quick start guide

quick start guide
For a full explanation of all features and instructions, please refer to the User's Guide.
1. Setting up your digital video monitor
A. Fixing the Outdoor Camera Unit Mounting Plate on
the wall
Fasten the mounting plate
on the wall with the 4 Philips
head screws (provided).
C. Secure the Outdoor Camera Unit
Fasten the unit to the
mounting plate at the
center hole with the
tamper-proof screw with
the wrench key provided.
B. Hanging Outdoor Camera Unit on the
Mounting Plate
Place the 4 mounting slots of the camera
base on to the 4 catches on the mounting
plate. Make sure the unit sits firmly on the
mounting plate with the center holes of
the 2 parts lined up.
D. Connecting Power Supply for the Outdoor
Camera Unit
Plug the Outdoor Camera Unit's power
adapter into the extension cord socket
and then plug the power adapter into the
electrical outlet.
E. Connecting power supply for the Indoor
Camera Unit
Connect the small plug of
the power adapter to the
camera unit and the other
end to the electrical outlet.
Only use the enclosed
adapter (5.9V DC/1000mA).
G. Fastening the cover for the Monitor Unit
Small cross head or
Flat end screwdriver
F. Installing the battery pack for the Monitor Unit
Black Red
Insert the wire tab of the
rechargeable battery pack into
the contact slot as shown and fit
the battery pack into the
H. Connecting power supply for the Monitor Unit
Connect the small plug of the
power adapter to the monitor
unit and the other end to the
electrical outlet.
Only use the enclosed adapter
(6V DC/500mA).
STRANGULATION HAZARD – In case this unit is being used to monitor infants or children, keep the unit and adapter cord more than 3 feet from the crib and
out of their reach. Never place camera or cords within a crib or near a bed. Secure the cord away from children’s reach. Never use extension cords with AC
Adapters. Only use the AC Adapters provided.
As with any electrical device, supervision of your pet's usage should be exercised until your pet is acclimated to the product. If your pet is prone to chewing,
we strongly recommend you keep this and all other electrical devices out of its reach.
2. Basic operation of the keys
Monitor unit
VIDEO button
UP/DOWN buttons
Press and hold to switch the unit on/off. Press to turn the LCD display on/off.
LEFT/RIGHT buttons
Press to pan the camera left or right. Press to access different menu options.
MENU button
Press to open menu options or exit.
OK button
Press to confirm a selection.
Press to double the pan/tilt speed of the Outdoor Camera Unit.
TALK button
Press and hold to talk to your Indoor Camera Unit.
Indoor Camera Unit
ON/OFF switch
Press to tilt the camera upward or downward. Press to adjust menu settings.
Push the power switch to the right to switch the unit on. Push the power switch to the left to
switch the unit off.
3. General Information
If your product is not working properly...
Read this Quick Start Guide or the User’s Guide.
Contact Customer Service:
US and Canada 1-888-331-3383
Email: motorola@encompass.com
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