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WKAPEKA5 • 06/16
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For household use only
6/27/2016 4:33:01 PM
Lid opening lever
Control panel
Steam vent
Detachable lid
Water outlet
Cup switch
Water level
Rotating base
This device is suitable for water boiling and dispensing
only. Any other use may result in damage to the device or
1. Read this manual before first use thoroughly. It
contains important information for your safety as well
as for the use and maintenance of the equipment. Keep
these instructions for future reference and pass it on
with the device.
2. Pay particular attention to the warnings on the device
and in this instruction manual.
3. Use the device only for its intended purpose. Improper
use may lead to hazards.
4. This device is designed for household use only, not for
staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working
environments, farm houses, by clients in hotels, motels
and other residential type environments, bed and
breakfast type environments use. It is not suitable for
commercial use.
5. In the event of improper use or wrong operation, we do
not accept any liability for resulting damages.
6. The use of accessories and components not expressly
recommended by the manufacturer may result in
injuries or damages and voids the warranty.
7. This device is not intended to be used by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental abilities or lack of experience and / or
lack of knowledge unless they are supervised by a
person responsible for their safety or have received
instructions on how to use the device.
8. Children should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with the device.
9. Never leave the device unsupervised while it is
switched on.
10. Do not place heavy objects on top of the device.
11. Never immerse electrical parts of the device in water
during cleaning or operation. Never hold the device
under running water.
12. Do not under any circumstances attempt to repair
the device yourself. For servicing and repairs, please
consult an authorised dealer or qualified customer
service centre.
13. This device should not be operated with an external
clock timer or separate remote control system.
Power supply
1. The mains voltage must match the information on the
rating label of the device.
2. The power plug is used as the disconnect device.
Please be sure that the power plug is in operable
3. Only removing the power plug can separate the device
completely from the mains supply.
WKAPEKA5_Hot Water Dispenser_IM.indd 2
4. Avoid damages to the power cord that may be caused
by kinks or contact with sharp corners.
5. Make sure, the device, including power cord and power
plug are not exposed to hot surfaces.
6. Only unplug from the power outlet by the plug itself.
Do not pull on the cord.
7. Disconnect the power plug when the device is not
in use, in case of malfunctions, prior to attaching
accessories and prior to each cleaning.
8. If the power cord or the casing of the device is
damaged or if the device is dropped, the device may
not be used before it is examined by a professional
9. A damaged power cord may only be replaced by the
manufacturer or a workshop commissioned by the
manufacturer or by a similarly qualified person in order
to avoid hazards.
Installation location
1. Place the device on a flat, sturdy and heat-resistant
2. Put the device in a place which is out of reach of
3. Do not operate this device near flammable materials
(e.g. curtains, textiles, walls) and never cover it. Ensure
that there is always a sufficient safe distance from
flammable materials.
4. Use this device in dry indoor areas only and never
5. WARNING: Do not use this device near water or
heavy moisture; e.g. in a damp basement or beside a
swimming pool or bathtub.
6. In order to reduce the risk of fire and electric shock, do
not expose the device to fire (fireplace, grill, candles,
cigarettes and so on) or water (water drops, water
splashes, vases, tubs, ponds and so on).
7. Keep this device away from all heat sources like for
example, ovens, hot plates and other heat-producing
8. Protect this device from extreme heat (over 35°C) and
cold (under 5°C) as well as from direct sunlight and
1. Always use the Hot Water Dispenser in a vertical
upright position.
2. Boiling without any contents in the Hot Water
Dispenser would damage the unit.
3. The outside surface of the Hot Water Dispenser may
get hot during use, please take care when using.
4. Never fill in water more than the maximum water level
or lower than the minimum level to avoid damage to
the unit.
5. Do not open lid while the water is boiling. If the Hot
Water Dispenser is overfilled, boiling water may be
6. The Hot Water Dispenser should be given ample
air circulation on all sides. An insulated hot pad is
recommended on surfaces where heat may cause
7. Do not cover steam vent with cloth or any material.
8. Always ensure that Hot Water Dispenser lid is closed
1. Carefully take the device and its accessories out of the
packaging. Retain the packaging in case you would like
to store the device away or transport it at a later date.
If you choose to dispose of the packaging, then please
do so according to the applicable legal regulations.
2. Check the packaging contents for completeness and
damages. Should the contents in the packaging not
be complete or be damaged, do not use the device.
Return it to your retail outlet immediately.
3. Clean the device and all accessories before the first
use. Refer to the chapter CARE AND MAINTENANCE.
4. Fill the Hot Water Dispenser with clean water to
maximum capacity and boil. Discard the water and
repeat the process.
Detaching an attaching the top lid
CAUTION: Always allow unit to cool down before handling.
WARNING: Never remove lid while the appliance is
• Detaching the lid: Place the handle towards the rear
side of the Hot Water Dispenser. Open the lid by lifting
the lid lever (Beware of hidden steam.) Positioning the
lid at a 45°,pull lid out of securing hinge.
• Attaching the lid: Place the handle towards the rear
side of the Hot Water Dispenser. Insert the shaft of the
hinge on the lid into the hinge holder. Ensure that lid
attached properly. Close and press on lid until it clicks
1. Set Hot Water Dispenser on table top. Open top lid and
fill water to desired capacity.
NOTE: Do not fill water above the maximum level mark
inside the tank or lower than the minimum level to
avoid damage to the product.
2. Carefully close lid by pressing down until a click sound
is heard.
3. Insert the detachable cord fully into the Hot Water
Dispenser power inlet. Plug into the wall socket.
NOTE: Do not switch on when the container is empty.
4. “Boil” light is on during boiling process.
It will switch to “keep warm” automatically after the
water is boiled.
5. Press the ”Dispense” button to dispense hot water or
use the cup switch by engaging the switch with the lip
of a cup.
CAUTION: Do not press the dispensing button when
the inner water reservoir is empty. (Doing so can cause
NOTE: You cannot dispense hot water by pressing
“Dispense” button or the Cup Switch if the device is
6. When water reaches to “EMPTY” line, add water for
automatic boiling.
CAUTION: When adding water to the Hot Water
Dispenser, be careful the hot steam as you open the
top lid.
Re-boil the hot water under the keep warm mode
Press the “Reboil” button to re-boil the water. The Hot
Water Dispenser will switch to the keep warm mode
automatically after the water is boiled.
• Re-boiling a full container takes about 3 minutes.
• Before Re-boiling, make sure the water level is above
the minimum level.
• The “Reboil” button may have no effect right after the
water has boiled.
• Once the “Reboil” button is pressed, the boiling
process cannot be reset until the Hot Water Dispenser
automatically switches to the keep warm mode after
the water is boiled.
• Do not press the Re-boil button repeatedly, as the
continuous oiling process will cause malfunction.
After use
Unplug the power cord, remove the lid and dispose the
2. Detach lid and pour out remaining water.
3. Wash the stainless steel water reservoir with a sponge
and then rinse with clean water.
4. Wipe lid and outer body with a damp cloth. Never
splash water on the operation panel.
Discoloration and cleaning the water scale
If mineral deposits are allowed to accumulate, loud noises
may be heard during boiling and you may face diffculties
dispensing hot water. Regular cleaning will avoid such
Red rust-like spots, milky or black discoloration and white
floating objects are caused by minerals in the water
and are not caused by discoloration or deterioration of
the inner container itself. Although this is not a hygiene
problem, clean the inner container periodically.
1. Cut a lemon into four pieces wrap the lemon in the
cloth and place in the inner container.
2. Pour water up to the full level into the inner container.
3. Boil and then retain heat for about one hour.
4. Pour out the water and use a nylon brush to clean the
5. To remove the smell of the lemon, boil water again and
dispose the water.
1. Allow the Hot Water Dispenser to dry thoroughly.
2. Seal in a plastic bag to protect it from dust and insects.
Proper disposal of this product.
This label indicates that, in the EU, electronic devices
cannot be disposed of with regular household waste.
Please use the return or collections systems of your
municipality or contact the seller where you purchased this
If you have question or concerns about your product,
please visit our website:,
or contact our oversea offices/agents.
In line with our policy of continuous product development,
we reserve the right to change product, packaging and
documentation specifications without notice.
CAUTION: Never use solvents and abrasives, hard brushes,
metallic or sharp objects for cleaning. Solvents are harmful
to health and attack the plastic parts. Abrasive cleaners
and tools scratch the surface.
WARNING: Do not immerse the device in water.
1. Before cleaning the Hot Water Dispenser, disconnect
from the power supply, and wait until it was cooled
6/27/2016 4:33:01 PM
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