DH-2R35-E DH-2R35-EH DH-2R30-E DH-2R30-ES

DH-2R35-E DH-2R35-EH DH-2R30-E DH-2R30-ES
General Safety Information
Connection of the cables
Connect the cables as shown in the illustration below.
– To avoid serious injuries:
● Compatible bicycles are those with 26-28 inch wheels (for the DH-2R35/DH-2R30-E hub dynamos) or
16-20 inch wheels (for the DH-2R30-ES hub dynamo).
If the hub dynamo is used with wheels which are smaller than 26 inches (for the DH-2R35/DH-2R30-E)
or 16 inches (for the DH-2R30-ES), the braking force may be too great, which could cause the wheels
to lock and the bicycle to lose its balance and fall over.
● The hub of the DH-2R35/DH-2R30 has a built-in power modulator which controls the braking force to
prevent it from being too great. When the braking force reaches a certain level, the power modulator
operates to prevent the braking force from going past that level.
The recommended operating range for the power modulator is for bicycles with a gross weight (bicycle
+ rider + luggage) of 80 – 140 kg (176 – 308 lb.) for the DH-2R35-E-H and 65 – 120 kg (144 – 265 lb.)
for DH-2R35-E/DH-2R30.
If the gross weight of the bicycle is heavier than the recommended weight range, the braking force may
be insufficient, and if it is lighter than the recommended weight range, the braking force may become
too great and the wheels may lock and bicycle may fall over.
It is essential that you fully understand and test the performance of the power modulator before use.
The power modulator is not equipped with a function to prevent the wheel from locking up.
● Obtain and read the service instructions carefully prior to installing the parts. Loose, worn, or
damaged parts may cause serious injury to the rider.
We strongly recommend only using genuine Shimano replacement parts.
● Check that the wheels are fastened securely before riding the bicycle. If the wheels are loose in any
way, they may come off the bicycle and serious injury may result.
● Check that the lamp illuminates normally when riding at nighttime.
● Read these Technical Service Instructions carefully, and keep them in a safe place for later reference.
Scrape away the paint from the lamp’s frame connection terminal
and the lamp connection terminal when connecting the cables.
Frame connection terminal
● Do not switch over the frame cable and the lamp cable by
mistake. If the cables are connected incorrectly, the lamp
will not illuminate.
● Twist the cable wires before connecting them so that they
stay together.
● Recommended wire specifications
Size (AWG) 22
Diameter approx. 0.8 mm
Diameter 1.8 – 2 mm
Frame cable
Lamp cable
– To avoid serious injuries:
● Bend the cable wires and run them
along the grooves.
16 mm
The hub dynamo generates an extremely high voltage. Never touch the connection terminal of the hub
dynamo directly while riding the bicycle or while the wheel is spinning. Touching the dynamo terminal
may cause an electric shock.
Approx. 16 mm
Connector cap (gray)
Connector cover (black)
● This hub dynamo is rated for 6 V/ 2.4 W specifications. It cannot be used for 6 V / 3 W specifications.
● Carefully read the Front Inter-M Brake System Service Instructions for roller brakes in conjunction with
these Service Instructions.
● Check the degree of parallel of the front fork end. If the front fork end is severely out of parallel,
deformation of the hub axle may cause noise from an obstruction inside the hub dynamo to be generated.
● Install the hub dynamo to the front fork so that the side with the connection terminal is on the right when
facing toward the front of the bicycle. If the side with the connection terminal is facing toward the left, the
hub dynamo may not turn properly while riding.
● Check that the hub dynamo connection terminal is securely connected before using the hub dynamo.
● Do not allow the cable wires to
touch each other.
● Set so that it faces the
right way.
● Press in until you hear
a click.
● Use a 6 V/ 2.4 W bulb for the front lamp.
● If the lamp is frequently turned on when riding at high speed ranges, it will shorten the operating life of the
Hub dynamo connection terminal
Frame connection terminal
Lamp connection terminal
● Do not disassemble the internal hub mechanism.
● Do not apply any lubricant to the inside of the hub, otherwise the grease will come out and it may cause
problems with conductivity.
● The hub dynamo will cause the turning of the wheel to become slightly heavier because of the magnet
inside the hub.
● Parts are not guaranteed against natural wear or deterioration resulting from normal use.
● Secure the cable to the front fork or the basket stay so that it will not
get caught in the spokes or any other parts while riding. If the
position of the hub dynamo may change with respect to the lamp
while riding, for example when using a suspension fork, make sure
that the cable is connected so that it will not be too loose or too tight
at any point within the range of movement.
● Connect so that the current from the hub dynamo flows through the
cable from the lamp connection terminal of the hub dynamo to the
frame connection terminal.
● To disconnect the lamp from the hub dynamo, remove the
connector cover.
● Do not ride the bicycle while the connector cover is removed, otherwise the cable might get
caught in the bicycle wheel.
Hub Dynamo
● When removing the bicycle wheel, first remove the
connector cover. If the cables are pulled strongly,
it may break the cable wires or cause poor contacts.
Furthermore, when installing the wheel, first secure
the wheel to the front forks and then connect the
connector cover.
Technical Service Instructions
Front fork
Installation of the front wheel
Install the wheel so that the side with the hub dynamo connection terminal is on the right side when
looking toward the front of the bicycle, and so that the hub connection terminal is aligned with the
front fork or with the basket stay. Then install by following the procedure shown in the illustration
below so that the connection terminal is facing upward. Do not force the connection terminal to turn
after the cap nut has been secured.
Checking the lamp illumination
Connection terminal
Basket stay
Rotate the front wheel and check that the
lamp illuminates.
Front fork
Front fork
Mudguard stay
Mudguard stay
Tightening torque:
20 – 25 N·m
{174 – 218 in. lbs.}
Basket stay
Cap nut (M9)
These service instructions explain how to use and maintain the Shimano bicycle parts which have been
used on your new bicycle. For any questions regarding your bicycle or other matters which are not
related to Shimano parts please contact the place of purchase or the bicycle manufacturer.
* Service Instructions in further languages are available at : http://techdocs.shimano.com
Please note: Specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice. (English)
When tightening the cap nuts, tighten the nuts alternately on both sides and do not
concentrate all of the effort for tightening and loosening the cap nut on one side of the wheel
only, otherwise the hub axle may turn, which could excessively tighten or loosen the lock nuts.
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