TWEETER D2905/930000
The Classic tweeters are among the many highly praised designs in Classic series. They
have enjoyed success over 3 decades. And still among the best tweeters available. The
D2905/9000 tweeter kick-started a new era with a line of very high quality 1"
tweeters, today known as -9300, -9500, -9700 and -9800. Despite their many years
on the marked still used in many top High-End speakers around the world.
— 1" Textile Dome Diaphragm
— Low Resonance Rear Chamber
— Ferro Fluid
— Black Painted Alu Face Plate
T-S Parameters
Resonance frequency [fs]
Electrical Data
650 Hz
Nominal impedance [Zn]
Mechanical Q factor [Qms]
Minimum impedance [Zmin]
Electrical Q factor [Qes]
Maximum impedance [Zo]
DC resistance [Re]
Total Q factor [Qts]
Force factor [Bl]
Mechanical resistance [Rms]
Moving mass [Mms]
Suspension compliance [Cms]
Effective diaph. diameter [D]
Effective piston area [Sd]
3.5 Tm
0.45 g
0.13 mm/N
33 mm
4.7 Ω
0.07 mH
Power Handling
100h RMS noise test (IEC 17.1)*
Long-term max power (IEC 17.3)*
150 W
*Filter: 2. order HP Butterworth, 2.5 kHz
8.5 cm²
0.01 l
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m)
90 dB
Ratio fs/Qts
10.9 Ω
1.96 kg/s
Equivalent volume [Vas]
Ratio Bl/√Re
Voice coil inductance [Le]
5.4 Ω
1.61 N/√W
1598 Hz
IEC specs. refer to IEC 60268-5 third edition.
All Scan-Speak products are RoHS compliant.
Data are subject to change without notice.
Datasheet updated: January 29, 2011.
Voice Coil and Magnet Data
Voice coil diameter
Voice coil height
Voice coil layers
Height of gap
28 mm
3.3 mm
2.5 mm
Linear excursion
± 0.4 mm
Max mech. excursion
± 1.5 mm
Unit weight
N.C. Madsensvej 1 — 6920 Videbæk — Denmark — Phone: +45 6040 5200 —
0.7 kg
Advanced Parameters (Preliminary)
Electrical data:
Resistance [Re']
Mechanical Data
Force Factor [Bl]
Free inductance [Leb]
- mH
Moving mass [Mms]
Bound inductance [Le]
- mH
Compliance [Cms]
Semi-inductance [Ke]
- SH
Mechanical resistance [Rms]
Shunt resistance [Rss]
Admittance resistance [Rams]
N.C. Madsensvej 1 — 6920 Videbæk — Denmark — Phone: +45 6040 5200 —
- Tm
- mm/N
- kg/s
- mΩ—s
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