SMART Meeting Pro 4.2 software room license quick reference

SMART Meeting Pro 4.2 software room license quick reference
SMART Meeting Pro® 4.2 software room license
When SMART Meeting Pro® software room license is in
Whiteboard mode, you can create presentations and compile
information for meetings. You can write notes and draw objects,
manipulate text and images and work with information captured
from other applications.
Unbound Workspace
SMART Meeting Pro software presents pages in two styles:
You can insert the following types of objects in SMART
Meeting Pro software:
Writing and drawing
Text, shapes and lines
PowerPoint presentations
PDF files
Classic Workspace: Pages have defined boundaries, and the
page area is the same size as the viewable area.
Unbound Workspace: Pages have no defined boundaries,
and the page area is larger than the viewable area.
In Unbound Workspace, you can use radar view and bookmarks to
navigate pages.
After creating an object, you can select it, move it and
manipulate it.
Page Sorter
The Page Sorter displays thumbnails of all the pages in the open
file. Use the Page Sorter to add, delete and rearrange pages.
SMART Meeting Pro 4.2 software room license
SMART Business Toolbar
Other SMART software
You can select and use a variety of commands and tools on the
SMART Business Toolbar. The available tools change according
to the mode you’re using.
Typically, computers that have SMART Meeting Pro software
installed also include the following SMART software.
SMART Ink™ and SMART Ink plugin for Adobe® Acrobat® Reader®
Using SMART Ink, you can write or draw on
the screen in digital ink using a pen and the
SMART Ink dynamic toolbar, and then save or
erase your notes.
With Adobe Acrobat Reader and the
SMART Ink plugin, you can insert digital ink in
PDF files as Adobe Acrobat Reader comments.
SMART Product Drivers
The SMART interactive display detects contact with its screen
and sends each contact point, along with Pen tool information, to
your computer. SMART Product Drivers translates the information
into mouse clicks and digital ink. SMART Product Drivers enables
you to perform computer operations by using your finger or a pen.
You can draw attention to specific parts of a page using SMART
Tools, such as the Screen Capture toolbar, Screen Shade and
Bridgit conferencing software
The Bridgit Collaboration Bar and Bridgit software enable you to
create and join meetings, share your screen and connect with
others. For more information, see
Refer to the Help for more information on
using SMART Meeting Pro software.
You can open the Help by selecting
Help > Contents in the Whiteboard menu, or
by scanning this QR code.
You can insert PDF files into Whiteboard files. All pages in the
PDF file appear on a single page in the Whiteboard file. You can
navigate PDF pages by pressing Next Bookmark and
Previous Bookmark in radar view.
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