intetra’s standard speed control sign comes with 4 aspects of 50, 70, 90 and exclamation sign.
LED Message & Information Panels
Radar Speed Warning Signs
 LED Message & Information Panels
Radar Speed Warning Sign is an interactive sign that displays vehicle speed while drivers approach.
The purpose of radar speed signs is to slow cars down by making drivers aware when they are driving
at unsafe speeds. Radar speed signs are often used in school zones, in construction zones, or on busy
residential roads and also the risky part of the road network like hairpin bends, tunnel entrance and etc.
Intetra offers fixed and portable model with many different options and sizes for radar speed signs with
a variety of different features. Our Standard model have a have stationary block letters that display the
words "your speed" and there is a LED screen area below this letters with the capability of showing the
different speed of the vehicles. Thanks to our low power design all the models can work with solar power.
Key Benefits
ffFlexible design for different requirements
ffLow Power consumption
ffSolar Power Option
ffSingle or full color option
ffCompliance with EN12966
ffLow weight and easy installation
ffFrontal maintenance option
ffNarrow Angle Radar option for high accuracy
ffCentral control option for single unit or all the network
ffStore all the measurements for evaluation and statistics
ffSpecial Frontal Design to avoid the reflection
ffFault detection option
Passenger Information Displays
 LED Message & Information Panels
A passenger information display is an electronic information system which provides real-time passenger
information. It may include both predictions about arrival and departure times, as well as information
about the nature and causes of disruptions.
Intetra has developed different types of LED passenger information display for train-metro stations, bus
stops and stations and airports. With help of our user friendly software, it is easy to integrate the displays
with the main management software.
Mobile LED Information Trailers
Trailers are ideal for road work sites, advance notice of for road changes or closures, early traffic jam
notice, alternative routes and all kind of information for drivers on the road network.
Intetra has been manufacturing different models and types of trailers including, full matrix, solar powered,
single- full color and etc. Housing of the traillers can be customized designed based on requirements.
Detection & Enforcement System
hh Red Light Enforcement Systems
hh Speed Enforcement Systems
hh Traffic Cameras
hh Counting & Classification Devices
hh Electronic Height Detection System
Red Light Enforcement System
 Detection & Enforcement System
Intetra Red Light Enforcement system is an All-in-One red light detector based on a non invasive
technology, which provides red light enforcement at intersections without the need of installing physical
loops in the road. It is a small and non-intrusive red light camera for photo enforcement. Detection is
carried out via virtual loops that are easy to edit and modify. Our system is a standalone solution which is independent from the traffic signal. No cables needed to the
traffic signal and traffic controller. Everything is included in a small hand-sized housing which can be
mounted on the pole alone in minutes. Hardware and complex algorithms help to minimize sunlight
incidence on the equipment. The shadow elimination feature distinguishes between cars and shadows,
which increase reliability. The system is designed to determine cars from the background and avoid
possible mistakes in case long standing queues.
The system provides three high resolution pictures of the evidence. It incorporates with 5Mpx camera
which provides clear photographs of vehicles and license plates. It can monitor up to 3 lanes from a single unit, which guarantees that offences happening across more than one lane can be captured
simultaneously. It can also be configured to provide information such as speed, traffic volume and flow,
density, average vehicle length and average speed.
Key Benefits
ffStand Alone Unit
ffSun Light Protection
ffShadow Elimination
ffDay & Night Optimum Performance
ffQueue Effect
ffHand Size Housing
ffHigh Storage Capacity
ffEasy Installation
 Detection & Enforcement System
 Detection & Enforcement System
Speed Enforcement System
Intetra Speed Enforcement system is an All-in-One unit which is wholly automated digital speed capturing
system using stationary Doppler radar, laser radar or inductive loop technology with LPR(License Plate
Recognition) Software. The system takes high density and distinctive photo of driver and license plate by
using high resolution cameras. The system can use different sources to measure the speed of the vehicles
according the customer needs and also the road situation. With the specially designed software and
hardware our system can easily integrate with the current communication system of the network. The
intelligent software enables to classify the trucks and the normal vehicles in order to issue the correct fine
for different speed limits. All the process is done inside the all in one unit like time stamping and plate
recognition. The system can also use for bus and emergency lane enforcement system. We offer tailor
made solution for our customers and the physical shape of the roads.
Key Benefits
ffStand Alone Unit
ffSun Light Protection
ffShadow Elimination
ffDay & Night Optimum Performance
ffHand Size Housing
ffHigh Storage Capacity
ffEasy Installation
ffTailor Made Solution
Traffic Cameras
 Detection & Enforcement System
Traffic cameras are a major part of most intelligent transportation systems. They are especially valuable
in tunnels, where safety equipment can be activated remotely based upon information provided by
the cameras and other sensors. On surface roads, they are typically mounted on high poles or masts,
sometimes along with street lights. On arterial roads, they are often mounted on traffic light poles
at intersections, where problems are most likely to occur.
Traffic cameras are distinct from road safety cameras, which are put in specific places to enforce rules
of the road. Those cameras take still photos in a much higher image resolution upon a trigger, whereas
traffic cameras are simply for observation and constantly take lower-resolution video, often in full motion.
Intetra has designed and installed many traffic camera systems for cities and tunnels. We offer the best
solution according to our customer needs and the road situation.
 Detection & Enforcement System
 Detection & Enforcement System
Counting & Classification Devices
Intetra offers different technologies of traffic detection solutions for improving the safety and
security of highways, arterial roads and intersections with its worldwide partners. With the help of
our partners we combine a variety of detection technologies to deliver optimum performance and
reliable counting, speed assessment and classification of vehicles and pedestrians. We are trying
to find the best solution for our customers and integrated the high-end products to their current
system. We use different technologies for our projects including; inductive-loop detectors, video
image processors, microwave radar sensors, laser radar sensors, passive infrared sensors, ultrasonic
sensors, and devices that utilize a combination of technologies.
Smart Sensor HD
HD Digital Wave Radar by Wavetronix
 Detection & Enforcement System
Digital Wave Radar is Wavetronix' patented process for digitally generating a radar signal. For proper
and stable operation, frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radars must transmit a stable and
preferably linear frequency sweep. Any nonlinearities of the sweep can reduce range resolution. Further,
changes in the df/dt sweep slope due to temperature drift may reduce the accuracy of ranges measured,
and shifts in the center frequency due to temperature changes can push the transmission signal out of the
FCC allocated band.
HD Digital Wave Radar digitally synthesizes the radar transmit signal such that at all times it is derived to
be some numerical multiple of a fixed low crystal-controlled reference frequency.
Accurate Vehicle detection means that each individual vehicle is detected and its speed, duration, length
and lane assignment is precisely measured.
SmartSensor HD detects vehicles and then assigns them to the lane closest to them. As a result, even lane
changing vehicles are accurately detected. This is called vehicle-based detection, and it's possible because
of SmartSensor HD's high resolution radar. In contrast, zone based detectors like loops or low resolution
radar are lane-based detectors and will detect anything that passes through the lane. In this case, it is
likely that the lane changer will be counted twice, once in each lane.
Key Benefits
ffMulti Lane Detection up to 10 lanes
ffEasy Reconfiguration
ffDual Radar Technology
ffHigh Definition
ffEasy Installation
ffHigh Accuracy
 Detection & Enforcement System
ASIM TT290 Series
ASIM Tri-Tech Detectors by Xtralis
 Detection & Enforcement System
ASIM by Xtralis triple-tech traffic detectors use a combination of Doppler radar, ultrasound and passive
infrared technologies in a single unit. Individual vehicle speed, class, occupancy time and length are
provided via RS 485 in all traffic situations, weather and time of day.
Key Benefits
ffDetection of lane-changing vehicles and vehicles
between adjacent lanes (TT 293, 295 and 298
ffLow power consumption of 100 mA or less at 12
V DC in continuous operation (less in power-save
ffDetection of standing vehicles
ffDetection of wrong-way drivers
ffTriple-technology detection – three independent
physical detection principles in a single unit
ffLow cost per monitored lane
ffCutting edge Swiss manufacturing and precision
engineering result in a highly reliable, costeffective product
ff–40 to +70°C (–40 to +158ºF) operating
ffOptimal performance in all weather conditions
ffRemote configuration and set up via RS 485 data
ffDedicated Windows installation program
ffMounting height adjustment
ffSelf calibration within the recommended height
above the lane
ffStandardized vehicle classification: German TLS
classes for 2, 5+1 & 8+1
Portable traffic Analyzer by Vaisala
Collecting short term traffic data can be done by a variety of methods. The key is a solution that is easy to
use, quick to deploy, and accurate. The Vaisala Nu-Metrics Portable Traffic Analyzer NC200 is the product
that offers all of these features. The NC200 can be placed on the roadway in as little as 60 seconds,
gathering accurate counts, speeds, and lengths for several weeks if necessary.
 Detection & Enforcement System
Key Benefits
ffAccurately measures vehicle count, speed, and classification
ffCategorizes traffic into bins or by individual vehicle
ff15 speed bins and 13 length classification bins (configurable)
ffDurable extruded aluminum housing
ffLong life, rechargeable, Lithium-ion battery
ffConnects to any computer for easy data retrieval
ffEasy to use software for viewing data
ffSoftware allows you to change your parameters after the study
 Detection & Enforcement System
 Detection & Enforcement System
Electronic Height Detection System
Over height Vehicle Detection System reduces collisions between motorists and overhead structures.
The system detects over height vehicles moving toward obstacles such as bridges, tunnels and other
overhead structures and individually warns drivers. An audible alarm and/or sign is activated when an
over height vehicle is detected by the system.
Intetra is a Manufacturer and integrator of over height vehicle detection system. We are designing
the System according to the need of our customers and offer the best solution and products. So, we
are able to offer the packed solution for all type of technical requirements. We integrate the complete
solution, including detectors, variable message signs, cameras with plate recognition, alarms, gantries,
mounting poles and all the other optional accessories.
Reliable object detection, large scanning ranges and reserve levels thanks to effective suppression of
optical interference factors from the industrial environment enabling wide range of applications. Easily
visible PinPoint light spot enabling quick sensor alignment, excellent switching characteristics and
high quality detection. Less downtime and robust metal housing resistant to high-pressure cleaner,
cleaning agents and disinfectant, optionally available with Teflon coating. User-friendly sensors, simple
commissioning and installation plus simple sensor diagnosis due to easily visible status LEDs mean
there is no need for specialist personnel or expensive training. Laser protection class 1 or 2 for peace
of mind in all usage cases.
Key Benefits
 Detection & Enforcement System
ffDetects over-height vehicles in all type of weather and road.
ffAlerts the drivers with any type of warning systems (Variable Message Sins, Blank out signs,
Flashers, etc.) and also the control centers with GSM option.
ffProvides secondary warning beyond existing signage.
ffReduces exposure to costs associated with incidents or accidents
ffProven to minimize or eliminate the occurrence of accidents and incidents caused by over-height
ffDual Sensor Technology: This feature stops false detections by using two sensors on a single unit.
Each sensors confirm the over height and stop the detection of any flying objects.
ffFull Matrix Signs: You can give all type of message on your warning system and use the sign as a
regular variable message sign when there is no over height detection.
ffPlate Recognition Cameras: You can capture a picture of the over height vehicle and warn specific
vehicle on the sign by showing its plate number. You can also inform the control center with the
plate number of the vehicle and protect your entire network.
Traffic Signalling Solutions
hh Intersection Controller
hh Traffic Lights
hh Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and Push Buttons
Traffic Lights & Controllers
Traffic lights and intersection controllers are the key player of intelligent transportation solutions especially
for Urban traffic management. As Intetra we design not only the products but also the infrastructure
and planning of traffic lights for cities. With our many years experience, we have developed the turn key
solutions for traffic signalization systems.
INSICO Intersection Controller was developed by Intetra, the Standard sizes of metal shelltype, microprocessor-controlled system that contains electronic modules. INSICO is designed to manage
urban traffic congestion.
INSICO, feed circuits, electronic modules, circuit protection network, cable connections to
the terminals and the device consists of the original software, supported with many language options.
Key Benefits
ffConformity for EN 12675 standards
ffMicrocontroller-based modular building
ffEasy programming with the Bluetooth or RS232 ffUp to 32 signal groups, 32 and 32 isolated
from the loop detector input
ff Precision lamp current and voltage controls
and secure signaling
ff4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32
group opportunities
ffEthernet, GPRS and SMS remote
connection options.
ff2 separate programming interface for new and ex
perienced users
ffAll entries for the measurement of compliance
with the census and occupancy rate
ffExternal connections for 2 x RS232 port
(PC, GSM, GPS, etc.).
ffTraffic Adaptive mode of operation for
the logical function block.
ffThe status of normal and fault modes, flash, flash, colors and frequencies
Traffic Signalling Solutions
INSICO Intersection Controllers
Traffic Signalling Solutions
Traffic Lights
Intetra design and manufacture unique and innovative products for traffic lights with the international
quality standards. We can make special designs which are adequate to cities style and as well as standard
type of signalizations.
Traffic Signalling Solutions
Key Benefits
ffCustom Slim Design or Standard modules
ffUV resistant polycarbonate housing
ff100mm, 200mm and 300mm availability
ffIP 65 protection class
ffLow power consumption
ffEN 12368 conformity
ffDifferent color options
ffEasy modular installation
Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and Push Buttons
Key Benefits
ffAmbient noise controlled locator tone
ffEasy to activate 2" ADA button with raised arrow
ffHigh quality digital audio messages
ffAutomatic volume adjustment to ambient noise levels
ffVibro-tactile walk phase indication
ffMeets and exceeds ADA, MUTCD, TAC, and
PROWAAC guidelines
ffBackward compatible with the Navigator 2-Wire System
ffEasy maintenance and changes - Audio and
Software can now be uploaded via secure USB
port at the push button station
ffEasy Installation (no need to open front of unit)
ffMultiple ways to program, configure and save
settings (Configurator, Laptop at Cabinet & more coming!)
ffMultiple ways to easily access status and condition
of installed equipment
ffIndependent Lab tested to meet TS2 and NEMA
requirements - ensures you get the most robust
design on the market
ffUnmatched Digital Audio Quality
ffSeveral levels of Conflict Monitoring to prevent
false walk indications
Traffic Signalling Solutions
In the 21st century, the issues of equal access to information and freedom of mobility is at the forefront of
everyone's needs and desires. Navigator APS provides all pedestrians with equal access to information at
signalized intersections. The Navigator is a highly reliable, vandal resistant Accessible Pedestrian Signal (APS)
that provides a vibro-tactile ADA compliant 2" push button with a raised directional arrow and audible sounds
during all pedestrian phases.
Market research found cities were looking for a 2" style ADA compliant button that was not susceptible to
moisture, had a much longer life than typical microswitches, and was not susceptible to vandalism. To address
these needs, we have two lines of push buttons. Both use a solid state piezo switch that is protected against
moisture, has a rated life in the tens of millions of activations (100 million minimum), is extremely reliable, and
cannot be made to stick on (put in a constant call).
Traffic & Tunnel Safety Products
hh LED Traffic Signs
hh Tunnel Safety Signs
hh Road Studs
LED Traffic Signs
Intetra has wide range of LED traffic sign products. These types of signs are used especially for pedestrian
crossings, school crossings, road work area, and on hard turns. All our signs are with 3M diamond grade
reflective in order to increase the visibility even the power is off. These signs can be solar powered and
can be designed according to the customer needs. We are using special lenses on the front face of the
signs which supply the best visibility and the long life.
Traffic & Tunnel Safety Products
Key Benefits
ffSingle LENS technology
ffDifferent and elegant housing design
ffLow Power Consumption
ffRF communication option between the signs
ffSpecial Frontal Design to avoid the reflection
ffEasy Installation for all type of poles
Traffic & Tunnel Safety Products
Traffic & Tunnel Safety Products
Tunnel Safety Signs
Tunnel Safety signs are used for directing people to the exits or emergency phones inside the tunnels
during an emergency situation and show how much distance to the exit. By giving information about
the distances and location of emergency points, people can make decision which exit do they want
to direct if an emergency happens. The sign is lighted with florescence or LED light source and it is
also coated with a reflective coating. Only reflective coating is enough to be seen but additionally the
florescence backlight is also make it so bright to be seen in any kind of emergency event.
We design and develop different types of tunnel emergency signs according to the requirement and
design of different countries and shape of the tunnels.
Key Benefits
ffCustom design, different size and material options
ffAt least two stainless steel fastening point and adjustable with the angle of the tunnel wall for the best view
ffIP65 protection
ffLow power consumption
ffFlorescence or LED option for light source
ffOptional Battery support
ffEasy installation and maintenance
ffPrismatic Reflective Sheet for Higher visibility
LED Road Studs
Intetra offers different types of LED road studs ideal for tunnels, pedestrian crossings, and lane
delineation. We produce several models of LED road studs which are Solar powered in-pavement
and for tunnels. With our new design we can integrate our in pavement road studs to existing
traffic lights which then the studs will have the same color with the traffic light.
Traffic & Tunnel Safety Products
Key Benefits
ffStainless Steel, Aluminum and Polycarbonate options
ffSnow plough resistance
ffDifferent control options
ffRF Synchronization with other studs
ffHigh visibility with the special lens option
ffLow power consumption
ffHigh Resistance
Road Weather
Information Systems
Road Weather Information Systems
Road weather products and services are used to provide information about current conditions in remote
locations or gather specific measurements so that a detailed decision process can be followed. Decision
support solutions or statistical data, such as thermal mapping, provide predications of future road
conditions which allows agencies to take better, quicker actions or provide information to the travelers.
Road Weather Information Systems
Intetra is the disturbutor of Vaisala for road weather solutions and offering high end products to its
customer with its partner. We are trying to find the best solution for our customers and integrated the
high-end products to their current system.
In most developed countries more people are killed in winter traffic crashes than any other weather
related disaster. Monitoring the current conditions on roadways nearby and remote motorways is critical
to performing winter maintenance operations. Ministries of transportations, departments of
transportation, cities, counties, and townships all have a need to monitor road weather conditions. Road
weather stations or RWIS monitor winter conditions such as:
ffIce or snow formation
ffFrost on bridges
ffBlack ice or refreezing of moisture
ffDepth of water or snow
ffFriction or grip
ffChemical concentration
ffFreeze point of solution on the surface
Road Weather Information Systems
Road Weather Information System
Vaisala Guardian
Vaisala Guardian is an innovative, non-invasive Road Weather Information System (RWIS) that costeffectively provides you with the most accurate pavement-specific weather information available.
A problem with road weather has always been how to deploy a low cost road weather solution
while still receiving high quality decision making information. The Vaisala Guardian is a complete
road weather package for agencies looking for the most return on investment they can get on tight
budgets. The Vaisala Guardian comes with everything you need to begin making better decisions.
Removing uncertainty and guess work, Guardian empowers maintenance and operations personnel
to remotely monitor road conditions in real-time with unprecedented levels of precision. The benefits
are measured in better decisions, more timely responses, peak operational efficiency, lower costs and
increased safety for the traveling public.
Vaisala Road Weather Station
Road Weather Information Systems
For more than thirty years Vaisala has been designing and advancing road weather systems. Road
Weather Information Systems or RWIS are the heart of any winter maintenance strategy and provide
real time road weather conditions vital to decision makers worldwide.
Weather affects all modes of transportation, and Road / Runway Weather Information System
(RWIS) technology provides vital information on pavement and weather conditions needed for both
highway and airport maintenance operations. RWIS enables maintenance and operations personnel
to monitor changing weather conditions in real time and make informed and timely decisions. An RWIS system can consist of multiple sites, each containing a suite of sensors that gather weather
and pavement data and then report to a central location where authorized personnel can view the
information. Vaisala RWIS stations collect atmospheric, pavement surface, sub-surface and video data
remotely to provide the most accurate pavement specific weather information available.
ITS Integration &
Network Solutions
ITS Integration & Network Solutions
Network&Integration Solutions
The term intelligent transportation systems (ITS) refers to information and communication
technology (applied to transport infrastructure and vehicles) that improve transport outcomes such
as transport safety, transport productivity, travel reliability, informed travel choices, social equity,
environmental performance and network operation resilience.
Intelligent transport systems vary in technologies applied, from basic management systems such
as traffic signal control systems; variable message signs; automatic number plate recognition or speed
cameras to monitor applications, such as security CCTV systems; and to more advanced applications
that integrate live data and feedback from a number of other sources, such as; weather information;
bridge deicing systems; and the like.
With many year experiences in the industry Intetra aim to supply unique and high tech solutions
for advanced traffic management solutions for highways and tunnels other than it production and
distribution line.
We design the optimal solutions for integration of all the subsystems and products of ITS to a all in one
single management system for urban and interurban road infrastructures. In order to offer a complete
solution to our customers we also design and supply solutions for optical fiber and IP / Ethernet
network communications. We have at your disposal a comprehensive range of systems for video, audio,
and data etc. transmission for transport, security and control markets. We offer rugged, easy to install,
maintenance-free devices able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.
Our primary objective is to design, develop and produce the high tech solutions in the transportation
field. With our full range of products and expertise in the software and system design, we offer the
complete package of communication infrastructure, SCADA control system, control center management
solutions and integration for your ITS needs.
Network & Integration Solutions
We define our software and integration solutions in three main groups:
ffIntelligent Transportation Solutions for Highways
ffIntelligent Transportation Solutions for Tunnels
ffUrban Traffic Management Solutions
Network&Integration Solutions
We offer all in one control and management solutions for these three groups. We are able to provide our
complete ITS solution with our base system integrated with the third party products and systems.
We have experienced to work with different protocols like Modbus, Profibus, TCP/IP, and NTCIP.
Some of our software solutions are:
ffHigh-level Traffic Management System
ffWeb-based Control and Management System
ffMobile-cell Phone Information System
ffGIS Based Control System
ffTunnel Automation Control System
ffControl Center Management System for Cities
“Building the future with safety”
Your Global ITS Solution Partner
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