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Dual Output AC/DC Power Supply
PN 53100:A 10/10/06 ECN 06-715
Product Installation Document
1 Overview
The HP1224ACDC Dual Output Power Supply is designed to provide low voltage power for applications that require a
combination of both AC and DC. It converts 115 VAC input power into 6 VDC, 12 VDC or 24 VDC and 24VAC power.
Eight individually fused circuits are provided for both AC and DC outputs for a total of 16 outputs. This general purpose
power supply has a wide range of applications for CCTV, security and access control systems that require AC and DC
power. The supply comes completely assembled in a steel cabinet for convenient installation.
2 Specifications
115VAC, 60 Hz, 2 amps input.
AC input terminal block with fuse disconnect; fuse rated 3 A
Eight (8) 24VAC outputs fused at 3 Amps with 4 A supply current.
Eight (8) filtered and electronically regulated DC outputs, each fused at 3 A.
Selectable DC Output:
– 6VDC at 4 amp, 12VDC at 4 amp or 24VDC at 2.5 amp. See Figure 1 for switch settings.
Battery backup for DC outputs, cables required.
Main Distribution Board fuses are rated at 5 amp.
Transient Protection included.
LED indicators for AC and DC power.
Power ON/OFF switches for AC and DC power.
Unit maintains camera synchronization.
Ease of installation.
Enclosure dimensions: 15"H x 14.5"W x 2.5"D
3 Installation Instructions
Unpack product. Do not discard packing materials until installation and checkout are successfully completed.
Pre-drill holes where enclosure is to be mounted. Choose a vertical surface strong enough to support the full weight
of the assembly. Select a mounting location in an area without excessive amounts of moisture (indoor installation
Secure enclosure to desired location using appropriately sized fasteners that can support the full weight of the
Configure power supply using dip switch to select the DC output voltage desired, 6, 12 or 24 VDC (refer to Figure 1).
Slide the ON/OFF switch on both HPD8 Distribution board to the OFF position.
Disconnect power to the 115 VAC, 60 Hz branch circuit. Route wires to enclosure as needed ensuring that all power
limited wiring is at least 1/4" from any non-power limited wiring.
Connect power wiring to the Input Terminal Block, as shown in Figure 1.
Energize AC power and verify that correct DC output voltage is present before connecting any devices. Measure DC
voltage at the input terminals of the DC Distribution board, see figure 1. The DC output voltage is factory set 15%
high (6.9V, 13.8V or 27.6V), for changing optional batteries. CAUTION: Determine the maximum operating voltage
of the equipment being powered and if necessary reduce the output voltage to 6.0V, 12.0V or 24.0V by adjusting the
trim pot R1 on HPS5, see Figure 1.
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After verifying proper output voltage, deenergize 115 VAC power and connect DC devices to appropriate output
terminals, on DC Distribution board, observing polarity. Note: the total current from all DC outputs combined is
limited to 4.0 A at 6/12VDC or 2.5A at 24VDC. If batteries are to be connected to system allow 0.4A for changing
10. Connect AC devices to appropriate output terminals, on AC Distribution board, observing phase. Note: the total
current from all AC outputs combined is limited to 4.0 A.
11. When batteries are used, connect battery to terminals marked [+ BAT -] on HPS5 board, see Figure 1. Batteries and
battery leads are ordered separately.
12. Energize AC power.
13. Slide switch SW1 on both HPD8 boards to ON position.
14. Green LED on the HPD8's will illuminate when power is present.
15. Upon completion of wiring, secure enclosure door with the lock provided.
WARNING: To reduce risk of electric shock, do not expose unit to rain or excess moisture, and disconnect
power before servicing unit. For continuous protection against fire hazard, replace fuses only with exact
type and rating. A readily accessible switched circuit breaker must be available to disconnect main power
as required. All power limited wiring should be routed so that it cannot touch non-power limited wiring;
minimum spacing 1/4" (6.35mm). Installation and servicing should only be made by qualified personnel;
contains no user-serviceable parts. Install in accordance with all local regulations and the National
Electrical Code.
4 Fuse Replacement Information
AC Input (Terminal Block)
3A, 250VAC, 5 x 20mm cartridge
HPD8 Modules, Main Fuse (F9)
5A, 32V, Standard automotive (tan)
HPD8 Modules, Outputs (F1 to F8)
3A, 32V, Standard automotive (violet)
5 Voltage Output Selection Table
24V, 2.5A
12V, 4.0A
6V, 4.0A
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HP1224ACDC Product Installation Document — P/N 53100:A 10/10/06
6 LED Diagnostics
DC Power
(Red LED)
Output Power
(Green LEDs)
ON (all)
Normal operation.
OFF (all)
Loss of AC.
OFF (all)
No Dc output. Overload present.
1 or more OFF
Blown fuse(s).
AC Power
(Green LED)
Figure 1 HP1224ACDC Power Supply
For additional information:
• Visit our website at http://www.honeywellpower.com
• Contact Technical Support at 1(877) HPP-POWR
• E-mail us at hpp_techserv@honeywell.com
HP1224ACDC Product Installation Document — P/N 53100:A 10/10/06
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